I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 54

The audio of the siren gave Nick hope. He, withstanding the discomfort, looked up at the man and claimed,
” Haha, the f ** king cops is below, scared much?”

Nick suddenly shouted to his friends, “Men, call the cops! Quickly!”

They got on the 2nd floor. The authorities might hear their screams from outside.

A long-haired person from the group looked at others and also gritted his teeth. He then rushed to the

window and yelled, “Aid, murder right here …”.

The call for assistance gave Nick’s individuals a huge relief. Nick checked out the cumbersome male with a relentless.
look on his face. He cursed madly, “F ** k you, bi ** h! I’m mosting likely to kill you! Simply wait for it.”.

Prior to Nick might finish his words, he heard the sound of footsteps in the corridor.

The large male grinned and also hid the bat in his sleeve. He turned towards the doorway.

Prior to stepping out, he turned around and also said to Nick, “You are oblivious and stupid!”.

As soon as the bulky man completed speaking, 2 police officers hurried toward him. They looked.

at each other. The policemans proceeded running upstairs, as well as the cumbersome guy strolled downstairs.

” Police officers, that’s the man. He … he attempted to eliminate me. Arrest him …”.

When Nick saw the law enforcement officer, he promptly pointed at the bulky male and also shouted.

The police mans handed over and strolled right into Nick’s home. They checked out Nick laying on the.
flooring and claimed, “Are you Jack Campbell? You are suspicious of a robbery at Empire Hotel and.

intensified assault of Joshua Owen, kid of the proprietor of Realm Hotel, who has attempted to.
quit your robbery. You are asked to find with us to the station for investigation …

In the hallway of the medical facility in Sea City.

Mr. Paker’s phone called. He got the phone and had a brief conversation, and afterwards hang up.

He looked at Maggie as well as claimed professionally, “Miss Hill, the matter has actually been resolved. The individual.
who struck Mr. Ethan has actually been handled. According to your instructions, we maintained his life.”.

Maggie nodded as well as walked over to Ethan’s room.

At this time, Ethan was standing in front of the home window in a daze. He looked into the distance,.
shed in his thought.

Maggie got in the room and also shut the door after her silently.

” What are you considering?” she asked.

Ethan shook his head.
my guy.”.

Maggie responded as well as stated, “I will organize that, yet … Mr. Norman told me that it’s far better not to allow.

your mama understand that you and also Mr. Norman have already recognized each other.’.

Ethan responded. He kept in mind that his daddy had likewise asked him not to do it.

” I’ll simply take the bus after that,’ Ethan stated.

Maggie responded. She remembered something as well as continued, “Oh, incidentally, I spoke to Mr.

Norman. He ‘d like you to utilize the fund he offered to you as startup money to do something.”.

Maggie paused momentarily and also continued, ‘It is most likely that you will certainly take over a part of the.

Norman Family’s company. Some business skills will certainly come in useful in the future.

Ethan nodded absent-mindedly. He secured his phone and also stared at it. He then asked, “When.
can I go back to Buckeye? I suggest back to school”.

Maggie took a look at Ethan as well as informed him that it was best for him to rest below for a couple of more days.

She can take Ethan to walk around Ocean City.

Ethan nodded without saying a word. Maggie was about to leave however quit all of a sudden. She.

asked, “Incidentally, where’s your watch?”.

Ethan assumed for some time and after that bore in mind that his watch went to Joanna’s place the whole.

time. He had actually forgotten it.

Ethan stated perfunctorily.

Maggie obviously really did not believe Ethan’s words. She frowned and asked, “Are you certain?”.

Ethan responded swiftly He didn’t desire Maggie to understand that he had actually offered his watch to other.


” Great.” Maggie nodded suspiciously as well as claimed, “Rumor has it that a woman in Buckeye has it”.

Ethan didn’t respond.

Maggie didn’t pursue the inquiry. She gave Ethan a smile as well as left, letting Ethan had his rest.

Maggie’s words obtained Ethan curious. He was questioning if Joanna was displaying his watch in.


But Ethan dismissed the assumed soon, He trusted Joanna was not the type of person who liked.

showing off.

Possibly it’s just a report.

Ethan quit thinking of it. He stared at the cellular phone once again.

Ethan saw there were loads of unread messages from the course team conversation.

He checked them out of curiosity.

He discovered that Tina as well as Chad mosted likely to travel with each other.

And the location of the trip was Sea City!

Ethan was stunned by how much they could give up for fun.

Tina had a difficult time in her classes. She had actually been battling not to fall short.

She missed classes for this journey. Ethan thought that perhaps she had given up on school.


Ethan sighed and also maintained scrolling down the talking history.

There were more than a hundred chats asking Tina te get stuff from Sea City.

The appeal products and style things in Sea City were much better than which in Buckeye.

But Tina wasn’t mosting likely to do it totally free. After everyone sending out their demands, Tina texted.

every person.

” Buddies, here’s a news. Please send me the details about the stuff you desire. I’ll.

do my best to obtain what you asked and also allow you men recognize if I can not. I’m not going to.

Ocean City for charity, so I want to charge a 20% payment to cover my traveling expenditure!’.

Tina’s news created a round of heated discussion in the group conversation. Same people were.


” Why charge me? Simply a lipstick. Tina, you told me you wished to get lipstick also.’.

” 20%? Why do not you burglarize a bank? The skin care set

require to pay you six hundred? Such a businesswoman!”.

” Tina, Can you bill us a little less? The hearing tools I asked for are for children from School.

for Unique Needs. It’s a charity paid for by our club. 20% is way too much …”.

Individuals were angry with Tina’s 20% commission!

Not everyone purchasing on their own, such as the person that wanted to buy hearing tools for.

Institution for Special Needs.

It wasn’t that they could not get hearing devices from Buckeye. However the product below was not as.

great as which from Ocean City. They wished that Tina can help to acquire hearing gadgets of good.


But they didn’t anticipate that Tina could bill that a lot.

The person was wanting to get forty thousand well worth of hearing gadgets. All the cash was from.

the charity contribution.

lf Tina billed them a 20% commission, which was about eight thousand, why didn’t they go to.

Ocean City to acquire the hearing tools themselves?

But Tina didn’t appreciate all the problems. She responded, “Transfer the cash if you want me to.
purchase those for you. Otherwise, quit wasting my time.’.

Tina’s words irritated lots of people in the class. They all sent out messages to slam Tina.

Ethan frowned as well as thought, “Maybe I can aid? I’m in Sea City anyhow.

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