I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 463

Maggie promptly reiterated: “As well as I have appointed a third-party screening company in the past, and also the results there have not yet come out, so I wish every person remains secure. Maggie thus guarantees that if the third-party testing outcomes, if It is in complete conformity with this examination outcome, so I have no issues and also will totally follow my previous promise!”

Since Maggie had currently said something, she had made the decision to make a determined relocation.

After hearing what Maggie stated, the state of mind of everyone existing progressively relaxed.

Maggie turned to check out the man in the blue fit and sneered: “You enjoy, isn’t it prematurely?”

Hearing this, the other party really did not state a word, yet considered Maggie with a bleak expression, and claimed lightly: “Okay, after that await the result.”

Ultimately, Maggie eyed Ethan who was sitting apart, and she was stunned to locate that Ethan’s face was still a little anxious.

The incident quickly passed greater than two hours, and everyone existing had lots of expectations for the 3rd party’s test outcomes, as well as was a little impatient to wait.

Some individuals even lowered their heads as well as started to whisper.

It is true that this kind of waiting, despite that it is, will really feel a little bit unpleasant as well as anxious.

Specifically Maggie, just because of the test report provided by the male in heaven suit, her existing situation remains in jeopardy. If you look back at the third-party test outcomes, there are some unanticipated outcomes, whether for him or For the Chengnan task, it will certainly be a significant impact.

Maggie assumed and also looked towards Qi Zhou. She could not help frowning, due to the fact that Maggie had not seen Kira for an entire day today.

Normally, if Kira had something, she would primarily tell Maggie, and on such an important occasion today, even if Kira’s identity was hidden, she would covertly crowd in the crowd.

It’s simply that Maggie took a look at it twice, as well as couldn’t assist however feel a little curious when she really did not see her sister.

But presently, an additional team of individuals strolled in at journalism seminar.

These people are the members of the Bouquet team who Maggie sent to monitor the third-party testing firm.

Alongside Bouquet’s group, there are 3 third-party testing agencies.

The person from the third-party examination firm looked severe, and lugged a silver-white password box in his hand.

As soon as this team of individuals got in the door, almost all their eyes were drawn in.

Some individuals even revealed enjoyment on their faces, murmuring something in a low voice.

The man strolled straight before Maggie as well as the man in heaven fit, responded somewhat as well as said hello, and claimed, “Miss Maggie, Designer Gon, here are the outcomes of our company’s testing of samples drawn from the Chengnan project, please Feel confident, our organization is a Grade A screening organization, and every result released by it is lawfully valid and also liable, and is reasonable and objective. If the two of you have arguments to the test results later, you can ask an additional screening company Perform an assessment, and if it confirms that there is a trouble with the outcomes of our company, after that our company agrees to take obligation to the end.

After this male had finished speaking, he checked out Maggie and the man in the blue suit with a severe face, as well as said, “After that, may I announce the examination results currently?”

Maggie took a deep breath, responded, and claimed, “Of course, please reveal the outcomes. In this manner, some individuals can stop talking!”

Hearing what Maggie said, the guy in the blue fit laughed. He looked at Maggie and also joked: “Miss Maggie, are you certain?

Maggie sneered, “I don’t know what regret is, but I desire to ask, isn’t you scared? Trouble every person.”

The other event laughed and also sputtered in a low voice: “Big-headed!”.

He claimed to the individual from the third-party testing company, “Okay, hurry up and also announce the results. Everybody can provide up!”.

Hearing that, the individual from the third-party evaluation firm responded, as well as after getting in a string of passwords, he opened the lockbox and took out a test record from it.

The person took a look at the countless media existing, bowed slightly, and said, “Everyone, my company was commissioned by Ms. Maggie to take examples from different job sites of the Chengnan job as well as did all sorts of examinations. Now I will certainly examine the outcomes. The statement is as adheres to …”.

The people from this third-party testing agency first talked about a lot of materials that no one understood, and also it took over half a hr to finally involve the final point.

Throughout this period, the whole press conference was silent, and everyone was awaiting the news of that result.

The man instantly recalled at Maggie, a tip of vulnerability in his eyes.

As well as he likewise saw that Maggie’s expression right now appeared to be exceptionally nervous.

Maggie was certainly really worried, with a fear in her hands.

Clearly, a word from this person will figure out the life and death of the Chengnan Project.

” I announce that, after tasting as well as testing from the Chengnan job, 14 of the 22 significant signs of the Buckeye Chengnan task have been checked, and 14 tasks have actually fulfilled the standards and also are qualified jobs. Eight of them did not meet the engineering layout dedication criteria, and 2 of the signs As a significant failing, this outcome is a reliable examination by our organization. If doubtful, please other organizations to take part in the examination and approval …”.

Hereafter person’s words, the entire scene came under a dead silence once again.

Every person was surprised as well as checked out Maggie one after another, appearing to intend to see how Maggie would certainly respond.

And the individual from the third-party screening agency, after reading out the outcomes, bowed somewhat to every person, and then stated to Maggie: “Miss Maggie, we have finished the screening job that you handed over to our firm. For this result, I. I apologize, yet the result is like this. If you have any inquiries, you can apply to various other establishments to examine the outcomes, as well as you can additionally call our establishment with the legal department …”.

After speaking, the man transformed and left.

But this time, Maggie was truly stunned, her face pale as paper.

” Exactly how is it feasible?” Maggie gritted her teeth fiercely, her face in disbelief.

“, it’s impossible? Exactly how could it be difficult?” Hearing words, the man in the blue suit stood up as well as aimed at Maggie happily and reprimanded, “Maggie, what can you say now? There is something wrong with the Seongnam project, do you still intend to quibble?”.

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