I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 31

Ethan really did not understand the woman’s genuine name. He learned that the name of her live streaming channel

was Raindrop Woman when he was offering her that present incentive.
Maybe that’s her genuine name? It’s a stunning name. And the woman’s voice is a lot more beautiful.

Ethan stumbled upon her online streaming network by coincidence after rejuvenating the online streaming

He enjoyed her singing. And also due to the fact that he was still upset with Jennifer at the time, Ethan gifted

Raindrop Woman a lot of money.

Afterwards, he never ever visited the system again, so he really did not recognize what’s going on with her.

Ethan, standing there and also enjoying the lady vocal singing, lost in thought.
A gust of wind blew over, as well as dozen of songs sheets were blown off of the music stand,
spreading everywhere.

Ethan hurried over to aid select them up. Yet there were still several sheets last.

” Below you are” Ethan returned the music sheets he picked up. “Yet i could not obtain every one of them.

They are flying too away.’

The girl examined and also appeared a little hesitant to provide up. She still smiled at Ethan,

‘ Thank you so much!
Ethan smiled back and informed her that it’s no problem. Subconsciously, he connected his hand

and also said, “My name is Ethan. Great to satisfy you.

‘ Linda Aborn.’ The girl grinned and also reached out her hand as well. “Are you a trainee at Buckeye University?”

Ethan nodded and stated, “Division of Civil Design,

Linda was about to claim something yet saw someone running towards her. The smile on her face
quickly became much more vibrant.

Ethan evaluated where Linda was looking as well as saw a guy running over with the rest of the
songs sheets in his hand.

” Here you are, Linda!” The man handed the music sheets back to Linda with a big smile on his

‘ Thank you so much, Nick!” Linda took the music sheets with a radiant smile on her face, “Nick,.
why are you right here?”.

Linda’s heat towards Ethan was decreased by half as soon as Nick showed up.

Ethan scratched his head awkwardly, however he really did not have tough feelings. He believed they were.
possibly in a relationship, so their reaction was easy to understand.
Besides, this Nick person was fairly good at it. The remaining songs sheets that Ethan could not get.

were all retrieved by him. He truly placed in a lot of effort.
Nonetheless, the good impact Ethan simply had towards this guy was unexpectedly gone away.

He heard Nick stated, “Don’t mention it, you little bit lady! Dant you remember me? I’m the Wind.
Applicant, your followers.” Wind Hunter?

Ethan was amazed. Wasn’t it the name he had used on the real-time streaming system?
So this guy had been making believe to be Ethan?

Maybe it was simply a coincidence, Ethan thought to himself.

” Well, thanks, Nick. Linda smiled, “Did you consume? I’ll get you supper, noodle?”.

Hearing her words, Nick’s smile disappeared. He was let down, “Simply noodle? i have talented.

you greater than 100,000 bucks, Linda. And plus the incentive you won from the system, that’s even more.

than 200,000. And also you simply want to buy me noodles?”.

Linda flushed at his word. She assumed certainly he had already awarded her with a lot.

cash, She really did not provide him a lot in return yet provided noodles as a thank-you gesture. It was tao.


” Well …” Linda sald awkwardly, “I’ll acquire you supper, Nick, whatever you want to eat!”.
Nick stopped momentarily and sighed, “Forget it, i don’t have the appetite anymore. Linda, I’m.

having a little budge concern lately. It’s all due to the gift

5,000 bucks?”.

Linda was a little hesitant however still got her phone to transfer the money, “You have actually asked me.

for greater than 3000 already, Nick. And also …”.
Nick likewise took out his phone. He was no longer as mild as he was when he’s getting the.

songs sheets. Rather, he was really bad-tempered.

” I offered you more than 100,000 dollars in overall, as well as the money offered you assisted you win the various other.

Did you see me hesitate? I’m asking you for some.

cash currently, and also this is what you’re providing me, argument?”.

His word made Linda blushed even more. She believed what Nick sald was reasonable. The.

money initially came from him. And also if he were going to ask Linda to give every cent back,.

she would certainly have no choice however to return them.

