I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 100

Linda couldn’t stand it anymore. She had actually been tolerating Jennifer in the past. However this moment,

it was excruciating. Not only Jennifer had gone too far, yet also since Linda had remained in a.

delicate standing.

She was sad because of Ethan, and there was a huge quantity of emotion she.

required to vent out. Jennifer selected this moment to tease Linda.

Linda ultimately last it and poured the water on Jennifer’s face.

” Ah …” Jennifer shrieked as if she was going to blow up, “B * tch, exactly how dare you pour the water on.

my face? Do you still wish to remain in college?”.

‘|just did what you have done to mel” Linda stated coldly. She then resorted to leave.

She wasn’t in the state of mind for wedding rehearsal anymore.

Jennifer had completely gone mad. She wiped the water off her face and also rushed ta Linda.


” Wan na flee? It isn’t that simple …” Jennifer got hold of the glass on the side and also smashed it on.

Linda’s head.

” Bang …” The glass was shattered In a split second, as well as Jennifers palm was reduced by one of the glass.


Linda turned around and looked at Jennifer in a state of shock. Right afterward, a stream of.

blood moved down from her hair.

Linda blinked her eyes a few times, and her body was wobbly, and after that she fell down on the.


Seeing this, Magee promptly held Linda. He yelled her names, however Linda had already shed.

consciousness. The blood on Linda’s head had actually saturated Magee’s white T-shirt.

” You …” Magee was totally gone across. He checked out Jennifer as well as claimed increasingly, “Are you a.

human being? Exactly how can you do something? If something poor would certainly occur to Linda,|wan’t let.

you flee!”.

After stating that, Magee rushed out with Linda in his arms.

Jennifer still had a disdainful look on her face. She took out the glass sherd from her hand and also.

muttered, “Considered this as a small lesson. You hillbilly bi * ch dare to pour water on me, I’ll f ** k.

you up!”.

Jennifer after that considered Linda’s new guitar and also smiled.

Because she knew Linda didn’t buy the guitar, it was obtained from a songs professor.

Jennifer heard that the guitar was expensive, worth 10s of thousands. She plotted in her mind,.

‘ lf the guitar is damaged, with Linda’s financial status, she would not have the ability to pay for it for her.

lifetime’s incomes!”.

Jennifer sneered and then stepped on the guitar.

She kept stepping on the quitar. Within mins, a stunning guitar developed into a stack of slabs.

Jennifer eyed the various other peaple in the area and also claimed with a harmful tone, “Did you see.


They all drank their heads.

4 lady claimed cunningly, “Linda was late for the wedding rehearsal, and you condemned her, so she shattered the.

guitar out of rage. Most of us saw It!”.

Hearing this, Jennifer appeared extremely pleased. She took a look at the others and claimed, “Did you all hear.


The others all nodded. No person attempts to state one more word.

In the meanwhile, Magee was lacking school with Linda in his arms. They took a taxi and also.

went to the close-by hospital.

It was currently nine o’clock, and Linda finally woke up.

Magee discharged along sigh of relief.

Linda still looked out of spirit.

Magee didnt state too much. He sympathized with Linda.

Magee poured a glass of water for Linda as well as commended her.

” The wound on your head isn’t significant, You passed out as a result of the blunt trauma, Magee said.

Linda responded yet said nothing. She transformed her head towards the home window, lost in her ideas.

After a while, she unexpectedly jumped out of the bed as well as began looking for something.


” What … what’s the matter?” Magee frowned and asked.

Linda’s face teemed with worry. “Magee, did you see … my guitar?”.

Magee frowned and drank his head.”|didn’t discover … Oh,|think it was still in the rehearsal space.

What’s wrong?”.

Linda appeared ta be soothed a little. Yet she swiftly got off the bed as well as began loading.”|have to.

return and also discover the quitar.|obtain it from Professor Rate. It sets you back tens of thousands.|can not.

lose It!

Magee attempted to stop Linda, “You simply awakened. Lay dawn. You require to rest. I’m going back to.

look for you. It’s all right, Don’t stress. You will not shed the guitar.”.

Magee knew that the guitar was useful, yet he really did not think that someone would certainly take it from.

the wedding rehearsal space.

Individuals generally left points behind right here,.

Only Linda would certainly take the guitar with her on a daily basis after wedding rehearsals. Magee just assumed Linda.

was paranoid.

Linda was still stressed over the guitar. So she got out of bed, dressed up, as well as went out.

Magee can not do anything to stop her, so he followed.

In twenty minutes, they returned to the practice session space.

The practice session area was empty. Magee switched on the light. He checked out and saw the.

busted guitar,.

‘ It.” Magee was surprised. Linda was hurrying over nervously.

When she saw the busted guitar, she was fallen down!

10s of thousands of bucks had actually developed into a heap of trash.

” Who did this?” Magee was dumbfounded. He ultimately knew how ignorant he was when you stated.

those words in the health center.

The guitar had not been lost however burglarized pieces irreparable.

” It should be Jennifer!” Magee punched on the wall surface. He claimed with temper “She is such an awful.

person. She has beaten you into the hospital. What else does she desire?”.

Currently, Linda was petrified. She remained on the floor, looking at the busted guitar, and didn’t know.

what to do,.

” What should|do? It was Professor Cost’s guitar. He made me promise to maintain the guitar in a.

safe place. How can|discuss it to him …”.

Linda started to ery.

Magee sighed. After believing for a while, he said, “Let’s inform Professor Cost every little thing that had.

happened and say sorry to him. When it comes to the compensation … This vicious Jennifer!”.

As soan as Magee completed his wards, the doar was suddenly pressed open, and Jennifer.

swaggered in. She took a look at Linda and Magee with a sneer and also said disdainfully, ‘Who are you.

speaking about? Please view your mouth!”.

Magee was nearly to talk, but Linda talked ahead of him.

‘ Jennifer, what do you desire? It’s true that|annoyed you, however why did you damage the guitar? The.

guitar comes from Professor Rate. How can|return the guitar to him now you have broken it?”.

Jennifer scarned Linda’s concern. She stated with a sneer, “What? Did|hear it incorrect? Linda, what.

the hell are you talking about? That tald you|broke it? Don’t you point your finger!”.

” Begin, that else can do something other than you?” Magee said indignantly, “Let me tell you,.

the guitar deserves 10s of countless dollars. You would certainly much better go and also confess to Professor Price.

on your own. Or the consequence could be even worse!”.

Listening to Magee’s words, Jennifer grinned disapprovingly, “Magee, what does it concern.

you? And I’m telling you, do not you dare blame the innocents. It was Linda who damaged the quitar.

Yet you are attempting to frame me? What are you?”.

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