I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 544

“This …” Ethan considered Eric Norman with a look of surprised expression.

Eric Norman grinned, did not speak much, simply patted Ethan on the shoulder and moved him to go with him.

Soon, a couple of people strolled into the shrubs.

Quickly everyone came to the midsts of the shrubs, Maggie asked individuals to tidy up the area, and also an iron gateway showed up before everyone.

The two boys interacted to open the iron door, and a downwardly prolonging network showed up before everybody.

Seeing this, Ethan looked stunned. He really did not expect that there would be a door here.

Additionally, Ethan looked down and also appeared to find that there was still a great deal of room below.

Maggie bowed and also made a please gesture, indicating that Ethan and also Maggie might enter.

Both walked in one after the other, and also they walked down less than fifty actions, and also unexpectedly the front all of a sudden opened up.

At the end of the narrow passage, there was a big room of hundreds of square meters, and currently it was vibrantly lit and crowded.

Lots of people were surprised when Eric Norman showed up, and after that hurried over to greet.

Undoubtedly these people recognize Eric Norman, and also Eric Norman appears to recognize each of them.

After a quick talk, Eric Norman and also Ethan were brought about the front of a transparent glass coffin.

Eric Norman pointed to the materials of the glass coffin and also revealed Ethan: “Son, have you seen it? That is the important things that ensures that our Norman Family can mean hundreds of years, Shang Dian!”

The last two words of Eric Norman were very heavy, as well as they additionally looked exceptionally vibrant.

Ethan appeared to be able to really feel the exhilaration in his father’s heart.

He fast looked into the glass casket and also instantly saw a dark yellow transparent stone indicator put in the glass casket.

Ethan couldn’t assist being a little surprised when he saw this, as well as he swiftly took a look at Eric Norman: “Dad, didn’t you say that Shang Dian is a publication that tape-records the laws of implementation of heaven and earth? This … this is not a stone …”.

When Eric Norman listened to the words, he chuckled as well as patted Ethan on the shoulder once again and also claimed, “Silly young boy, do the books have to appear theoretically?”.

In Eric Norman’s words, Ethan was a bit shocked, not paper, what was that?

When Ethan was puzzled, Eric Norman swung his hand fiercely, and also a middle-aged guy in white responded promptly, and after that the man pressed a switch-shaped things alongside him.

Almost immediately, an amazing adjustment happened in the glass coffin.

The light in the glass casket lowered quickly, and after that there seemed to be some excitement under the stone tablet, and also a light yellow light was discharged.

One of the most noticeable modification was the stone tablet computer. The stone tablet became brighter as well as brighter, and also as the rock tablet slowly came to be brighter, some pale characters were scattered.

That feeling is nearly similar to holographic projection, and also with the flow of time, the personalities spread on the stone tablets progressively become clear and change constantly, like a piece of beautiful book, from the face of every person present. Avoid before.

It was just that Ethan was stunned that he didn’t acknowledge any one of the personalities scattered from the stone tablet computer, yet periodically felt familiar a little inexplicably.

” This … what kind of message is this?” Ethan promptly asked Eric Norman in a low voice.

Eric Norman looked at the personalities scattered from Shipai intently, his eyes loaded with excitement.

However after that he drank his head once again: “In fact, I do not understand either, and have you seen these people right here? They are in charge of analyzing these personalities.”.

Hearing words, Ethan checked out the mild faces of individuals around him, old or young, and swiftly asked, “Is it analyzed now?”.

This time around, Eric Norman did not address, however an old man in his fifties using a white layer as well as a container of glasses on his head answered his inquiry initially.

” Thus far we have actually successfully decoded hundreds of personalities, and what is videotaped in it is nothing more than some prescriptions and also things we can’t comprehend …”.

The man looked a little powerless. He took a look at Eric Norman with a hint of apology on his face and also said, “MR. Norman, I’m actually sorry. After a lot of years, progression is still slow-moving …”.

Eric Norman didn’t appear to be also mad. He just patted the man on the shoulder as well as urged: “Old Chen, it’s fine. You have made progress now, however you have made a lot of progress. Don’t be dissuaded that we have time …”.

Eric Norman after that said to Ethan: “What’s even more, whether the content of this Shangdian is in fact not extremely essential, since we only need to know that it has power. And also this power can be utilized for us.”.

Eric Norman after that took Ethan and walked about in this underground “base”, while describing to Ethan: “In truth, for over a thousand years, my Norman Family has never ever given up on analyzing the personalities in this Shangdian. As well as what you don’t understand is that there is boundless power in this timeless, simply desire to use it.

” What does this imply?” Ethan asked oddly.

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