Thinking about this, Linda comprised her mind to offer Nick the money.
Being surprised on the side, Ethan stopped her right at the moment.

” You … Linda was alarmed. She looked at Ethan as well as had no idea of what just occurred.

” Why are you providing him money?” Ethan considered Nick madly.

” Due to the fact that it was his money when.” Linda said to Ethan in a major tone of voice, “The money was.

provided to me for my real-time streaming show, which was only my leisure activity. He provided me a lot money.

as a gift, exactly how can|just accept it as|earn it?”.

Nick was very honored of himself upon listening to Linda’s words, “! Have you heard Wind.

Candidate at the Buckeye University, who offered an online streaming host more than 100,000 bucks?

That’s our own company.

a few of it back. What’s the issue? It’s none of your service.”.

Nick seemed crazy at Ethan. He glared at Ethan madly and also proceeded, ‘I’m informing you, it’s none of.
your service. Obtain shed!”.

‘ It’s none of my service?”.

Ethan was about to laugh aloud, “So you are f * king claiming to be me, and you informed me it’s.
none of my service?”.

” You claim you’re Wind Applicant? Proof?” Ethan stared at Nick with an uncaring face and also.
continued, “Haha,|can also claim I’m Wind Candidate”.

After Ethan completed chatting, Nick break out laughing. He aimed his finger at Ethan and also stated,.

” You’re Wind Candidate? have actually ever before heard.

mind? You got to be so poor as well as worthless that you’ve gone completely insane, So you say you are.
Wind Seeker, do you have any kind of proof?”.

Ethan sneered and stated, “You desire evidence? Just wait …”.
Naturally, Ethan had the evidence. Linda would certainly recognize the fact the moment he revealed her his.

account web page of the live streaming platform.
Ethan reached out in his pocket for the cell phone, just to find that it was broken.

He forgot it.
Nick couldn’t assist yet laugh noisally when he saw that Ethan was stopped, “Ha ha ha … Where is.

your proof? Program it to me.

Ethan was a little self-conscious that he wouldn’t be able to provide evidence any longer. Yet he.

was really clear that nor was Nick able to offer any type of evidence.

can not reveal it ta you. doubt that. 
you have your proof’.

Ethan assumed that Nick would definitely fidget if he urged that Nick didn’t have the.
proof, Nevertheless, Nick was a fraudulence.

” Even if|cant confirm that I’m the real Wind Applicant, I’ll need to subject that Nick was fake.”.
Regardless, the cash was given to Linda. It didn’t matter how Linda was mosting likely to spend it.

Ethan wouldn’t be willing to watch Nick took advantage of it!
Why? He was a fraudulence!

Nonetheless, what shocked Ethan was that Nick wasn’t nervous upon hearing his words. Instead, he.
grinned triumphantly as well as secured his phone, “That informed you that|didn’t have proof?”.

Nick logged in the live stream system and also revealed it to Ethan.

At first, Ethan really did not think that Nick can provide proof, So he was shocked the moment he.

saw the content on the screen of Nick’s phone.
Due to the fact that the account page Nick showed to him was plainly Ethan’s page. The username, the.

profile photo, the bio, as well as also the expenditure task is exactly the like Ethan’s very own account.

Seeing this, Ethan was completely stunned.

” Exactly how … exactly how can this be feasible? You’re a phony!” Ethan stated in awe.

” F ** k you, you’re a phony!” Nick altercation at Ethan and cursed, “You’re a f ** king fraud and attempted to pin it.

on me. I’ve told you this is my very own cash, and also it’s none of your f ** king organization. You need to dip.

your sh * t in it, eh? Obtain the f ** k out of my business!’.

Nick shoveled Ethan increasingly. Ethan startled as well as nearly dropped.

Ethan was furious. He was about to run at Nick.

Just then, Linda tipped in front of Ethan and obstructed his way. “What are you doing? It has.
Nothing to do with you. I’m asking you to leave!”.

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