I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 21

After sending the last comment, Ethan quietly took down the phone.

With a pale smile on his mouth, he suddenly recognized that the delights of haying money were indeed unimaginable to his previous self.

That’s. He was the Wind Seeker. For the very first time, Ethan learnt It was so good to invest cash at his will.

” Divine sht! What a fcking relief!” Charles instantly sprang to his feet and stated in ecstasy, “Ethan, Ethan, came as well as see. It’s so d * mn incredible, that the heck is this Wind Applicant? Consider that Jennifer! She is so pissed off”

” Haha, this is the result of annoying us!” Dylan additionally chuckled as well as could not help yet oddly ask, “Hey? Do you know who in the world is this Wind Hunter? Brother Hao, that do you think it is? Exists such a rich man in our college? He spent more than 100,000 dollars straight without even blinking his eyes!”

Ethan smiled and also put on his earphones, claiming,”|claimed it was me. Do you believe me?”

After Ethan completed talking, he smiled meaningfully and then clicked into Raindrop Lady’s program room. Listening to the pleasant guitar rhythm, Ethan all of a sudden found that Raindrop Lady’s voice was so rejuvenating and pleasant. She really did not wear a make-up, she was still delicate as well as beautiful.

There was always an unique minute in life. Possibly simply a sidewards glance at someone, but it could easily go straight to your heart and magnetically hold all your focus.

The moment when he looked at the lady on the phone, Ethan in fact had a wholehearted feeling of love for her.

” Haha, maintain bragging, maintain boasting! Today will treat you like a manager, since

On the morning of the next day, nearly all the people in Buckeye College were so ecstatic as a result of what occurred yesterday.

As long as they fulfilled a person, she or he would either discuss the online program or the Wind Seeker.

Ethan didn’t take this matter seriously. Simply a hundred thousand dollars meant nothing to him, even the interest of his two billion dollars in the financial institution for a Week Was More than that much.

Ethan mosted likely to the school canteen to have some food first, and after that he sent a message to Joanna that he was awaiting her outside the college structure.

He had to pay the cash back, which was Ethan’s concept. Eventually, Joanna came out and swung to Ethan from a range, “What’s up, Ethan?”.

‘ I’m below to give you cash, Ethan stated and also handed her the 5,000 dollars he had prepared to Joanna.


Joanna did this for Ethan’s benefit. She believed that Ethan must obtain numerous thousand bucks from someplace. If she takes this cash, God knows just how Ethan can cover the gap.

While both were saying, Elle appeared of the teaching structure quickly. She wanted to quit Joanna, yet when she took a more detailed look, she located that Ethan was also there.

Elle’s face suddenly dimmed, Specifically when she saw the money on their hands, Elle looked down on Ethan a lot more.

” Oh, if people are spineless, they can really do anything!” Elle stated sardonically, “First you established Tina to spend thousands of dollars on shoes for you, then you shamelessly went to her center for therapy, as well as now, you’re even borrowing cash from her! It’s disgusting!”.

As soon as Elle saw both of them held the money, she thought it was Ethan borrowing money from Joanna.

In her point of view, how could Ethan have a couple of thousand dollars? The cash needs to come from Joanna.

didn’t take it, so

really did not expect you to defend this poor man. He will pay you back? I’m asking you, he claimed he’s abundant, do you think him? What are you thinking? I’ve already seen it. Are you still defending him?”.

‘ L.” Joanna was amazed with temper. She had not expected Elle to be so brainless.

Elle looked at Ethan with a contemptuous look as well as claimed with an incorrect smile, “Yesterday a person said he would certainly send out money in half a hr, didn’t he? Whoever thinks this liar is absolutely a fool!”.

Checking out Elle’s unruly appearance, Ethan was without words. This type of individual was truly annoying.

do not wish to be your enemy, Please show some respect. Ethan was currently alerting Elle. If it wasn’t because he really did not want to press her so hard, as well as if it had not been since she was the cousin of his pal, Ethan would not let her go, and she felt in one’s bones nothing concerning it.

Ethan included, “In addition, yesterday Ethan instantly thought of something and asked Quickly, “Joanna, Charles told me that you left Ina rush. Did something take place to you?”.

When Joanna heard Ethan’s concern, she was stunned at first, and after that her face turned red. She claimed repetitively, “No, no, no, it’s okay, I’m fine.

‘ Joanna, if you remain in trouble, you should inform me.” Ethan said with issue, “Given that we are buddies, if you have any kind of troubles,|will certainly aid you.

Joanna trembled her head once again and stated it was okay, however Ethan’s words heated her heart.

‘ Hang on, you intend to assist? It’s ridiculous. That do you think you are? It’s excellent that you have not.

i= screwed up. You actually overstate yourself!”.

Elle rolled her eyes at Ethan, then put herself on the temple and also unexpectedly smiled triumphantly.

” Oh, by the way, Joanna, Elle was so proud of the invitation card in her hand that she couldn’t wait to allow everybody in Buckeye University know that she had one,.

After seeing the invitation card, Joanna was a little stunned, however then her face transformed unenthusiastic.

” Why are you showing this to me?” Joanna stated any which way.

could get this point, did you? Haha, didn’t you demand hanging out with this poor boy? There’s nothing

Joanna attacked her lip a little with aversion on her face. Nevertheless, she remained in her prime. Every girl wanted to go to that type of occasion to see the world,.

She simply claimed that she didn’t desire it out of rage yesterday, however she didn’t anticipate Elle really did not actually help her obtain an invite. It was not difficult for Elle to get a common invitation with her dad’s identification.

All of this was seen by Ethan. Looking at Elle’s mindset, Ethan located it outrageous.

What these individuals just really did not understand was that this cocktail party that they seriously intended to get into, as well as even flaunt the invite of which when they met people, was really getting ready for Ethan by simply a few subordinates of his father.

Considering this, Ethan also believed it was enjoyable. If these people understood about It back then, exactly how surprising would certainly it be for them?

Ethan laughed. Taking a look at Joanna’s unreconciled face, he instantly kept in mind that he had an invitation card in his hand.

Considering that Joanna wished to go there, then he would simply offer her the invite card. He can go there anyway. Nevertheless, it was simply a dinner to delight him.

‘ Joanna, If you actually wish to most likely to that party,” Ethan handed the invite to Joanna, “You can take this!”.

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