I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 51

Linda checked out yet didn’t see Ethan. She was upset.

She could not think that Ethan obtained Dr. Smith fired that quickly. And afterwards he just disappeared.

Linda didn’t believe what Dr. Smith had told. Nevertheless, she believed she needed to discover Ethan and also ask
him herself.

Considering this, she rushed to the local bus stop as well as rode the last bus back to school.
Back on school, Linda still could not locate Ethan

It was virtually the call time for her efficiency at the bar, She chose to look for Ethan.

Linda went straight to The Queens Bar.

When Ethan and also the others had finished their dish, It was already dark outside.

Ethan was going to get back to school afterward, however Mr. Paker insisted on purchasing beverages for

Ethan at The Queens Bar.

Ethan could not decline him and accompanied.

Prior to entering into the vehicle, Maggie handed Ethan a mobile phone as well as told him that she wouldn’t go

with him due to the fact that she had not been feeling well.

Mr. Paker was delighted that Ethan approved his invite to bench he had.

Having one of his guys made such a mistake, it was a great chance for Mr. Paker to

apologize to Ethan.

The two entered the auto as well as drove to The Queens Bar.

Currently, clients simply started to turn up. The lobby had been packed with them.

On the stage in front of the bar, a young woman was vocal singing.

Seeing the singer, Ethan could not aid thinking about Linda.

Ethan sighed. He could not understand why he felt so bad when thinking that Linda had

misconstrued him.

Mr. Paker grinned when he saw that Ethan was lost in idea. He immediately murmured,

” What’s the matter, Mr. Ethan? You have an interest in her? Do you want me to …’.

Mr. Paker’s words were rare, Ethan recognized what he implied, evaluating by the look.

on his face.

… She advises me of someone.’.

Completing his words, Ethan will discover himself somewhere to rest.

Mr. Paker smiled as well as said that he had booked a personal space for Ethan on the 2nd floor.

Ethan responded and followed Mr. Paker.

Mr. Paker had not been thrifty to Ethan. He provided a couple of bottles of his most priceless wine collection.

Ethan felt poor to decline him, so he drank a little bit much more.

Mr. Paker grinned and also gestured to one of his men to go outside …

Eventually, the guy returned with the young singer they saw previously.

Ethan was surprised as well as asked, “What … what is this?”.

Mr. Paker grinned and claimed, “saw that you seemed to he interested in her, so … Don’t concern, She is.

an university student also. It’s all been dealt with. As long as you like …”.

Ethan was upset by Mr. Paker’s recommendation. He blazed at him, stood up, and also left.

” Mr. Ethan …” Mr. Paker realized that he simply irritated Ethan.

Prior to he might state anything, the young singer followed Ethan.

” Mr. Ethan …” the young singer took Ethan’s arm.

She seemed ta understand what she was doing. She whispered right into Ethan’s ear, holding his arm.

Ethan’s face dropped. He promptly pushed her away as well as went downstairs.

Right now, there were even more customers in the entrance hall than earlier.

On Ethan’s way out, hé saw a group of individuals was gathering around the stage. It seemed that.

something had actually happened.

Ethan looked into. He saw that a man had leapt onto the stage and also yank the female singer off.

the stage and also out of bench.

Every person was stunned as well as puzzled by the scene.

The individual completely overlooked individuals’ reactions. He was dragging the woman as well as shouting.

” B ** tch,|finally obtained you! I’ll see where the fk can you run this moment!”.

A few of the male clients couldn’t stand him for acting so rudely. They added and tried to.

quit him.

Someone yelled, “What are you doing? Being so disrespectful to a girl! If there’s something incorrect, can.

you just talk it with?”.

The person yelled back, “Talk? Who are you to blame me for being discourteous? This female is as well.

disgusting. i am her sweetheart, but she ripped off on me by playing threesome with 2 various other individuals. I walked know them, and also she asked the two men to defeat me up. Look at the wound on my head!”.

The person stated as he pointed at his wounded head.

His injury made his words very believable. Individuals gasped.

Individuals had thought that the person was also impolite to the lady. After hearing the person’s words,.

people thought the woman had it coming, ripped off on, and also attack her sweetheart.

Individuals began speaking.

” What’s happening with this globe. Look at her, with a face as naive as that, who had actually assumed she did.

something so revolting!”.

” Such a tricking face she’s having! Look at that man’s head.

being treated like that, it was really merciful of him not to beat her up. If were him …”.

Paying attention to the crowd’s objection as well as being drawn by the individual, the lady burst into tears.

She battled versus the quy and claimed, “No, no, he lied.|do not know him.”.

Prior to the girl could finish her words, the individual slapped her very as well as claimed, “You are f * ing.

B ** h! As long as you.

come with me so we can discuss the entire point,|will not offer you a tough time!”.

While talking, the individual gazed out of bench


There was a van parked outside bench. Inside, 4 various other individuals were waiting.

They were coming with the man for kidnapping Linda.

And also the man was no other than Nick, who was beaten up by Ethan that day.

Being attacked, he could not just let it go.

He disliked Ethan to the core, as well as Linda as well.

He had things planned. Had actually Linda kidnapped, as well as he as well as his individuals would certainly rape her.

Seeing his strategy will integrate, Nick was delighted. He dragged Linda out, making believe.

to be unfortunate and mad. He claimed to the crowd, “You see, she even wouldn’t admit our connection …”.

‘ Linda, I’ve been so great to you. For you to buy fancy bags,|took three work at the same time.

We’ve been dating for two years, and also|have not touched you because you claimed you desired.

to take it reduce.|believed you were a typical woman, however you simply did 2 men at the same time.

You’re a rest”.

The young boy’s words immediately excited a couple of girls in the group.

Somebody poured a glass of beer on Linda’s head and yelled, * Sl * t! you disgust me! Just how can.

you treat your guy like that? He has been so good to you!”.

” You are a shame to ladies! Go to hell, you wh * re! You are so unthankful to your guy?”.

” Two guys at once? Weren’t you tired? If you are that horny, why do not you go and obtain a steed?”.

Undoubtedly, Nick had actually stimulated the crowd. Individuals poured all kinds of garbage on Linda.

Nick was very happy concerning what he had accomplished. He believed that his plan had been successful.

There were many individuals about, yet no person aided Linda.

Even the team from bench stood out of it, after believing that it’s the affair between couples.

Nick was overjoyed. He was about to drag her away but had been shoveled.

Nick almost fell.

” That the f ** k is that?” Nick was angry and reprimanded, “I’m dealing with my female. What’s your.


Ethan pushed Nick away. He got hold of as well as held Linda and cleaned her up. He looked at the crowd.

with anger.

” You once more? Wish to be battered once again? Try to mess with her again!” After seeing Nick’s face,.

Ethan’s face went down.

Nick didn’t expect to meet Ethan again. He first was surprised and after that sneered.

He all of a sudden repainted at Ethan and also said to the crowd with the look of complaint, ‘Look, it’s this.

individual! He copulated my partner as well as hit me. Now he also threatened me. That’s him!”.

After hearing Nick’s words, the crowd all looked at Ethan and started to implicate him.

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