I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 633

Seeing Dr. Ren’s mysterious look, Ethan rolled his eyes helplessly, and after that took the clinical book in his hand.

Simply a brief eye the title of the book “Golden Needle Crossing”, and afterwards Ethan opened up guide as well as review it.

” Medical professional Ren’s publication, where did you discover it?”

Simply scanning two pages, Ethan realized that this book is not simple, if it is said that his typical acupuncture technique is utilized to heal conditions and save individuals.

The stitches below are made use of to attain some different impacts, as well as the materials inside appearance impressive.

Seeing Ethan’s shock, Dr. Ren spoke somewhat proudly: “It holds true that I have invested a lot of initiative to obtain this publication, and also there are also records on memory.”

When he stated this, he transformed guide over 2 web pages, then pointed to it and also said: “Below is a little document regarding memory, claiming that making use of gold needles can boost people to remember their past.”

After Ethan took a better look, it was without a doubt composed such as this, yet I do not understand why something was gotten rid of right here.

Considering the stain, Ethan opened his mouth a little strangely: “Why does it appear that a person has wiped it off intentionally and can’t see anything?”

After seeing it, Dr. Ren talked in embarrassment, “I don’t know about it any longer. It’s just that I listened to the dean state that you are bothering with this issue lately, so I hurried over after I got this publication.”

After saying this, Dr. Ren considered Ethan and said, “Well, Dr. Norman, I utilized to be incorrect. Let me speak about it today, right?”

Ethan grinned and also drank his head, and then claimed, “Okay, allow’s most likely to the physician if you have something to do. I will study this publication carefully.”

After hearing Ethan’s solution, Physician Ren verified that Ethan was no more mad about the last time, so he fast left the office.

After Dr. Ren left, Ethan stood up and held guide before his concentrated eyes.

The reason Ethan had to drive Dr. Ren away to read this book is due to the fact that the acupuncture approach videotaped above is actually stunning.

The acupuncture approach taped above is a lot more dangerous than the one he made use of before. Walking on the acupuncture points of life and death, a little carelessness is a matter of life!

It’s not surprising that such a medical book would be handed over to him, as well as Physician Ren really did not attempt to use it after reviewing it, so he used this publication as a tipping stone.

Thinking of this, Ethan sneered two times, then shut his eyes, and also searched for the title of the book “Golden Needle Crossing”, trying to find the answer from Shangdian.

Nevertheless, after looking for a very long time, there was still no information concerning this medical book, and Ethan considered the secret method about memory as well as was very thrilled.

If according to the above document, begin the shot from Tianling, spread the needle around Tianling to boost the individual’s entire head.

Perhaps it will have a miraculous impact, when Linda’s memory is brought back, isn’t it …

Thinking about this, Ethan gritted his teeth, after that grabbed the phone and also called Dean Jiao: “Dean, is it hassle-free to accompany me to Xue’s home?”

Dean Jiao was considering his second department’s economic declaration in the office presently, and also rubbed his eyebrows with a migraine after obtaining Ethan’s telephone call.

” Why, do you want to pass now? I suggest you to relax for 2 days prior to reviewing. Besides, you seem to have drunk a lot last night.”

After hearing this, Ethan quickly replied: “It’s fine, I feel energised now, as well as I have actually found a method, I can try it!”

Dean Jiang claimed helplessly after listening to words, “Well, wait for me for a while, I will come down after I sign your monetary declaration.”

Ethan finished the call when he heard this, and then stood at the door effectively waiting on the arrival of Dean Jiao.

Eventually, Dean Jiao, who became a match and footwear, came.

Seeing Ethan standing at the door, he spoke a little tiredly, “This is the only point that is so energetic for your youngster. Alas, I’m tired.”

After Ethan grinned at Dean Jiao, he saw that the road was still the like last time. It was the nurse Xiaoli that sent Ethan as well as the others over.

After coming to the door of Xue’s residence, Xue Chongli was already waiting at the front door early.

Seeing Ethan coming, he hurried and claimed with his fists, “Dr. Norman has located a means to restore Linda’s memory?”

Ethan moaned and also drank his head, and after that said, “I am not exactly sure that I can recover today. I can just say to give it a try and also see if this technique is viable.”

Xue Chongli frowned somewhat after hearing this. The girl in his household was not a test subject for others.

Yet such instances are really rare in the beginning, as well as no one can try it for some time.

Thinking of this, Xue Chongli responded helplessly as well as said, “Lao Jiao, please included Doctor Norman.”

Dean Jiao smiled and also nodded, after that complied with Ethan, a little helplessly whispered, “Exists any way you can not do it?”

Ethan transformed his head and eyed Dean Jiao: “To be truthful, I don’t have any self-confidence in my heart currently. If it is worthless, I am worried that it may create some major repercussions.”

As the head of the initial health center, Dean Jiao’s design of work has constantly been adhering to the perspective that he prefer to do nothing than seek success!

As well as that this was in the Xue family. If something happened, he and also Ethan would certainly not even think of heading out today.

Considering this, Dean Jiao put his face and also whispered: “You are so insane! You can do anything like this!”

After hearing this, Ethan nodded somewhat as well as said solemnly: “It is exactly due to this chance that I have to give it a try. If it doesn’t work this time, I don’t know the number of years to wait following time.”

When both were chatting, Xue Chongli who was walking in front instantly stopped, and then quietly considered the yard in a daze.

Ethan and also Dean Jiao did not know what they were discussing in a low voice, as well as did not see, so they faced Xue Chongli’s back at the same time.

Ethan took a look at Xue Chongli who was stalling as well as said with some discontentment, “What’s wrong, suddenly stalling.”

As quickly as the voice dropped, he complied with Xue Chongli’s eyes and also looked at it.

I saw the old granny that was fairly disgusted with Linda before, now taking a look at Linda with a smile on her face.

The two individuals really did not understand what they were whispering, as well as giggled every so often.

” Well, did I have hallucinations, or did I turn on the wrong way when I can be found in?”

The scene in front of him made Ethan a little uncertain whether this was the Xue household.

Yesterday this old grandmother sent someone to eliminate this woman. Why are the two of them sitting together and also joking?

Dean Jiao also frowned, looking at the strange photo in front of him, shuddering as well as not daring to speak, as well as he stated in his heart that the circle is actually chaotic!

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