I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 701

On the other hand, just after returning to the villa, Sally remained on the desk and overlooked the weird appearance of Old Black at her.

With a cold expression, he stated, “I asked you to inject 3 billion into the Lin Group within 15 days. Exactly how is it going now?”

Lao Hei offered a light cough, then took a folder and said a thousand words: “Yes, this issue has been performed to a normal degree, and also 1.5 billion has been infused.”

” What’s the situation in the Norman Household? Have you remained to hinder the Lin Group’s Xichunju project?”

After claiming this, Sally beinged in the chair and also raised her head and shut her eyes to rest.

Looking at Sally, Lao Hei replied respectfully: “Every little thing is normal in the Norman Family members. Although Norman Qingshu, the oldest boy of the Norman Family, is a little disgruntled with you, he has currently stopped.”

Upon hearing this answer, Sally sighed deeply. This haul was enough. She guaranteed that Ethan’s demand was essentially completed.

Thinking about this, a faint smile showed up on Sally’s face: “In this situation, the plan will continue to be the same, and there will certainly disappear troubles. Simply instill all 3 billion right into the Lin Group.”

Looking at Sally’s loosened up expression, Lao He was reluctant slightly and afterwards stepped forward as well as claimed, “Miss, somebody from the Lin Team asked me why we ought to give them 3 billion.”

Having stated that, he thought twice for a moment, after that considered Sally and also assumed: “What do you imply?”

” We should not disclose our cooperation with Norman Yan to any person, and shut up the Lin Group. We are not allowed to reveal any kind of details.”

I don’t understand why, Sally just doesn’t desire Ethan to have way too much contact with Lin Yan.

Checking out the all new set of toiletries in the shower room last night, only she herself understood just how unpleasant she was at that time.

After a small sigh, Sally opened her eyes, after that activated the computer as well as muttered for some time as well as said, “There is an additional thing. I mosted likely to a barbecue with Norman Yan last evening as well as neglected to foot the bill. Go and also settle the expense to me.”

Lao Hei responded professionally, and after that reacted, he went to take a look at how to consume a barbecue?

Just as she was about to share her objection as well as Sally had currently assumed the attitude of seeing off the guests, Lao Hei had to leave hurt.

At this time in the Lin Group, Lin Dong was sitting on a chair as well as staring at individuals who came to the firm to talk about participation.

Every one of them were holding extremely low-profit contracts, as well as Lin Dong could not understand why these people had the courage to stand in front of him.

” You men are simply fresh graduates. Even if you are trying to find financial investment, you should at the very least come up with something helpful. What are these?”

Among them took a look at Lin Dong and claimed madly: “We listened to that the Lin Team was sustaining us, so we came right here, yet we didn’t expect that there would be someone like you!”

Seeing the other individual’s upset appearance, Lin Dong surged in anger, then aimed at the door and also cursed loudly: “If you are made use of to seeing it, simply watch it. If you do not like it, get out of here!”

The two events just bargained in this manner for the initial conference, let alone expecting any kind of participation in the future.

After the various other celebration left, everyone in the customer division gathered around, and afterwards rested alongside Lin Dong that had actually simply left the duties.

It’s not that they can’t do it, or that they have failed to prosper, and also they attempted to discredit them anyway.

Because Lin Dong’s personality is that he can’t get made use of to seeing people he does not recognize!

The more you slam others by doing this, the simpler it will be for his juniors to obtain advertised.

It is specifically due to this that the customer division of the Lin Group has essentially been transferred to the subsidiary to begin work.

Those that stayed in the head workplace were Lin Dong’s doglegs, and might not do anything other than to go along with Lin Dong all the time.

As the general supervisor who simply took office, Lin Yan was extremely bothered by this circumstance, yet Lin Dong was supporting his granny.

After being reluctant several times, Lin Yan still withstood this breath, just as if absolutely nothing had been seen, let it take place.

As long as Lin Dong does not extend her hand to the consumer division, after that she can endure what Lin Dong is doing currently.

Now the Lin Group is not unharmed. Although the Norman Family members no longer intervenes in the Xichunju project, the funds are still a little bit limited.

It just stopped job for a couple of days, it set you back Lin Yan virtually 100 million just for different consumption costs and also monitoring.

Since the Xichunju project has started once again, Lin Yan really felt relieved, and afterwards complied with the guidelines of Mr. Lin with her former companions to report safety.

Let them all know that the Lin Group will certainly not break down so conveniently, and also they can deal with her with self-confidence.

After the contact was lastly made, Lin Yan remained on the chair as well as sighed deeply. Throughout this time around, she could not wait to use it as two.

I spent 24 hr a day figuring out things at the office, for concern of omissions.

When Lin Yan took care of to handle these things, she was practically off job after taking a look at the time, so she got up and also returned house.

After relaxing, she set on the bed as well as went to sleep. When she rose early the following morning, Lin Yan looked haggard in the mirror.

After ridiculing himself, Old Man Lin all of a sudden walked to the door, after that checked out Lin Yan as well as smiled: “Today the business is off, and you should also take a day of rest. You might not have the ability to stand this way. ”

Lin Yan smiled bitterly and shook her head while cleaning her teeth, and said, “My grandpa, there is still a little job left. I will certainly have a good remainder after I finish it.”

While talking, Lin Yan combed her teeth, then went out of the restroom and also squatted down in front of Old Man Lin for a while.

” There is one point I wish to review with you, grandfather. This issue is associated with our company.”

After claiming this, Lin Yan took a look at Elder Lin with some expectation, hoping that he could give herself a possibility.

Old man Lin checked out Lin Yan with an appearance of shame on his face. Eventually of silence, he lowered his head and also said, “You intend to discuss Lin Dong, right?”

Lin Yan sighed and also smiled bitterly and claimed, “Considering that you have actually thought it, then I will not maintain it from you. Grandfather, see if you can transfer Lin Dong away.”

Lin Yan had actually already thought of this when he made a decision to discuss this issue with Mr. Lin. If Mr. Lin did not concur, she would never stand up from the ground.

Senior Lin checked out the expression in her eyes and also drank his head a little and also claimed, “This issue is a little bit bothersome, which mouth is not a good person to take care of.”

Obviously Lin Yan knows that grandma is not easy to handle, otherwise why are many people jealous.

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