I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 56

The words of Aurora aggravated Tina in an immediate.

She was distressed regarding Ethan’s disturbance. And this time around, Aurora criticized her like that. Tina
couldn’t hold It back any longer.

” What the fk are you talking about?” Tina replied. “Just a moron like on your own would believe

Ethan. Do you actually assume he can pertain to Ocean City? What a joke”

In a fit of rage, Tina sent one more message.

” What has to do with deaf kids? It is my offer. I’ll charge for 20% commission even if you are acquiring

for passing away people. If you have issues keeping that, ask moron Ethan to buy it for you!”

Tina’s words teemed with insult.

” Exactly how can you chat like that? Do you have any kind of conscience? Despite how poor Ethan is, he is still

numerous times far better than you!”

” Say that again? I’m going to show you what I’m made ofl”

Tina wasn’t proficient at saying, so she turned to intimidate.

No person dared to provoke her anymore, and also they all quit texting.

Nevertheless, they all counted on Tina to make the acquisitions on their own, so they attempted not to

prompt her.

Right now, Ethan, that was staring beyond the window, just came back to his detects. He

checked out his cellular phone display as well as saw Tina’s savage words.

Ethan sighed and thought that Tina still hadn’t changed.

Tina had dealt with Ethan the same way in the past, however Ethan had actually been delighting her.

But they had actually separated, so Ethan wouldn’t endure her any longer.

state it once more. I remain in Ocean City currently. If you intend to get

something right here, I can do it for you, absolutely free,

” Tina, if you think I’m doing it purposefully to annoy you, after that assume what you wish. Indeed, I’m.

against you. You’re immoral to conduct organization amongst your classmates!”.

Tina raged after seeing Ethans words.

She sent out a voice message, “You moron, who the f ** k do you think you are speaking to? Lying in.

front of me? Sea City? Why do not you claim that you remain in Beijing, Hong Kong, or New York?”.

” Shameless! Bullsh * t! Can you fu * king prove it?” Tina cursed like crazy.

Sending out the message out, Tina still could not really feel the fulfillment. She rushed to the home window,.

taking a picture of the Ocean City river outside of the window, and also send it to the team chat.

” See that? See that blue perspective? That’s the river! See that tower? That’s the landmark of Sea.


Tina’s picture was a little fuzzy. If looking very closely enough, individuals might inform from the photo.
that it was taken in Sea City.

The photo additionally showed that the resort she was remaining in was a little away from the city.
. The river was visible from her resort window, however vaguely.

What’s even more, the sites of Ocean City were all very blurry in the image.

Tina sent a smile emoji and also asked Ethan, “Risk to reveal us your photo, idiot?’.

Tina was pleased after sending the message.

She made certain that Ethan was lying. Exactly how could he respond to her attempt if he was lying?

Individuals in the course conversation ruptured right into exclamation upon Tina’s photo.

” Oh my god, It’s truly Sea City. Tina, you truly remain in Ocean City …”.

” Tina, please. Can the compensation be much less …

” Tina’s life really changed after dating Chad Transformed When she was Ethan’s girlfriend, they just consumed at a.

restaurant near campus, university best.

with Chad …

Looking at the affection messages appearing in the group chat, Tina really felt really proud of herself.

She really felt lucky that she had broken up with Ethan and end up being Chad’s partner. Or else, she.

would never be where she went to this moment!

A photo that appeared in the group chat quit her smile.

It was sent out by Ethan.

After the photo, Ethan created, “Tina, is your location a little too much?”.

Ethan’s words enraged Tina.

After seeing Ethan’s image, she really did not really feel that good any longer.

The spots of Sea City could be seen plainly in Ethan’s image.

The most crucial thing was that the photo appeared to be drawn from a high-rise building near the.

river. The waves of the river and also the renowned buildings on the financial institution were really clearly received the.


” Holy sh * t! It’s … Ethan lives ina Seaview Hotel, isn’t it?”.

Someone right away reacted.

Right after, another message appeared.

Are you in the city? Ethan, why are you.


The landmark Tower is simply a little dot in Tina’s image. Look at Ethan’s image.

taking the image right close to it? It’s incredible!”.

” The real estate of Sea City is extremely costly. Ethan must be remaining at an incredibly fancy resort!”.

