I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 651

After this case, Mr. Lin can entirely translucent Lin Dong.

In any case, he didn’t wish to hand over the Lin Family’s foundation to such a person. Just Lin Yan might bear it.

Believing that Lin Yan is just a lady after all, as if her wife claimed, she still wants to wed.

Just as Old Man Lin was making trouble below, Ethan checked out the note pad in a daze with an unfortunate expression.

While checking out the note pad, he said unconsciously, “I claimed how long do you plan to stay with me? It will not be an issue to continue such as this.”

Lin Yan, who was resting on the couch watching TV, heard this as well as recalled at Ethan.

He lay on the sofa and also said pointlessly: “Why, I came to play with you, do you still dislike me?”

Although Ethan had just concerned Beifu, he still knew some things in Beifu well.

He has become aware of Lin Yan’s reason for appearing of residence.

Thinking of this, Ethan transformed his head as well as considered Lin Yan and also stated, “You can’t hide here for the rest of your life, you still have to face the things you ought to encounter.”

Lin Yan frowned somewhat when she listened to Ethan’s words, she really did not even know the truth.

Simply thinking about encountering those two individuals when going home, Lin Yan could not help however an appearance of disgust showed up in her heart.

” Simply leave it alone. Anyhow, I’m not here for nothing.”

After stating this, Lin Yan sat up as well as saw Ethan continue to speak: “Incidentally, exists any details outside throughout this moment, especially regarding my family.”

Ethan shrugged, got a paper as well as tossed it to Lin Yan and said, “I believe you should understand this person, most likely this is the greatest message.”

Lin Yan took a look at the paper and saw that the heading above was the information that Lin Dong was apprehended for gambling.

Checking out the concealed photos of Lin Dong over, Lin Yan didn’t know whether it was joy or despair for some time.

He simply shook his head slightly, then set and murmured: “If the Lin household actually turned over such goods, I would be anxious.”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s distressed look as well as claimed with some uncertainties: “If this holds true, do not wed you. There have to be several males that wish to consume your soft food.”

After claiming this, Ethan smirked and also checked out Lin Yan, with an ambiguous expression in his eyes.

Lin Yan gazed gently at Ethan and replied, “Why, do you wish to consume my soft rice.”

After claiming this, Lin Yan sneered: “Do you assume I am abundant? Grandfather gave me every penny I invested considering that I was little bit, as well as I have never ever touched a dime in the company.”

As soon as the voice dropped, the phone on Lin Yan’s body suddenly sounded.

After a minute, she obtained her cellphone and had a look, and also saw that it was in fact the call from Old Man Lin.

On the phone, Mr. Lin merely asked about Lin Yan’s situation during this period, and afterwards he discussed Lin Dong’s events.

After both paragraphs were completed, the old man asked purposefully or accidentally when he would go house and also ended the call.

Lin Yan sat on the couch and also took a look at the phone attentively, as if thinking about the objective of the call.

While Ethan sat by the side as well as led the discussion in between the two of them, as well as he listened to Lin Yan silently assuming.

So he smiled and said, “It looks like it’s a possibility for you currently. It depends on you to comprehend it or not.”

Lin Yan transformed her head as well as glanced at Ethan: “It’s difficult. Uncle will not let me go back so easily.”

Ethan considered the hesitant look on Lin Yan’s face and also could not assist however sighed a little and claimed, “Because your uncle won’t allow you go back similar to this, can not you locate a method to sneak back?”

After saying this, Ethan was surprised for a moment, and then fell silent as well as asked, “There is something I appear to have learnt through you before, and also that is Lin Dong talking with lately?”

Lin Yan nodded and also said, “Well, I mentioned it to you when in the past. Lin Dong was lately reviewing a participation job with a team firm.”

Ethan contemplated for a moment, after that took a look at Lin Yan and also asked, “Do you think it is possible for him to place a few of the cash in various other places to conceal?”

Lin Yan smiled as well as looked at Ethan and trembled her head and also claimed, “Even so, if he doesn’t go, I can’t withdraw the cash.”

Certainly Lin Yan can understand Ethan’s thoughts. If she wishes to return, she most definitely can not go back empty-handed.

Otherwise, don’t talk about others, perhaps even her grandpa will certainly be a little let down in her.

Considering this, Lin Yan gave a wry smile. In the family, he has to prove his worth if he wishes to live well.

Ethan watched Lin Yan’s face flash with a bitter taste, so he extended his hand and lightly nodded Lin Yan’s forehead.

” Are you foolish? Even if you can’t take it out, you can tell your grandfather.”

Lin Yan glanced at Ethan reluctantly. If she did so, she would certainly tear her face with her uncle.

And also her uncle is certainly not a good person to handle, otherwise he won’t have the ability to compete with her in the matter of heir.

Thinking about this, Lin Yan frowned and looked at Ethan as well as claimed: “This issue may be a bit troublesome, as well as even if we discover, Grandpa might not be able to do anything with them. ”

When Ethan heard this, a look of disappointment blinked across his face.

Due To Lin Yan’s problem, Ethan likewise felt a little exhausted during this period, so he intended to solve it rapidly.

Lin Yan normally comprehended Ethan’s intents. After seeing a tip of disappointment flashed on Ethan’s face, she grinned as well as claimed, “Do not fret, I will certainly take care of this matter.”

After claiming this, she considered Ethan a little worried, so she continued to speak: “Even if there is something incorrect with it, I will certainly call you.”

After verifying this, Ethan responded in a relaxed way and also said, “Well, if this is the case, you need to return soon. I will wait for your message.”

Lin Yan looked at Ethan as well as smiled, and after that packed up her things and also planned to return.

Ethan shook his head somewhat while looking at Lin Yan’s active back. He really felt a little troubled for Lin Yan.

She was still a girl, however she needed to bear hefty obligations for the household.

Lin Yan had actually just come to rest for a couple of days, yet she really did not expect something similar to this to take place and returned early.

When Ethan sent out Lin Yan to the door, many individuals saw this scene, so they looked at Lin Yan a little amusingly.

Ethan’s face was red, this was the very first time he saw such a scene.

A flush also appeared on Lin Yan’s face, and she immediately hid herself as well as left.

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