I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 578

“You youngster don’t be a f * cking burglar shouting to catch a burglar, child, you still intend to make it through with me when you remain in front of me?”

Xu Qiang didn’t know just how much Chen Qi learnt about this issue, yet he understood that Liu Zhongyi was dead!

As long as he bites him to death and also doesn’t let go, even if Chen Qi is a mad pet dog, he can not take him anymore. He still has a master!

When it comes to the rest, it relies on your manager Wang Long!

Thinking of this, Xu Qiang looked at Chen Qi with a sneer and also cursed twice: “Chen Qi, do not fucking attack Lu Dongbin, you paralyzed things!”

He looked outside the door as well as proceeded to speak: “If you don’t believe me, you can go and also see my car outside. The person that poisoned Qian Lao is in the cars and truck!”

After hearing this, Chen Qi glanced at Chen San slightly, as well as saw Chen San promptly walked out.

After getting involved in Xu Qiang’s vehicle, Chen San saw the box including Liu TCM Medical professional, after that opened it and had a look. Liu TCM Doctor was dead.

Considering the dead medical professional Liu, Chen Sanyi could not compose his mind for a while, so she got out of the automobile as well as walked behind Chen Qi.

” The vehicle was bring a dead individual. I know he or she. He is the original owner of the pharmacy that we mosted likely to that day, Liu Zhongyi.”

After hearing this, Chen Qi couldn’t help frowning, and also things were obtaining a little overwhelmed now.

Liu Zhongyi additionally helped Qian Lao see his body prior to, so it is not difficult to understand Qian Lao’s old ailment.

The information obtained from the eldest that day can likewise prove that the person that recommended the medication to Qian Lao must be really knowledgeable about Qian Lao’s physical problem.

Why did this Liu TCM physician suggest Qian Lao? Considering this, Chen Qi couldn’t assist but sneered twice while checking out Xu Qiang in front of him.

” Xu Qiang, you child can do it, if you don’t tell me regarding this matter today, don’t think about this door!”

As quickly as the voice fell, Chen San advised individuals to take Xu Qiang in, and after that took a look at Chen Qi, that remained in reflection, quiet.

” This issue is coming to be more and more damn tough for me to recognize. You will go in and also ask Xu Qiang later, as well as I will respond to the girl.”

After speaking, Chen Qi returned to his workplace, and after that reported to Qian Xinyi on his development.

And Chen San mosted likely to question Xu Qiang, but Xu Qiang was not a fool either!

He understood that as long as he let go, he would certainly have ended up playing, so whatever methods Chen San provided him, Xu Qiang was attacking his teeth as well as holding!

Beyond, Qian Xinyi called Wang Long as well as touched Wang Long.

If it weren’t for this, Wang Long wouldn’t also wish to take notice of Xu Qiang.

If it weren’t for Xu Qiang’s body, Xu Qiang would certainly have filthy hands also for him as a canine.

Wang Long is no more the mobster he made use of to be. He is attempting to go up a little bit much more, attempting to eliminate his current duty.

Because he recognized in his heart that if he really did not try to go up, after that these people would have consumed the day when they were tired of themselves, that is, their own death day!

Qian Xinyi made him comprehend this factor.

For those of them, a dog that manages unclean points is needed, but this canine can’t be used for long.

After careful consideration, Wang Long, that really did not wish to care for Xu Qiang, still gritted his teeth as well as went straight to Thirty Mile Bay.

Beyond, Chen Qi beinged in the office and looked at the notebook that Chen San handed in. It was composed on Xu Qiang’s arrest of Liu TCM.

” Sibling Qi, I have made use of all the approaches that I can utilize. The youngster eliminated him and also said that it was Physician Liu who wished to avenge the surname Jiang, so he altered the master’s medicine.”

Chen Qi lit a cigarette for himself, and checked out the record in his hand with a sneer: “Do you believe this? What duty is Liu Zhongyi? He risk to do this?”

After stating this, Chen Qi flashed a cold light in his eyes: “Anyhow, we have caught the person who should be captured in this issue, and the rest depends on what the woman wants to do.”

Chen San checked out Chen Qi as if he wanted to let go, so he claimed anxiously, “We caught this person. Shouldn’t it be us that anchored with Wang Long?”

Chen Qi eyed Chen San helplessly, his existing placement was still also low, and also he didn’t understand what the large males thought.

Anything that can be forgiven as long as there suffice advantages.

The problems in between the top executives are simply conflicts of interests, so he does not want to appreciate these things.

If he rushed in at this time, it would certainly become that he was capitalizing on the lady!

” Chen San, if you can not see clearly some things, after that you will remain in your setting for the rest of your life.”

After saying this, Chen Qi overlooked at the record in his hand as well as continued: “From now on, regardless of that comes to see me, I will claim that I am not here. Drop.”

Chen San glanced at Chen Qi rather reluctantly, yet did not risk to state anything, so he nodded and stepped back.

After he left, Chen Qi got the phone and called Qian Xinyi, and after that said, “Miss, I believe Wang Long need to come and also locate me quickly. Is it hassle-free for you ahead over?”

Qian Xinyi checked the moment a little, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it should be around 5 o’clock when Wang Long got to Chen Qi’s.

After a minute of indulgence, Qian Xinyi claimed, “Well, you tidy up a conference room as well as appear. I will have a good chat with Wang Long!”

After getting Qian Xinyi’s approval, Chen Qi no more worried, but bought Chen San to clean up a meeting room as well as claim that he was gone.

He is really smart, as well as if he is not clever, he will not be valued by Qian Lao.

Chen Qi understands what requirements to be done by himself, as well as what he shouldn’t.

The Qian household will allow themselves do points, but they will certainly not enable themselves to take profits, as well as they will naturally provide what they deserve later on.

Wang Long is additionally a smart guy, but he somewhat undervalued Chen Qi.

I thought that as long as I communicated with Chen Qi appropriately, and afterwards paid an enough rate, Xu Qiang could be eliminated.

All Of A Sudden, Chen Qi would close the door behind him and claimed he was not there.

This moment is excellent, I can only obediently wait for Qian Xinyi’s arrival at Chen Qi.

Not long after being in the conference room, Qian Xinyi’s clear voice sounded: “Oh, Wang Long, it’s been a very long time because I saw you.”

Wang Long sat in the boardroom as well as heard Qian Xinyi’s words and could not help however grin wryly.

Then he stood up as well as looked at Qian Xinyi as well as claimed, “Miss Qian, I haven’t seen you for some time. It’s been a long time.”

” Yeah, can it be that our Qian family members has fallen, so I contempt to come as well as see us?”

After claiming this, Qian Xinyi took a seat as well as checked out Wang Long with some sarcasm in her eyes and also continued to speak, “You are so vibrant now!”

This is why Wang Long tried to climb a bit longer. As long as he climbed up a little bit longer, Qian Xinyi would never attempt to talk with him like that!

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