I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 719

“You know, I couldn’t understand you a long time ago. That do you assume you are, can you call others trash?”

As he spoke, Ethan stepped forward and also reduced someone, but the sword never ever saw blood.

The mouse saw Ethan slowly coming, with more and more anxiety on his temple, and then asked in a low voice, “What to do, Shao Chen, you have a concept!”

Chen Mingang looked at Ethan’s eyes, not taking a look at an individual whatsoever, but extra like considering a piece of meat.

He was additionally terrified by Ethan, but only after hearing the rat’s voice did he come back to his senses.

He hurriedly stated, “Go as well as drag Lin Yan out for me, hurry up!”

When the mouse heard this, his eyes brightened, and afterwards he hurried to unlock, as well as dragged Lin Yan, that was dying, out!

Chen Minggang checked out Ethan’s eyes with a smug look as well as yelled: “Norman Yan, why do you think I can call you trash? Simply stand there and also don’t move if you know, or I will kill her!”

Ethan looked at Lin Yan’s swellings, wisps of bright red seeping from her wardrobe.

The computer mouse placed the knife on Lin Yan’s neck and also stared at Ethan fiercely: “Bro, it is difficult for us to be little bros. You will not make me ashamed, right?”

Ethan quit, took a look at Lin Yan and was silent for a while, then elevated his head to check out Chen Minggang as well as murmured: “You do not like her mom, why do you do this.”

Chen Minggang laughed loudly after hearing this, and looked at Ethan with some pity in his eyes: “Like her? Ho, what about it, as long as you eliminate the Lin household and also the Norman Family members, I will certainly be the most effective man in the North in the future!”

When he stated this, he stopped, after that checked out Ethan and grinned: “When the time comes, what sort of woman do I want?”

The computer mouse crouched on the ground and sought out at Chen Minggang. He didn’t anticipate this guy to be so enthusiastic.

Chen Ming just saw Ethan go silent, and hurriedly proceeded: “You come as well as follow me, after that you will consume whatever I consume, you are so good, why do you require to be a doctor?”

While talking, Chen Minggang assumed that Ethan had no argument and also thought he agreed, so he got a charge card from his body as well as tossed it towards Ethan.

” There are three million in the card. As long as you follow me, these are your yearly wage. 3 million, you may not have so much cash after five years of work!”

Ethan got the card on the ground as well as took a look at it deeply and also couldn’t aid but sneered, after that delicately threw it to Chen Minggang and said, “Forget it, your cash is too dirty, I’m afraid it will destroy my hands.”

Then he checked out Mouse’s hand that was pulling on Lin Yan’s shoulder, his students reduced and claimed: “I recommend you to take your hand off her, otherwise you will regret it later on.”

The computer mouse sneered fiercely, and the blade made a trace of blood on Lin Yan’s neck.

” I think you are toasting and not eating, however you have to consume great red wine, Shao Chen, what must I do?!”.

Chen Minggang really did not anticipate Ethan to be like a stone in a pit, foul-smelling and also hard.

Seeing that Ethan didn’t consume difficult and also soft, Chen Minggang said loudly, “I’ll do everything he is shocked. It’s mine to eliminate him. He dare not fight back!”.

Hearing this, everybody considered me as well as I took a look at you, and after that slammed Ethan on the back with the steel pipeline in his hand.

Ethan was knocked to the ground at the same time. Seeing that Ethan really didn’t attempt to combat back, the others likewise followed up and also combated fiercely.

In an instant, Ethan was defeated all over with swellings, and Chen Minggang and also the mouse both smiled triumphantly.

” Look at this child, you still wish to pertain to a hero to save the elegance, really did not you just feel extremely pleased?”.

Seeing that Ethan had shed the capacity to eliminate back, Chen Minggang stopped the group, then took a steel pipeline as well as strolled onward to check out Ethan who was lying on the ground: “Aren’t you really proud just now? Really did not you assume that my money was unclean? “.

After saying this, he slammed a steel pipeline on Ethan’s head fiercely, and also his blood flowed!

Computer mouse also put down Lin Yan, whose eyes were stupid, and also stood up to view the play.

Currently there is no demand to hold Lin Yan to threaten him, so Mouse unwinds his guard for a while.

Chen Minggang yelled at Ou Ethan and shouted loudly, “Aren’t you insane? I stated you would regret it. When you strike me on the head, you feel excellent, aren’t you?”.

Seeing that Ethan was about to be defeated to fatality by Chen Minggang, the mouse still waited as well as claimed, “Youthful Master Chen, it’s practically time to stop, or else points will become too huge and hard to deal with.”.

Chen Minggang hesitated a little after hearing this, yet it was simply this doubt that Ethan all of a sudden raised.

After that one hand pinched Chen Minggang’s neck and elevated it up and also stated, “Is it cool down?”.

The computer mouse was so scared by Ethan that he was battered such as this, but his abilities appeared untouched. The shot was too rapid for individuals to respond!

Seeing such a scene, the computer mouse promptly got Lin Yan and stated nervously: “You, you let go of Young Master Chen, otherwise, or I will certainly eliminate her!”.

After Jiang Haoyin chuckled compassionately twice, he picked up a steel pipe on the ground and knocked it versus Chen Minggang’s knee. Suddenly, everyone listened to a grating sound.

” Think what, behind his 2 legs, where will I hit again?”.

The mouse swallowed as he looked at Jiang Haoyin ruthlessly. He has been on the roadway for a lot of years and also has actually never ever seen such a fierce individual!

” I repeat, let go!”.

The mouse looked at Ethan and hesitated. Seeing that Ethan will abolish one of Chen Minggang’s legs, he rapidly took down the knife in his hand, raised his hands and stood and shouted, “I let it go! I let it go!”.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Haoyin chuckled two times: “Speak gradually, you still need to quit!”.

One more steel rod hit Chen Minggang’s knee on the other leg, and also the steel pipe was shattered as well as bent!

After doing this, Ethan held Chen Minggang in one hand while gradually strolling towards Lin Yan, that looked dumbfounded.

Then he threw Chen Minggang apart as well as hugged Lin Yan firmly and also sobbed: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m late!”.

Lin Yan was held in Ethan’s arms stupidly, as if he had just reacted, and afterwards stated in a hoarse voice, “You, are you below?”.

Ethan hugged Lin Yan and nodded, “I’m here, I’ll pick you up and go home.”.

Lin Yan, that was kept in Ethan’s arms, heard this, with two rows of clear splits in her eyes, grinned and responded, then agreed, “Well, go home, I feel so agonizing.

When Ethan heard this, he put Lin Yan in his arms and also murmured, “That triggered these injuries?”.

The computer mouse was so terrified by Ethan that he knelt on the ground and did not attempt to talk. After drinking for a while, the computer mouse shivered and claimed, “Yes, yes, it was Chenn, and it has nothing to do with us. “.

Ethan transformed his head to consider Chen Minggang, that was resting on the ground wailing suffering, and after that embraced Lin Yan as well as strolled onward and also stated, “You harm Yan’ er?”.

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