Ethan’s image caused a substantial wave of exclamation in the group conversation.

Also Tina was stunned when she saw Ethan’s photo.

She gritted her teeth as well as murmured, “What the hell is going an? Exactly how can this moron be staying.

at a location like that!”.

Tina understood the hotel rates in Ocean City.

The hotel she was staying at was a first-class resort. Although it was only a conventional collection, the.

space would certainly cost hundreds of bucks for one night!

Simply evaluating by Ethan’s picture, he was staying at the most expensive place in Sea City.

Tina was stunned. According to her knowledge of Ethan, he could rarely afford an inexpensive resort.

room in Ocean City.

Thinking of this, Tina felt jealous. She sent out a message, “Don’t be fooled by Ethan. He definitely.

downloaded the image someplace on the internet. You all know just how inadequate Ethan is. How might he manage.

to remain at a location like this?”.

Afraid of no one thinking her, Tina continued, “Guys, Ethan is a rip off as well as phony, don’t think his.

broke up with him? Because he is a counterfeit. Just consider it. He is as well.

inadequate to stay at a place like that!”.

Tina proceeded texting, “You would certainly much better see the circumstance here. Do you still desire me to do the.

acquisitions for you individuals? Do not be deceived by the laser. If you think him, after that ignore your.

things …”.

Tina’s words quit everybody from texting.

Tina had relocated with Chad, that was from a rich household, With Chad as her guy, nobody.

would certainly doubt Tina’s reputation as an acquiring representative.

However Ethan was different. He had always been just one of the poorest people in the class. It seemed.

Tina looked more reliable than Ethan.

Despite having Ethan’s picture, a lot of individuals still really did not believe him as well as even looked down on him.

Nobody believed that as bad as Ethan was, he can pay for to remain at such a fancy hotel.

So there had not been a great deal of people believed him, even with his photo.

Individuals started sending their ideas.

‘ L think Tina is right. We all understand Ethan’s monetary situation. He can’t manage to go to Ocean City

hunch he downloaded and install the photo online. Individuals, don’t fall for his lie’.

” Tina is billing a little excessive, however I can sure I’m obtaining the authentic items from her. If.

we trust Ethan yet get a number of fake stuff, not just the money was squandered, the skin may even.

be damaged by the phony face cream.

” Tina, can you provide us a price cut? We are all depending on you …”.

Taking a look at the messages, Ethan just shook his head quietly.

In his opinion, the girls in the course were too ignorant. They didn’t believe Ethan to obtain the authentic.

products to them but depend on Tina to do so. Their reasoning was absurd.

Ethan didn’t really feel the requirement to compel people to trust him. He responded,” People who believe me.

please contact me privately For those who don’t, you can go to Tina. truth will certainly speak for itself”.

After saying that, Ethan shut off his cellular phone. He really did not intend to review the messages anymore.

Ethan’s words failed to eliminate the worries of the majority of individuals. After a minute of doubt,.

they picked Tina and transferred the money to her.

Ethan really did not care that a lot. It saved him a great deal of difficulty.

On the other side, in the resort.

Resting on the bed, Tina was thrilled looking at the money her schoolmates had actually moved to her.

” See what’s happened after Ethan’s attempting to screw up with my service? They still picked to count on.


Tina said to herself with a smile, looking excited.

She assumed she had actually won!

After Ethan’s disturbance, the brainless ladies were still ready to depend on Tina and spend 20%.


In the end, Tina got thirty thousand from her schoolmates.

That was to state, she had actually earned six thousand.

Tina smiled smugly and believed to herself, “It’s too simple”.

She could not be satisfied with a simple 6 thousand bucks.

After a minute of thinking, Tina googled key words: Sea City premium fake beauty.

products wholesale …

After a quick search, Tina felt as if she had unlocked to a brand-new world. She figured out that a.

2 thousand dollar make-up would certainly simply set you back fifty bucks in their phony equivalent. The.

counterfeit looked so real that no person might tell if without analysis.

Tina was exceptionally pleased!

She swiftly looked for the imitations of all the appeal items her classmates asked. She.
was gleeful after obtaining the sum cost.

It only cost her concerning 4 thousand dollars to purchase thirty thousand worth of the genuine.
products, which indicated on top of the six thousand of commission, she can earn an additional twenty.
thousand bucks.

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