I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 451

After the call was linked, although Maggie still had a tranquil view on her face, she took a breath a long sigh of alleviation in her heart.

” Hey, Mr. Wang.” Maggie claimed any which way to the individual on the other end of the phone, “Your people are with me, what sort of short-lived suspension notification they have in their hands, and also what task quality appraisal certification, I would like to ask. What do you imply!”

Maggie was just an examining tone, even if the other event remained in Buckeye, he was a stomping individual, and the ground would certainly tremble.

” Miss Maggie, listen to me about this matter, as a matter of fact, I also …”.

Before Maggie might finish her words, she disrupted coldly, “Alright, don’t say anything, now let your people leave me with a crap notification, or else do not condemn me for being respectful!”.

Maggie’s words already brought a little danger.

Nevertheless, with Maggie’s identity, he can directly aerate with the premium on the other end of the phone, and call the other party himself, even if this person was directly handling the group.

Yet to Maggie’s surprise, the person on the other end of the phone only sighed greatly after hearing her very own words, and after that went silent.

” Why, don’t you recognize what I stated?” Maggie asked straight.

Right now, the person on the other end of the phone stated: “Miss Maggie, inform you the fact, now I have been transferred to operate in another division. The transfer order was issued yesterday, and also currently I am additionally vulnerable, and … …”.

The other celebration waited for a while, and proceeded: “And I informed you at the time. As for I know, the appraisal and also the temporary suspension notice are not released by us, however are orders from a greater level. Even if I have actually not been moved currently, it is impossible to conflict in this matter, since we have no authorization!”.

Hearing what the various other celebration stated, Maggie could not assist being stunned!

” Adjusted away?” Maggie murmured in shock, she instantly felt as if she was hit by something in her heart, sensation vacant, and also the threatening premonition that had actually been swamping in her heart seemed to be obtaining stronger.

Of course Maggie had already thought that this matter had something to do with the hand that was behind the ghost, however what she really did not anticipate was that the energy of the other party was so fantastic.

It ended up being a company that bypassed the neighborhood job in charge as well as issued instructions straight from a higher level.

Undoubtedly, if this holds true, even if the individual who called him has not been moved, it is difficult to interfere in this issue.

And Maggie now ultimately recognizes why these individuals look certain and confident when they go into the door, because what they have in their hands is not hen feathers, yet genuine Lingjian.

A single relocation will result in your own arrowhead!

For a while, Maggie couldn’t assist really feeling a little overwhelmed, not knowing what to do.

” After that the one over you, can you intervene in this matter?” Maggie asked all of a sudden.

There was a sigh again on the various other end of the phone, and also he said helplessly, “No, Miss Maggie, it holds true that the person above me has actually also been transferred now, and also now we are all vulnerable.”.

The other celebration right away said: “Oh, yes, Miss Maggie, I still have something to inform you. This issue may be extremely crucial for you as well as the Chengnan project. I also spoke with a couple of buddies in the industry. It seems that this time, somebody especially targeted you, what type of concrete top quality assessment certification, I guess it is the first wave, there will be some activities after the various other party is unequal, so you still need to beware.”.

” Hey, there is only so much I can claim. If I have issues, simply hang up.

After speaking, the call ended on the other end.

At this time, Maggie below was still anxious, and also some of them had not recuperated from the things simply currently.

If the occurrences in between the Chu family as well as his boys simply made Maggie feel that points were a bit difficult, then the current cases actually made Maggie feel that points were getting worse.

Even if the other event only releases a momentary suspension notification, it is really understandable.

However the person on the phone simply claimed that now that the boss of Chengnan has actually been replaced, it is undoubtedly a big issue.

Whatever, it is difficult for Maggie not to pay attention to this matter, and also it seems that the scenario is 10 times extra important than she thought.

The opponent is never a detailed method to beat him, however has been preparing for a long period of time, and prepares to pass this time around, straight knocking himself to the ground, to ensure that he can’t pass on!

I need to state that both the methods and also the rigor of the opponent much went beyond Maggie’s creativity.

Otherwise, it would not have reached this factor, and also she would recognize many points.

It’s careless, it’s truly reckless!

Maggie sighed in her heart, she considered Ethan, as well as Ethan was likewise considering her right now.

Maggie trembled her head a little, as well as was about to speak, yet was disturbed by the male in heaven match reverse.

