I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 81

Buckeye Medical Tools Wholesale Market.
Tina dragged her luggage and got in a listening device shop.

The proprietor is an old man, bald, apparently discourteous.
Seeing Tina get in, she promptly approached him as well as said, “Madam, what remains in this box?”
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Tina checked out and also attracted her proprietor. He took out a tool in a.
luggage and asked, “Just how much is this sort of listening devices?”.

The proprietor bowed as well as looked at Tinas’ luggage. He chuckled and also claimed, “These.
are not costly. Three to five hundred. “.

Tina is not satisfied with the cost. She did the exact same research study prior to coming. The list price of this collection of paying attention devices is two thousand.

Tina is astonished at how big she is. Aurora asked Ethan to buy thirty affordable.

packages, which cost a thousand per set.

Nonetheless, the price of each established purchased by Ethan is 2000, which is one of the very best products.

Ethan buys one hundred packages,.

That’s stated that all litigation devices sets you back 2 hundred thousand bucks. So, did Ethan utilize his.


But Tina didn’t think so at the moment.

She was furious at the cost the owner of this shop had actually given her.

Discovering Tina was angry, the owner swiftly stopped Tina and claimed with a smile,.

” Why, young lady? Do not go. What do you desire? “.

Tina held the collection of hearing aids in her hand and asked the owner,” Claim it once more. Just how much.

are you marketing?”.

The owner scraped his head awkwardly as well as stated, “Oh … Young ladies, to inform you the fact, it is the very best.

hearing help in the nation. We do not market them, as well as no Buckeye store markets them. Are you offering or purchasing.

? ‘.

Tina looked around and also stated in a soft voice stating” Shop.|Have a group, and also Ill offer them to you if.

good value does not matter!

Tinas rather astounding to the proprietor.

Nonetheless, he simply smiled and also stated, ‘To inform you the reality, the price was two thousand as well as one.

hundred bucks. However im thinking you did not get it from genuine products. Let it do it. How many.

s do you have? [I will certainly pay you 8 hundred per collection. As well as just how is that? “.

” One Hundred Hundred?” Tina didn’t seem to risk. He could state that his proprietor had actually seen a suspicious.

actions, so he offered it a small cost.

However eight hundred for a hundred is still a great deal of money for Tina.

He relaxed himself and stated, ‘Two hundred males! If you do not agree, go to.

alse individuals!

The proprietor has cut his head. “A thousand!”.

” Trade, provide me cash!”.

Tina took a breath a sigh of alleviation, and also handed her proprietor her bag.

Half a hr later on Tina got a hundred bucks and happily left the store.

And also the owner was likewise in a good state of mind.

He can sell them for two hundred dollars.

owners rapidly posted details online to offer them.

A customer entered this shop in 30 minutes.

She checked out and also repaired her eyes on the shopkeeper that was on her cell phone.

Maggie provides its cell phone with the worry of the owners, which has the announcement of marketing.

products on the display.

” Did you send it? Did you sell them?

The Lord is very delighted. He did not anticipate the customer to come swiftly.

” No, you are fast! How many do you want?” The storekeeper asked with a smile, “They are all authentic.

You can not locate this type of listening gadget in Resources, Ocean City, and also in my shop Twelve.


Maggie grinned as well as said, “Just how much do you have?|Desire them all! “.

Hearing what Marquis stated, the owner was extremely fired up, yet he arrogantly claimed: “Young lady.

,|There are three hundred sets. Are you sure you want them all? “.

Maggie searched for and also chuckled,” Do not boast. You only have one hundred layers. Take them out currently.

and also tell me exactly how you obtained them! “.

Maggies encounter instantly trendy and also continue,” If you inform me the truth, maybe Ill cut you off.

hook. If this is not the instance. “.

Maggie said so, 2 solid young men in black matches walked into the store and also closed the door of


They pulled out their weapons.

The master is frightened of what he sees, yet he makes believe to be calm.

‘ Are you intimidating me?|m inform you. I have been below for over ten years.|understand.

individuals, as well as if you dare to touch me,|I promise you can not leave this market with a.

plece “.

The proprietor placed a wood ram under the table while he was still talking.

Nevertheless, Maggie scolded her phony face, “Oh, right?”.

5 minutes later …

” Do you think we can leave the market intact now?” Maggie stood in front of the.

proprietor as well as laughed.

The owner was resting on the floor, covered in tape, and also a boy stepped on him.

And also a gun aimed at his head.

” Yes, you can, you can! Please save my life, ma. Wellness informs you everything. You can take all the.



proprietor informed Maggle regarding just how he bought Tina’s listening devices.

She also revealed Maggie a protection image to prove she was telling the truth.

Maggie requested a copy of the security movie and afterwards taped her.

owner’s admission prior to letting her go.

It’s not tough on him. Maggie did not think her owner was worthy of the problem.

He rushed to Buckeye University with regarding a hundred hearings.

At the Buckeye College carpus, Tina has actually just arrived at the school gate lugging $100,000. She listened to somebody state that the listening devices donation event was about.

to begin.

events such as this generally fall short to attract viewers.

Yet Tina needs to know something.

because she just offered all the listening devices Ethan purchased for this contribution event.

The ceremony needs to be terminated. Reports regarding the missing out on hearing aid.

must have been flowing on school.

Yet why the event is still going on as prepared and no person appears to know anything.

Tina scratched her head as well as walked to the amphitheater in confusion.

When he showed up, there was a large crowd in his precious space.

There had to do with a hundred or 2 individuals in the target market, talking with each other,.
At one o’clock, the event began. Institution principals as well as college representatives for.
children with unique demands were resting on the platform.

A young woman took the stage. He initially showed the audience to be peaceful and also handed them to the.
institution leader.

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