I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 411

After leaving Haoyuan Team, Maggie drove Ethan back in person.

Every now and then, she took a few eye Ethan from the side of the light, as well as a smile unexpectedly appeared at the edge of her mouth.

” You did a good task this time, as well as you are even better than me in terms of observing the information. This time you found such a huge trouble, it is the very best testimony.” Maggie stated with a smile.

Ethan kept an eye out the window, simply smiled bitterly, and also murmured: “It’s all a coincidence, but this time, I wish you can also pick up from you. If the problem is not uncovered this time around, it will be for us. The Chengnan job will certainly be a major hidden danger.”

Maggie responded: “You are right, do not fret, I will certainly remember.”

Maggie paused, and afterwards stated, “Oh yes, do you keep in mind the clear person I informed you prior to?”

Ethan was taken aback for a moment, then turned around to look at Maggie, believing for a while prior to bearing in mind: “Maggie, did you indicate Zaid? What occurred to him?”

Maggie responded, her expression rather austere: “Currently my people have actually found him as well as have been staring at him, and he or she seems to have actually been preparing something just recently, so Ethan Norman, I assume I need to send out a few individuals to you. Secure you by your side.”

Maggie still keeps in mind that when she reported Zaid’s scenario to Eric Norman, Eric Norman additionally informed herself that she must shield Ethan.

Now Maggie didn’t know what Zaid was planning, so she fretted about Ethan a growing number of.

Ethan differed, as well as shook his head with a smile: “Maggie, it’s fine, I’m not afraid, what are you worried of? It’s the identity of Zaid, have you validated it now? That is he?”

Maggie shook her head a little: “I do not recognize, however one thing is specific, he is not a friend, he is probably an adversary!”

Maggie sighed as well as proceeded: “Young Master Ethan, there are in fact some points in it that I can’t tell you, however what I desire to tell you is that MR. Norman truly likes you. Around, also around you and also me, in surprise areas, I don’t understand exactly how many tigers are seeing us. As long as we are not paying focus, we may be placed to death by others, so … so I truly wish, Ethan Norman You can grow up quickly, simply like today, you can swiftly find troubles and also address them, but this is just the beginning.

Maggie looked significant when she stated this.

Ethan had actually never ever seen and also really did not know too many things. However, Maggie had seen way too many points. The kind of conflicts in between huge households were even more terrifying than Ethan assumed.

Maggie was really worried about Ethan, as well as she intended to do her best to assist Ethan.

Ethan responded greatly, “I recognize Maggie, do not fret, I will. I do not know what my father is intending, I think that he should be for me too, so even if it is just to live up to everyone, I will certainly work hard.”

Maggie grinned slightly after listening to the words, “That’s excellent.”

Sending out Ethan back to institution, Maggie did not leave in a hurry.

She secured her phone as well as phoned: “Are your people still staring?”

A young man’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “Miss Maggie, please do not stress, now my person lives beside him. We can control his every action.”

” That’s excellent.” Maggie was relieved somewhat and also proceeded, “If there are not nearly enough individuals, you can let me understand as well as I will send a person over.”

There was an answer on the various other end of the phone, and after that Maggie finished the call.

Currently, Maggie took a breath a sigh of alleviation.

Whatever seemed to be under her control currently, that made her really feel essentially happy.

Quickly afterwards, Maggie started the vehicle as well as trotted all the way in the instructions to Yunwu Mountain.

After driving the vehicle for concerning a hr, Maggie parked the automobile at a small fork in the middle of Yunwu Hill.

It is very concealed right here, as well as really few individuals typically locate it below.

The close-by shrubs were lush and deserted, as if they had never ever been stepped on.

However, as long as you are a bit a lot more mindful, you can in fact still see that there are still a couple of cams set up on top of a couple of high trees close by.

In the midsts of the thick forest, the turf flashes from time to time.

Around the lawn, there seemed to be figures trembling.

Maggie strolled inside for a while, as well as unexpectedly stopped, because two numbers instantly appeared in front of her.

They were 2 young brawny guys in camouflage. They saw Maggie with a considerate perspective: “Miss Maggie.”

Maggie considered the two and also responded, “Is he okay?”

The two additionally responded, among them humanely stated: “Everything is typical, Miss Maggie, please.”

As soon as the man stretched out his hand, he got a camouflage mesh from the ground, and under the mesh was an iron gateway.

Another strong young man promptly opened up the iron gate and also welcomed Maggie in.

The inside of the iron entrance is dark, as if you can not see your fingers.

Maggie did not wait, bowed down as well as strolled down the staircases inside the iron gateway.

Among the two strong men likewise followed Maggie to the iron gateway, while the various other one looked around as well as hurriedly closed the iron gate.

And also presently the iron gateway was shut, there was a flash of desolation in the dark downward flow …

Beyond, in the top suite of a luxury hotel in Buckeye, a team of Maggie’s guys were adjusting the monitoring tool in their hands against one wall surface of the space.

These people are really young as well as extremely major.

But at this moment, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

When these individuals listened to the knock on the door, they were all shocked. The head of the group frowned. It took a while before they asked, “That is it?”

While he or she was chatting, he greeted his juniors and started to get the people, every one of their nerves were tense.

Not long after, a voice originated from outside the door: “Hello there, your coffee is delivered.”

The voice was a lady, which essentially happy individuals existing. The headed boy hurriedly checked out as well as asked, “Did any person order coffee?”

At this moment, a boy sitting in the edge fast rose and also smiled awkwardly: “It was Sibling ordered.”

The headed boy sighed as well as fast stated, “Okay, go unlock.”

The boy fast stood up to open the door, yet the moment the door opened, the boy was surprised …

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