I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 646

After a little doubt, Lin Yan couldn’t help assuming while looking at the journal in her hand.

In just 2 quarters, the business lost almost 30 million yuan, which is not a small amount for the company.

And seeing that the end of the year will come, the activity of capital reflow is unfolding, if this matter is subjected at this defining moment.

The effect of that is that the stock exchange declines are great, if the board of supervisors is drunk.

Do not state it was her, even grandpa may not be able to hold it.

Thinking of this, Lin Yan considered the journal in her hand as well as couldn’t aid however begin speaking with a migraine: “Currently let’s alert individuals from the Ministry of Finance to find over. If the 30 million can not be located, no one will certainly wish to go residence!”

After stating this, Lin Yan rested on the chair and rubbed her holy places with a headache. It was impossible to conceal this issue, and also she had to provide an explanation.

It’s no surprise that the people that came to investigate this matter before finally surrendered. There is a shortage of 30 million yuan, that has such nerve.

Lin Nan might have such guts, however he has actually always related to the business as his personal property, so he possibly wouldn’t do something.

As Well As Lin Dong is his child anyhow, so in regards to suggestions, he needs to be closer to him.

Aside from these 2 people, there are probably not many people who can invest a lot money.

Equally As Lin Yan was shamed concerning the cash, the phone in her hand unexpectedly rang.

I secured my phone and saw that Ethan was calling. Lin Yan responded to the phone and also stated solemnly, “What’s wrong?”

Ethan was on his method to the medical facility currently. When Lin Yan jumped on the phone, he grinned and also said, “It’s absolutely nothing, I simply wish to chat with you.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yan could not assist however sighed as well as replied: “Please, I am extremely busy and frustrating now, you don’t intend to come by right now, OK?”

Hearing Lin Yan’s restless tone, Ethan could not help yet froze for a moment, and then asked with problem, “What took place?”

Regarding he is worried, Lin Yan is reasonably calm regarding whatever in his impression.

Although he had actually seen before that Lin Yan appeared to be bothered with something, yet he did not ask.

Seeing that Lin Yan could not sustain it currently, Ethan asked with problem.

And Also after Lin Yan hesitated for a while, she claimed straight: “I told you, don’t tell others.”

Ethan responded somewhat, holding his cellphone and asking with problem: “What happened, you can speak with me, perhaps I can do it.”

Right Away, Lin Yan waited for some time as well as briefly said what had taken place in the business throughout this period.

After completing talking, Lin Yan leaned back in the one in charge chair and said with a frustration: “Now it’s virtually the end of the year, and the company’s resources returns only to discover that it has a shortage of nearly 30 million.”

After claiming this, Lin Yan said in distress, “If this issue is not recognized, the board of supervisors will most definitely make use of it.”

Ethan was reluctant a little, after that turned on the phone and also took a more detailed look and also couldn’t assist but replied: “Well, where do you prepare to start?”

Lin Yan briefly spoke with Ethan about her plan and after that proceeded: “Anyhow, you may not be able to aid me with this issue, yet thank you significantly for your determination to pay attention.”

After claiming this, a person all of a sudden strolled into the workplace as well as stated, “Mr. Lin, everybody from the Ministry of Money is currently in place, and also this year’s financial investment journals have actually also been relocated.”

After hearing this, Lin Yan nodded, and after that stated: “Okay, don’t say it, I will begin functioning currently.”

Ethan nodded as well as ended the call. He didn’t worry about Lin Yan.

He can still get a shortfall of twenty to thirty million yuan at any moment, but he was a little stressed that he could not have the ability to remain in Beifu after he took it out.

As well as here, Lin Yan considered the seven or eight U disks on the desktop, and afterwards said helplessly: “Allow’s start now, starting from the January account book.”

After everybody concurred together, they switched on the computers and also began to compute the monetary records for an entire year.

Equally As Lin Yan started the estimation and investigation, Lin Dong was considering the gaming table inside a hotel and also said loudly, “Huge! Large! Large!”

The dice cup opened up, two to three little, Lin Dong outcome a full 2 hundred thousand!

Every person checked out the frustrated view on Lin Dong’s face and also could not assist yet grin a little and also said, “Master Lin appears to be a little unlucky today.”

After Lin Dong lighted a cigarette for himself, he extended his hand and loosened his connection, then considered the croupier and claimed, “Allow your employer bring me an additional 2 million chips. Rush!”

Right now, Lin Dong appeared like a gambler that had lost a red eye, as well as really did not respect anything as long as he could win.

As well as the croupier looked at Lin Dong with some humiliation and then replied, “This, Master Lin, it’s not what I stated, you need to go back today.”

Lin Dong heard this and also unexpectedly put his hand on the table and also stated madly: “Why, do you think I can not take it out, get out, let your employer come and inform me!”

As quickly as the voice dropped, Chen Minggang’s voice instantly came from behind Lin Dong: “Why is this Master Lin? It’s just a bargaining chip of hundreds of thousands. Why are you so angry?”

After stating this, Chen Minggang approached check out the croupier as well as said flatly: “Go and get 2 million chips to let Master Lin have a good time. Far.”

Lin Dong lifted Erlang’s legs and also lit a cigarette for himself, after that considered Chen Minggang as well as responded and also smiled: “Right, this is my friend of Lin Dongming.”

Lin Dong stopped at this point, after that looked at the croupier and also said, “Look at you, the pet’s eyes are reduced and short-sighted. My Lin household appreciates millions in this area!”

After grinning, Chen Shaohe rested close to Lin Dong as well as claimed, “Although that is what I claim, however Lin Shao, you see that you owe me nearly ten million.”

” No, I said why you panic, but it’s only ten million. Believe it or not, I can give it to you with any kind of means?”

Lin Dong took the chips in his hand as well as took a look at Chen Minggang with a gloomy expression.

A person in the firm has actually currently begun to check the shortfalls, as well as it is precisely as a result of this that he wished to make use of the approach of gambling money to turn back the money.

However I didn’t expect that the more you bet, the a lot more you lose, the extra you lose. The funding hasn’t been turned back, and also, currently it has gone into 7 or 8 million.

Considering this, Lin Dong took a look at Chen Minggang with a bleak expression and stated, “I said Shao Chen, don’t you believe me?”

Chen Minggang smiled slightly as well as seen Lin Dong smile without stating a word, however his eyes were a little dismal.

” I hesitate I don’t require to say that I am, Chen Minggang. Lin Shao, you are going to play, however when the time is up, you can not obtain the money. Don’t blame me being a brother is not enough!”

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Minggang dropped his two million chips and left!

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