I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 448

Ethan’s expression suddenly dropped cold, and also he took a look at the Chu family and his kid who were thundering opposite each other, as well as smiled faintly: “You are extremely upset, aren’t you? Hoho, you believe you have a chance to win, I will certainly kneel down for you, right? Why is it so naive?”

Ethan sneered as well as proceeded: “What do you think you are? You are simply a team of flies and mice in my eyes. I will kneel down and apologize to you? Do you think you merit?”

Unexpectedly Ethan put the table fiercely and also said loudly, “I will tell you today, and also the people behind you, don’t want to dig out the cake on the Chengnan task. I promise, I just allow the Chengnan task come to be a pile of waste. Planet, I won’t allow a stone fall into your pocket!”

When Ethan saw the dad and also kid of the Chu family standing in front of him once again, he already really felt that something was wrong.

The Chu family members and also his boys specified that they had actually obtained a firm larger than their Chu Group. When they arrived here, Ethan recognized.

This matter is absolutely not that straightforward. Possibly there are only Chu family members papa and son on the stage of this matter, yet behind these two individuals, there are probably others standing.

That individual resembles adjusting a creature, keeping the dad and also son of the Chu family strongly in his hands.

If it weren’t like that, it wouldn’t have the ability to describe in any way, why the Chu household’s firm turned from the threat of personal bankruptcy to safety and security, and then swallowed a business bigger than itself.

Of course, one of the most important thing is that as soon as the papa and also son went into the door, they showed their coveting for the Chengnan job, that is, they were blending all this info together. Ethan concluded that there need to be something behind the Chu household’s father and son. other people.

It might be a leviathan, an opponent not to be taken too lightly.

Ethan recognized that his actual examination seemed to have simply begun!

What Ethan stated just now totally damaged the Chu family as well as his kid.

This ending is not specifically the same as what I believed!

Luca is freaking out!

He roared and also snarled at Ethan: “Mad, you’re a f * cking lunatic, you wait, you wait, I make your mouth hard, someday, you have to kneel down as well as ask me!”

Luca looked distressing, and proceeded: “Hmph, inform you the reality, do you think I actually came to discuss with you today? Spunk, allow me tell you the truth, also if you just knelt down for me, I will never ever allow you go.

” Hmph, I intend to see, what else would certainly you do without my Chu household!” While talking, Luca put the table fiercely as well as said madly, “Daddy, let’s go, I want to see. How can he be tough, crap, he doesn’t appreciate billions of bucks, who do you believe you are? I’ll see if you truly do not care then!”

While they were talking, the Chu family and also his boy got up as well as walked out in a hopeless manner.

The expressions of these 2 individuals are hard to see the extreme.

Their goal was not accomplished, but Ethan was slapped in the face. Exactly how can they ingest such a scandalous pity.

Strolling in the hallway outside, Luca was still barking angrily: “Damn, wait and see, wait and see!!”.

In the space, as quickly as the Chu family and his boy left, Ethan blurted a sigh of alleviation, and also plunged on the chair, apparently weak.

” Youthful Master Ethan, what’s the matter with you?” Maggie walked over and also asked hurriedly.

Ethan drank his head a little, his mind was noisy, he raised his head as well as claimed to Maggie: “Maggie, look for the entire nation, as well as make sure to find me a company that can cooperate with us!”.

Ethan gritted his teeth and also claimed, “Really did not they believe that they have an opportunity to win and also wish to eat meat and drink blood on me? After that I will not let you succeed!”.

Maggie responded as well as stated, “It seems that this is the only means to go, yet … yet we need to have a loss. Throughout this duration, we might lose cash … possibly even more than we assumed.”.

Ethan couldn’t help shook his head, and also sighed, “Do we have a 2nd means?”.

Yes, there is really nothing else method. The existing scenario resembles this. All they can do is to get rid of the troubles as long as possible and also try to continue the Chengnan job.

As long as the task is completed, all the important things they put in at this time will certainly be worth it.

Maggie nodded, thought twice for a moment, and also asked, “Should I tell MR. Norman about the matter right here? Let him find a way? MR. Norman has several close friends in China. I think this trouble must be addressed quickly. “.

Originally, Maggie really did not intend to say this to Ethan.

When the Chu family members as well as his child stated that they had actually acquired the design tools firm, Maggie had already comprehended that with their existing abilities, it seemed that it would certainly be hard to solve the instant trouble.

So at this time, she can only pick to educate Eric Norman of the matter here.

Things that seemed very difficult to them were actually simply a minor issue in Eric Norman’s eyes.

Perhaps their prompt problem, Eric Norman only needs a phone call to fix.

And if it is typical, Maggie would certainly not also think about discussing it with Ethan. She would have made her own choice long ago as well as straight called Eric Norman.

Given that what happened just currently, after Maggie saw Ethan’s efficiency simply currently, she provided up the suggestion of straight notifying Eric Norman, and also felt that she ought to still go over countermeasures with Ethan.

Possibly this is Maggie’s affirmation of Ethan deep in her heart.

After Maggie’s words were ended up, Ethan appeared to be a little lured by this proposition for a moment.

Yet quickly he drank his head and straight denied Maggie’s proposal.

” No, there is no demand to tell my father concerning this matter, let’s look after it by ourselves.” Ethan said in a low tone, “If we have to discover my father for anything, what else do we need to do? If we count on my father for everything, Perhaps I won’t mature all my life, what do you think, Maggie!”.

Ethan’s words made Maggie stunned.

She may not have anticipated that Ethan would claim this to herself one day.

However Maggie was not mad, not blaming, but packed with enjoyment.

Based on Ethan’s words, it appears that he has matured, and also he is a male who needs to be alone.

Maggie could not assist yet smiled somewhat, and nodded: “Okay, then I will not inform MR. Norman, let’s find a means.”.

Just as the two were chatting, Maggie’s cell phone all of a sudden sounded.

Maggie answered the phone, and afterwards she listened to an urgent voice from the other end of the phone: “Maggie, you ought to go back to the company quickly, it’s bad, something has occurred!”.

The customer was a junior of Maggie’s firm.

Typically this person is fully grown and secure, and also he is a mature personality. Today, he seems so anxious. Naturally Maggie understands that this appears to have actually taken place!

” What’s the issue?” Maggie asked nervously, “what’s the matter?”.

The person hurriedly said, “Maggie, there is an issue with the Chengnan task. Currently the quality inspection division has actually come as well as claimed that there is a problem with the top quality of our job! They are currently going to briefly suspend our project as well as cooperate with the investigation!”.

” What?” Maggie was shocked, as well as she could not think her subordinates’ words. “We have our very own personnel to check the top quality of the project. How could there be problems?”.

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