” How concerning it, since the call is over, do you have anything else to state?”.

The other event smirked, as if he had expected this result a long period of time ago.

Maggie’s face was gloomy, and also she looked at her coldly, appearing to suppress a great deal of anger in her heart, and also lastly just faintly said a couple of words: “Are you really happy?”.

After Maggie’s words were completed, the various other party sneered promptly: “Proud? do you assume you deserve to make me honored? You business people, you take yourself as well seriously, you understand, in my eyes, You don’t even count as a fart. If I want to press you to fatality, I’m just using my hands.”.

When speaking, there was a pale smile on the corner of the other celebration’s mouth.

Certainly, he stated he was humiliated, but he was so delighted in his heart.

As well as his words were nothing more than irritating Maggie.

What’s more, he is just a dog leg tightly, only due to the fact that he holds a ling arrow in his hand, he attempt to be so conceited.

As well as his words made Maggie’s guys bitterly gritted their teeth, wanting to tear this person with their hands.

Yet Maggie knows extremely well that the more at this time, the more male restriction, whether it is herself or her subordinates.

Because she still does not know what plans lag those people that wish to participate in her own life. If she crazily makes unreasonable actions, she will probably come under the trap of others.

Maggie scolded her and also maintained her subordinates calm.

On the other hand, he considered the other individual with indifference, and also stated, “Okay, I will certainly accept this point briefly, but I request that the high quality of our project be examined once more, as well as it has to be tomorrow!”.

Maggie recognizes very well that as long as the Chengnan Job is suspended for one day, the loss on her side is a huge number.

So since there is no way for the other party to withdraw this momentary suspension notification, we can only approve it briefly, and also utilize the fastest time to evaluate the project. As long as it is clear that there is no worry with your task, then resumption of job is an all-natural point. Up.

Anyway, Maggie was confident concerning this Chengnan job.

At the start of the job, Maggie had sent her most relied on individual to supervise the quality of the job.

So regardless of what the other party states that there is an issue with the high quality of her task, Maggie has every reason to think that all this is difficult!

Considering that the other event is playing yin with himself, he has no choice however to take care of it similar to this.

Rather, Maggie was bothered with what she should do if the various other celebration differs to reconsider the top quality of the task as soon as possible.

And also if the other celebration truly maintains delaying time, he still has absolutely nothing to do.

Maggie considered the other event, excited to see just how the other celebration would certainly deal with her.

” is so nervous? Are you not afraid to review the top quality of the job, and after that check out what various other issues?” The man in heaven fit sneered and jokingly said, “I am doing this for your very own great, so I recommend you Don’t rush to get a testimonial. Why do not you examine it on your own before you concern me.”.

The other party smiled and also proceeded: “I want to advise you that there are 22 projects that require high quality audits for the Chengnan Project. If there are problems with 5 of them, after that the Chengnan Project have to be completely put on hold. It was even evaluated as an unqualified job, and all the centers you built were knocked down!”.

” You much better think about it!” the various other celebration ultimately claimed with a smile.

Maggie faintly responded, and then sneered, “Do not fret, there will certainly be no issue with the Chengnan task. Don’t assume I don’t know just how your concrete grade evaluation certification came from.

Maggie eyed Ethan, and after that asked, “Mr. Ethan, I relate to examine the high quality of the project tomorrow, do you think there is an issue?”.

By now, Ethan definitely has no arguments, and also he also counts on Maggie’s attitude. If she claims that there is not a problem, after that it should be okay.

In that case, what are you bothered with?

Ethan nodded and also said confidently: “Examination should be re-examined. I believe that in this world, those that are clear are self-cleansing, and also those that are jumbled are self-contaminated. If we have no worry, we are not terrified of others’ slander!”.

Ethan lastly checked out the man in heaven suit on the contrary side and claimed any which way, “Tomorrow we will be below to clarify the assessment outcomes of the job in front of the gong!”.

The guy in the blue match on the contrary side clapped his hands and also claimed with a smile, “Have enjoyable. Tomorrow I will certainly ask someone to review the high quality of the project. All 22 projects will be examined.

After talking, the other celebration got up and also.

As quickly as every person left, the ambience in the conference room suddenly ended up being frenzied.

Several of Maggie’s juniors were a little unwilling, and stated to Maggie noisally, “Maggie, this bastard is too damn, why are you quiting us?”.

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