I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 459

As quickly as Maggie claimed something wrong, Ethanxin increased all of it at the same time.

Did something go wrong in the long run? Ethan assumed.

” What’s wrong?” Ethan fast asked, “Yes … the test outcome is truly …”.

Hearing Ethan’s concern, Maggie trembled her head as well as provided a wry smile: “Do not fret, Mr. Ethan, it’s not this. It’s simply a little episode from the third-party screening company, so the examination report may not be sent out before journalism seminar.”.

Hearing this, Ethan breathed freely just now: “So, it seems that the issue is not too big.”.

Maggie nodded: “It’s alright, but I really feel that the testimonial record of those individuals should come out. I have actually asked their people to come to the press seminar previously, yet I haven’t seen it yet.”.

Maggie glanced at her watch, and also there were only a dozen minutes left before the press seminar.

Maggie pointed to a vacant chair on the side as well as said to Ethan, “Youthful Master Ethan, this is for you. You will be here for some time to see the show.”.

Maggie is still loaded with confidence currently, as if she really feels that this moment she should have the ability to battle a turnaround.

It just seems that points are much from that straightforward.

Since presently, the man in the blue fit stepped in from outside.

As quickly as he appeared, he promptly brought in the interest of numerous media existing.

Numerous media straight bordered him and also began bombarding concerns.

” Engineer Feng, has the review as well as examination report of the Chengnan job appeared? Is the Chengnan task truly mistreated?”.

” Designer Feng, if the examination results this time are completely various from the last time, exactly how will you and your division explain? Can you state that you were deliberately rectifying the Chengnan task before?

” Engineer Feng, there are rumors that just recently you will certainly wed the eldest granddaughter of your family members’s Xu family members in Buckeye. Is this real? Didn’t you simply divorce your partner in 2015?”.

When the media asked questions, it resembled a group of headless flies, which was very noisy.

Nevertheless, from starting to finish, the man in heaven match was unusually uncaring, and also even a little smug on his face.

He stretched out his hand to signify that the media are all quiet, then cleared his throat, and stated: “Everyone, everyone, please be quiet and pay attention to me, since there will certainly be an interview in a while, and more material, I The meeting will notify everybody at the press seminar, yet … but also for the concerns you just had, I can address one or two for the time being.”.

The male in the blue suit said loudly: “The very first is to evaluate the examination record. A good friend just asked about my marriage with Miss Xu’s family. This issue is only a reports, I What I want to say is that this issue is real.

After speaking, the man in the blue fit squeezed far from the group, totally overlooking the media who still kept asking.

The man in the blue match went straight to Ethan as well as Maggie, with a complacent smile on his face.

” Yeah, Miss Maggie seems to be in good spirits?” The man in heaven match chuckled, “How regarding it, have you found out exactly how to quit the leisurely crowd eventually?”.

Maggie sneered at the various other event’s words, and also sneered in response: “I think it should be taken into consideration that you are the right one? What, your outcomes have come out? Have you ended up reading it? Or has it been tampered with? It doesn’t matter, also if You tampered with it. I will certainly have a report from a third-party evaluation agency for some time. I want to see if the evaluation records of both of you are inconsistent, you, Engineer Feng, how do you intend to respond to every person!”.

The man in the blue match paled, Maggie smiled dismissively, as well as stated, “The last name is Ye, I’m in fact really curious, why are you so convinced that there is not a problem with the quality of your job?, you didn’t think of it. Will you shed?”.

Maggie sought out at her any which way, and also still said extremely securely: “Yes, I simply count on the high quality of my project, I simply believe that you will be ugly today, due to the fact that …”.

Maggie grinned, and also did not finish the rest of the tale.

She had currently told herself in her heart, because Ye Kira participated in the guidance of all this, she believed her sibling, as well as with Ye Kira’s shrewd and crucial, if there was an issue with the job, she would have uncovered it lengthy back.

Due to the fact that she believes in Ye Kira, she additionally believes that the top quality of the Chengnan project is not problematic. This is totally out of rely on her relatives.

The man in heaven match trembled his head and grinned. He eyed the gold watch on his wrist as well as claimed, “It’s fine, then we’ll wait and see who can make the last laugh. Okay, time is up. When it’s there, can the press conference start?”.

Maggie additionally inspected the moment and nodded at Pablo. Pablo walked to the front of many media in three actions and two actions, as well as claimed: “Everyone, the press meeting on the high quality of the Buckeye Chengnan Project., From now on, I hope everybody can keep quiet as well as ask questions in an orderly manner.”.

After talking, Pablo made a please gesture and also motioned Maggie to come forward.

Maggie responded, turned her head as well as grinned at Ethan, walked straight to the seat marked with her name and sat down, and close to her was the man in heaven fit.

The man in heaven fit was not courteous at all, and also walked over directly, and sat down in his seat.

Maggie initially said, “Well, pals from the media, currently journalism seminar begins. Everybody has concerns about Designer Feng. Now it can start!”.

As quickly as Maggie stated this, the man in heaven fit resting alongside her instantly really felt a little frizzy, and also hurriedly asked in a low voice, “Why ask me first?”.

Maggie grinned as well as stated, “Why, are you frightened? Or are you afraid of being asked?”.

” You …” The man in the blue suit rolled his eyes with antipathy, Maggie coldly snorted, “I hesitate? Why am I afraid? Humph, all right, if that’s the case, then come!”.

As quickly as the voice of the man in the blue fit dropped, a participant of the media fast got up and also asked: “Engineer Feng, hey there, I am from the Buckeye Night Information. I still have that problem. If the examination report this time, it implies that Chengnan There is no problem with the high quality of the task, then you as well as your team department, exactly how will you explain? Because everyone understands that not long ago, your division issued a concrete grade assessment failing record for the Chengnan job Order, as well as ordered the Chengnan project to be briefly put on hold.”.

The man in heaven suit grinned faintly, took a look at the lady who asked the concern dismissively, and claimed, “As a matter of fact, I’m extremely curious, why do you individuals think so undoubtedly that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Chengnan job?, I would like to ask you, if the Chengnan task ends up being an issue, just how can you ask this Miss Maggieye?”.

” This …” The lady thought twice somewhat when asked, she glanced at Maggie, but did not state a word.

Certainly, the woman came up to question the man in the blue suit, however she didn’t state a word when she came to Maggie, which was a bit tricky.

And also given that the meeting is being developed, it is certainly impossible for Maggie to be unprepared. This female is really just a part of her preparation.

It’s just that this female does not seem to be very solid. Maggie couldn’t assist but drank her head, got hold of the topic straight, and claimed, “I stated, there will certainly be no worry with the Chengnan project!”.

” Ho ho, the result did not come out, exactly how do you understand if there is an issue?” The man in heaven match sneered, “Ms. Ye is so convinced that the top quality of the task is alright, after that Ms. Ye, would you attempt to make a warranty? The outcomes of the meeting will certainly prove that there is a problem with the top quality of the Chengnan project, Miss Maggie, how do you prepare!”.

This was compeling herself to give a warranty. Maggie could not help however glanced at the various other person coldly as well as stated, “You want a warranty, do not you?, after that I will certainly offer you an assurance!”.

” Wait …” Currently, Ethan unexpectedly stood and also stopped Maggie.

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