I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 52

“So it was him? He’s a lot more horrible than that sl * t. He slept with other people’s girlfriend,

I’m gon na.

record this as well as upload it to the university team chat to ensure that every person can see this b * tch pair.”.

Instantly there were many cellphones video-recording Linda as well as Ethan.

” Come and also see, everyone. He copulated the various other individual’s partner and defeat the boyfriend. He is.

even intimidating the inadequate person in public!”.

” Everybody, please remember this set of b * tch couple. Steer clear of from them …”.

Seeing the exhilaration of the group, Nick felt happy with himself, thinking that it was a satisfied.


He simply prepared to kidnap Linda, however that ‘d believed Ethan simply provided himself away.

One of the most absurd point was exactly how unsuspecting the group was. Nick fooled everybody by only a.

number of words. As well as they criticized Linda and also Ethan viciously.

” That’s amazing. With the help of these pinheads, it’s awesome!” Nick sald in enjoyment.

At this time, the group was getting over-excited. A person punched Ethan from behind.

Ethan felt a burst of discomfort. When he reversed, somebody kicked him in the front. Individuals had.

been throwing points at Linda, and also she was screaming from the discomfort.

Ethan was completely angry. He looked at the group with rage.

He wasnt going to arque with them. Ethan didn’t believe it worth the trouble.

At this moment, Ethan couldnt let it go any longer. Not just the crowd believed Nick’s words,.

yet they also became physical, which was something Ethan couldnt stand!

Ethan was shielding Linda as well as attempting to get aid.

Mr. Paker was upstairs. Ethan was really hoping the noise can obtain Mr. Paker’s focus, and even simply.

his men’s.

As long as Mr. Paker could come down right here, no one could escape hurting Linda and also.


The moment Ethan got up, before he can make a noise, he was kicked in the back once more.

” Everyone, hurry and beat them up. A person had actually run upstairs to report on us. Allow’s end up.

them as well as escape … “.

It was Nick that yelled the words as well as kicked Ethan.

Nick recognized Ethan was trying to rise as well as scream for help. So he kicked Ethan to shut him up.

He likewise knew that Mr. Paker was the proprietor of this bar. If Mr. Paker learnt, Nick would certainly be in.

severe difficulty.

He promptly shut Ethan up and instigated others to beat Ethan.

Mr. Paker would certainly recognize something had been dropping by the noise alone. He would be.

boiling down very soon. When the time came, it would be too late for Nick to flee.

So Nick planned on prompting every person to assault Ethan. When people had escaped, even if Mr.

Paker intended to explore, he would certainly not have the ability to determine that was accountable.

Hearing Nick’s words, the crowd was getting crazier.

Greater than a loads men and women started to beat up Ethan and Linda.

Seeing this, Ethan promptly covered Linda with his own body, allowing clenched fists and also feet fall on him like.


Nick ordered a container and also wrecked to the back of Ethan’s head.

” Bang …” the glass fragments scattered all over.

Individuals were shocked.

They simply wanted some fistfight, and also no person intended to see blood.

Nick had knocked Ethan down. Ethan tried to stand up however ultimately fell down on the flooring.

Blood moved down from his head.

Everybody was frightened and also looking at Nick.

Nick really did not take it seriously. He grinned smugly and spat at Ethan. He fleed the scene.

Almost at the same time, someone from the group screamed, “Bouncers are below, run …

People were stressed and also running out of bench …

There were only a number of people who procured away by the time Mr. Paker got down.

Mr. Paker was petrified by the appearance downstairs.

He saw Ethan hing on a swimming pool of blood, and Linda was holding him as well as crying out loud. Ethan was.

covered with his own blood.

” Im going to pass away below!” Mr. Paker’s heart dropped, “Hurry up, send out Mr, Ethan to the haspital!”.

He checked out individuals that were attempting to leave the door, boiling with temper. He shouted,.

” No one leaves, beat them all up!”.

Mr. Paker was really mad this time!

He had simply handled the occurrence of his male who struck Ethan. Nevertheless, he never ever had actually believed that.

points could obtain as dreadful as this.

In his own bar, Ethan was beaten right into unconsciousness, lying In his very own blood. If Erie Narman.

discovered this from abroad, Mr. Paker’s life would certainly be over.

So Mr. Paker entirely shed his temper He purchased the baby bouncers to batter the staying.


All the bouncers were specifically trained. It didn’t take wish for thern to take everyone down on the.


Mr. Paker grabbed Ethan and also rushed out of the bar. He obtained inte a black Audi as well as repelled as.

quickly as he could …

Ethan ultimately got up.

When he opened his eyes, he might see a great deal of white.

” You’re awakel” A voice was heard, with a hint of relief in the tone.

It was from Maggie. She rapidly pertained to Ethan’s bed and aided him sit up.

” Is this … a health center?” Ethan asked in confusion.

Maggie nodded. “You remain in a healthcare facility. We are in Sea City”.

‘ Ah!’ Ethan was shocked. He didnt expect that he worked up in Ocean City which was hundreds.

of miles from Buckeye.

Maggie grinned as well as clarified, “Your head was wounded in the past. It wasn’t major, however, for security.

procedures, we took you to Ocean City. The medical facility here is much better’.

Ocean City, a metropolis, was far away from Buckeye.

” For how long have|been out?”.

‘ Concerning twenty hrs’ Maggie said, “You have a minor trauma. We are searching for the.

individual wha is responsible for this. Please don’t be merciful this time. The order boils down.

directly from Mr. Norman, as well as he desires the individual to be managed.

Maggie’s tone was calm. Ethan recognized that Nick was doomed.

His papa purchased it directly. Ethan couldn’t interfere with it anymore.

Ethan all of a sudden kept in mind something and asked in a hurry, “Where’s Linda? Exactly how’s she? Is she.

All? Where is she?”.

Maggie frowned. She thought for a moment and also claimed, “Oh, you suggest the woman who was with you at.

the bar? She’s outdoors. She appears to have something to claim to you.”.

Hearing that Linda was outdoors, Ethan was relleved as well as said in a hurry, “Allow her in.”.

Maggie nodded as well as walked out of the area. She opened the door, and also Linda was standing right.

in front of her.

” You know what you are supposed to state?” Maggie stated in a reduced quantity.

Linda responded slightly. She was a little nervous as well as didn’t risk to look at Maggie.

Linda slowly walked inte the stroll, She looked worrled when she saw Ethan,.

‘ Linda, come as well as sit down.” Ethan greeted Linda with a large smile on his face. He was attempting to.

get Linda an apple.

Seeing this, Linda rapidly drank her head as well as stated, “No, thank you, Ethan, I’m great.|intend to say.

something to you!

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