I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 461

Seeing the incoming person, the man in the blue suit all of a sudden grinned: “Haha, what are you speaking about? You think it’s currently here.”

As he talked, the man had actually already reached him, reached out and handed the profile to him, and also murmured: “Gon, it ended up!”

The man in the blue suit responded. He seemed to understand the result of the past few years from the grinning face of the various other celebration.

It was the minute the profile fell into the hands of the man in heaven fit that nearly all the media present focused on his hands.

More than a lots video cameras broke an agitated chance at his hand.

” Designer Gon, take it apart promptly. Every person wishes to know what the result is!” Suddenly a confessor screamed.

” Yes, I’ve been awaiting a day, isn’t it just for this result? Rush and announce it to the general public.”

” Hey, there is an excellent show currently!”

The people present were babbling, and also some individuals claimed that the result should be a trouble with the quality of the Chengnan task, while others said it was OK.

At the time when the debate was most intense, the man in heaven suit put his hand straight on the profile, as if he will open her.

Yet currently, his hand unexpectedly stopped, he appeared to have thought about something, and also a smile showed up at the corner of his mouth.

He all of a sudden extended his hand as well as handed the portfolio to Maggie, who was apart, as well as said with a smile: “I assume it’s far better for Miss Maggie to take a look at it personally, so I do not want to say what I do. Are you?

Maggie grunted, yet unceremoniously took the things, and whispered: “If you wish to do methods, you might have done it a very long time ago, and will you be able to indulge to now? Are you terrified, are you afraid?”

The various other event shrugged as well as stated with a smile, “Whatever you believe, call me. Like every person, I want to understand what the result is within.”

Maggie eyed the other event, opened up the portfolio straight, as well as obtained the documents directly.

There are more than twenty pieces of the documents, which are all inspection information, as well as at the end of all the information is a summary assessment record.

Maggie could not wait to count on the back and also looked at the last line of words.

It’s simply that she should have smiled relieved after reviewing, yet her smile never ever waited. Instead, she had lots of shock as well as consternation!

Maggie’s students got, and also she stared at the last few lines of the report in amazement, her face all of a sudden altered.

” No … difficult!” Maggie instantly slapped the table as well as shouted, “Absolutely difficult. You have forged this details, there is an issue!”

Maggie’s actions truly surprised everyone present.

Everyone took a look at Maggie with face-to-face, and many quick-reacting media fast pointed their cameras at Maggie and also recorded her stunning scene.

” Ms. Ye, what’s the issue? Does the report say that the Chengnan job truly has top quality issues?”

Unexpectedly, someone at the scene asked straight.

And the heart appeared to be the beginning, and after that somebody asked Maggie one after another.

” Ms. Ye, should not it be true? What did you mean by that? Don’t you intend to admit this test result? Or do you wish to regret it? Can you make it clear?”

” Miss Maggie, promptly show us the test results, we are additionally extremely interested, what is taking place …”.

The scene was babbling, a piece of turmoil for some time.

It’s simply that Maggie’s mind is no more below at this moment.

She appeared to have insulated all information from the outdoors, looking at the test results in front of her, she was just surprised.

On the other hand, it was the man in the blue fit next to her. After seeing Maggie’s habits, he instantly snorted and also laughed.

” Miss Maggie? Isn’t it real that I have said it seriously?

Presently, Maggie finally returned to her detects. She glared at each other increasingly, and stated in a low tone: “Did you make your hands and also feet right?”.

Hearing this, the man in heaven suit instantly made an innocent appearance, and also said loudly, “Oh hello, have you listened to? It’s a wonderful oppression. We are socially legitimate, okay? To put it candidly, we It’s the umpire, just how dare we do such a thing? Do methods? Miss Maggie, you value me too a lot?, you can not do this, you can’t have an issue with your Chengnan task. If you do not want to approve it, simply wrong us. We are actually mistreated!”.

Words of the man in the blue fit, to put it simply, are meant to be heard by dozens of media existing, due to the fact that he knows effectively that whether it is his very own words or Maggie’s words, they will definitely be tape-recorded ultimately, and also they will certainly likewise be tape-recorded ultimately. Into the ears of every person in Buckeye.

And also the more so, the extra interesting it will certainly be. What else can you claim to see Maggie? It is estimated that by tomorrow, as long as all the media present today broadcast all the events these days, whether it is the Chengnan task or Maggie herself, it will certainly end up being a rat going across the street, as well as every person will be shrieking as well as defeating.

In this way, his objective was accomplished.

Instantly later on, the man in the blue fit spoke once again: “Miss Maggie, reveal us the result, no issue what the result is, you can’t do this? You stated it was introduced to the public, do you regret it? Ho Ho, You claimed that we computed you, after that you always want to reveal me how did I determine you?”.

After speaking, before Maggie might react, he nabbed the assessment record from Maggie’s hand, and then read it out loud in a playful tone.

” Everyone, please be quiet, pay attention to me and check out the outcomes, as well as I will let you take pictures later, can you see it? The official seal of our department is deducted on it, and also it is binding!”.

” Right here, after re-checking and also testing by our Ministry, we have actually examined 22 major indications for the Buckeye Chengnan Project, 14 of which are certified projects, eight are unqualified indicators, two of which are severely unqualified, as well as are specifically determined …”.

The man in the blue match read all the text on the examination record aloud, and after he read it, the entire interview was completely silent.

Since at the start, everyone really felt that the Chengnan job was such a crucial project, even if among the projects failed to pass the test, that was simply an example.

But no person assumed that in the long run there would be more than one-third of the major items, which were unqualified!

” Is this a tofu job?”.

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