I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 485

“And I have constantly been paying attention to his directions. It was every little thing he asked me to do. This … every little thing that happened in the Chengnan project, the mastermind behind it was Zaid, it has nothing to do with me.

Xu Tianlin simply picked himself up, but he had no alternative. Currently, he absolutely felt that his life was very important.

Maggie didn’t pay attention to what Xu Tianlin stated, because when she listened to the name Zaid, she appeared to be entirely stunned.

” So …” Maggie appeared to have actually figured out something suddenly, she quietly released Xu Tianlin, and also fell into reflection for an instant.

As well as Ethan on the side normally comprehended it, because Maggie had told herself that Zaid was possibly from abroad Chu family.

When it comes to the Chengnan job, Zaid lagged whatever.

In various other words, all the things I have experienced were in fact done by the Norman Household overseas?

Why are they doing this? If you count from your father, you can count them as half family members. Exactly how can they target themselves similar to this?

Ethan could not figure it out, as well as he was even more puzzled. He suddenly looked at Maggie, only to locate that Maggie’s face was hideous, as if he had actually expected something terrible.

” Maggie? What’s wrong with you.” Ethan asked gently.

Maggie sighed. Currently, she appeared to realize something.

She could not assist yet sneered, as well as murmured any which way, “That’s how it ends up, every little thing appears to make sense!”

Maggie’s words made Ethan listen to the clouds, he didn’t understand what Maggie meant.

Whatever makes good sense? The overseas Norman Family members computed themselves, just how could they make good sense?


Did Maggie know about this a long period of time ago?

It’s impossible. If Maggie knew about this, why didn’t she notify herself in advance?

On the contrary, it was her herself, and as a result of this incident, she ended up being extremely aggravated. It seemed that she didn’t recognize this matter at all.

Ethanmeng is currently. He doesn’t know what this is in fact taking place, neither what Maggie’s muttering to herself means.

Ethan murmured to Maggie again: “Maggie? What’s wrong with you? Is it a little uneasy?”

Maggie eyed Ethan, trembled her head, as well as whispered, “I’m great, I’ll describe it to you in a while.”

Afterwards, Maggie took a look at Xu Tianlin once again, with a hint of ridicule in her eyes, and also asked, “Let’s talk shit, that Zaid made you come? What is your purpose for coming here today?”

Xu Tianlin looked scared. He cooled down for some time before taking a big breath, and stated, “He … let me speak with you about the Chengnan procurement task …”.

Before Xu Tianlin came, he thought he can inform Maggie this matter triumphantly, but really did not intend to, as well as finally made himself so ashamed.

But as soon as he uttered his words, Maggie laughed, “The procurement of Chengnan task? How much are you going to pay?”.

Xu Tianlin hurriedly got up from the couch, tidyed up his suit, as well as claimed: “Eight … eight billion …”.

When Xu Tianlin said these words, he was a little guilty.

Besides, he recognized quite possibly that the Chengnan job had invested several billions up until now, and also he wished to win the Chengnan project with 800 million. It was simply a desire.

And also purchasing the present project unfinished, even if it is buying the substantial land of the Chengnan project, 800 million yuan is inadequate.

” Ho ho, eight hundred million? Exactly how did you state it so embarrassingly?” Maggie smiled bitterly and also shook her head, as if she had actually listened to a large joke.

If nothing simply occurred, Xu Tianlin would not be afraid of Maggie. If Maggie attempted to claim something such as this, he would most definitely return as well as yell at Maggie for not knowing what is great or bad, and not taking a look at what situation they are now. The mess of the task is currently a prompt alleviation for them.

Currently, Xu Tianlin really did not attempt to eliminate him anymore.

The coolness of the butterfly knife recently appears to be still roaming in his body.

He fast said, “No, no, then … that’s what Zaid stated, certainly I know it’s difficult!”.

Maggie raised her head and stared at Xu Tianlin coldly, as well as instantly yelled angrily: “Understanding that it’s difficult, why are you standing right here? Awaiting me to welcome you to supper?”.

Maggie gave a cool drink, as well as Xu Tianlin was trembling with shock. He promptly intended to run outdoors. When he ran, he kicked on the coffee table and practically was up to the ground.

Xu Tianlin grinned suffering, but he really did not respect so much, so he ran away rapidly.

In his viewpoint, he was fortunate adequate to be able to return active today.

He never ever thought that Maggie, who looked like a sexy stunner, would have such a powerful technique.

It holds true that Maggie’s speed was only just now. If she attempted to resist or struggle, she would certainly have died several times.

Xu Tianlin trot completely back to his automobile, when he was currently sweating profusely.

He didn’t appreciate wiping the sweat, and also took a couple of breaths, however the much more he considered it, the extra embarrassing he was about the matter recently. He hammered the steering wheel strongly, screamed, and also began the auto straight as well as.

Currently, in Maggie’s office on the other side, after Xu Tianlin left, Maggie was silent. She paced the area for a while without stating a word, appearing to be considering something.

This was truly distressed for Ethan. Right now, there were a lot of concerns in his belly, as well as he desired Maggie to offer himself an adequate response.

But what about Maggie? He walked to and fro for himself, as well as seemed to be muttering something really silently, ignoring himself whatsoever.

Ultimately, Ethan truly could not assist it. He hurriedly stopped Maggie as well as sighed: “Oh, Ye Sis, what’s the matter? Inform me? Why does this matter seem to be related to the abroad Norman Family currently? Isn’t my father the head of the Norman Household?”.

Ethan didn’t understand. People in the Norman Family members could not help not knowing that his dad was supplying financial backing behind the Chengnan project. Why did he do everything feasible to break the Chengnan task?

Maggie stopped, took a look at Ethan, and also drank her head a little: “Young Master Ethan, maybe just MR. Norman can tell you, and also you still don’t understand many points.”.

Maggie stopped briefly, then proceeded: “Actually, things in this globe are much from what you see. What you see might be simply the look. At the time of its internal implementation, or behind it, it might make you Really feel sick, feel sharp!”.

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