I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 355

Ethan grinned when he heard words, and could not assist however move a little bit of teasing Jennifer.

He nodded: “That’s it. I’ll provide you one million. If you turn around, please stoop down for me.”

After speaking, Ethan asked Jennifer to pass the phone over to ensure that he can move the money.

Ethan’s actions really shocked Jennifer, but they were even more mocking.

humiliate yourself, all right!” Without any doubt, Jennifer secured her mobile phone and also handed it to Ethan, “Go ahead, let me see if you can offer me a million today if you You can truly turn me a million, not to mention kneel, even if you ask me to knock you a hundred heads, I will satisfy you!”

Jennifer said “Bah”: “However you can’t do it!”

Ethan checked out Jennifer and couldn’t help yet feel entertained. He wanted to make your mouth hard, as well as I immediately made you weep without weeping.

Thinking of this, Ethan swiftly checked Jennifer’s QR code on WeChat.

Then straight go into the amount of one million, ready to pay in the past.

Ethan is certainly not stupid, as well as he certainly won’t let this million enter vain.

You have to recognize that Jennifer’s design company is working for herself now, as well as if her one million mores than, it should be treated as a development settlement, anyhow, sooner or later, she needs to pay others.

And Ethan naturally thought that Jennifer dared to ingest the money privately, so she would certainly not finish well.

Ethan did this just to see how she would respond when the money arrived in Jennifer’s hands.

This lady is really also arrogant, she just kills her pompousness, and also she dares to be so conceited with her in the future.

Ethan went into the password while looking at Jennifer with a smile. He took away a little provocatively and stated, “You just said, if I can transfer you one million, you provide me a hundred heads.

Jennifer’s face sank, and she reprimanded: “Humph, certainly it holds true, but however you do not have that much money!”

Ethan sneered. Right now, he had already gone into the password, and also said steadly, “Who claimed that?”

Ethan got his mobile phone and also revealed it to Jennifer, after that grinned and also claimed, “Kow your head!”

Jennifer was taken aback by Ethan’s decision, and also she stated that she would not truly have one million?

She hurriedly glanced at Ethan’s smart phone screen, and when she saw it, she was stunned for a split second.

Only a minute later on, Jennifer grinned and closed back.

” Hahaha … poked fun at me to death, and also I submit to you, kowtow to your grandmother!” Jennifer pointed at Ethan as well as giggled wantonly, “A fool is a fool, search for on your own, what’s on the display of your phone? You are still claiming to be below with me. I believe you truly want me to die, yet you really intend to make fun of me …”.

When Ethan listened to Jennifer’s words, he was shocked, as well as he claimed that there would be no problems again, right?

He rapidly took back his mobile phone and also had a look, but with this appearance, Ethan had the thought of capturing himself.

Due to the fact that currently, just a couple of words were presented on his cellphone display: The payment exceeded the limit.

Humiliation … Embarrassment in fundings.

Ethan was really speechless, and also wanted to go down the busted phone.

Knowing that he had actually selected a financial institution transfer, Ethan could not aid yet sighed in his heart, raised his head, his face turned red, and claimed, “Or I will certainly make use of a charge card to transfer it to you. I neglected that there is a limitation on mobile repayment …”.

” Go to your uncle, do you believe I’m a fool? Do you believe I’m as dumb as you?” Jennifer claimed contemptuously, “I don’t have any kind of cash, so I claim to be forced, I think you did it deliberately!”.

Jennifer grunted Ethan as well as screamed: “Fool, pay the cash promptly, or simply kowtow to the old woman as quickly as you are wrong, or else you do not want to have a better life!”.

Clearly, it is difficult for Ethan to re-transfer to Jennifer right now.

Ethan sighed for his rotten luck, however he was powerless, who made it so coincidental.

Ethan was also a little angry, initially he wanted to put Jennifer in the face, however ultimately he didn’t hit the grown-up family members, but he was really embarrassed.

Ethan glanced at Jennifer angrily, as well as stated, “Okay, do not talk nonsense. I simply pay you. I can’t move one million, as well as I can not transfer greater than 20,000? I’ll offer you the money, regardless of what. Give me nonsense!”.

While talking, Ethan offered Jennifer another turn. This moment he went into twenty-four thousand.

But Ethan’s activities made Jennifer amused.

“, just how do you act to be difficult? Who do you lie to? Foolish …” Jennifer gritted her teeth, she took a look at her Prada dress, her teeth pleasing with disgust, and said in disgust, “Wait so much, stupid., Today’s things are limitless!”.

After talking, Jennifer transformed as well as walked away.

Naturally she didn’t think that Ethan might give herself twenty-four thousand. Ethan was just making believe to be engaging. It was great to utilize this little trick as soon as, yet he also used it a 2nd time. Just how horrible and also revolting!

Jennifer will certainly never ever let Ethan go. She destroyed her preferred dress. She will certainly obtain her retribution!

Thinking about this, Jennifer took out her smart phone as well as prepared to call her cousin.

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