I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 836

On the other hand, after the implementation of the Ning Kun plan, more than 20 Norman Tianyang’s males were caught quickly.

He was not a top-level person, it was enough to let Ning Kun understand some details concerning their activities in Beifu at the moment.

After describing what they claimed, Ning Kun was quite certain that their main function in pertaining to Beifu was to locate Ethan, and also there was only one depictive number, which was Sanniang.

After learning that Sanniang’s social relationship was a little bit chaotic, Ning Kun stroked his chin. He likes to do points like this latently!

After taking two deep breaths, it was identified that the various other event truly didn’t have the energy to lie any longer, and also after securing everyone’s confessions, Ning Kun believed that they were telling the truth.

So he got the documents folder and walked to Sally’s office. After knocking on the door, she listened to Sally’s cold voice in the room.

” Report! I have efficiently pried out information from Norman Tianyang’s hands. This time the situation may be a bit difficult.

Sally considered Ning Kun, and after a lengthy silence, she unexpectedly clapped her hands, and after that a concealed guy stooped before Ning Kun on one knee.

” Sha, established it up a little bit. I do not intend to be listened to by others.”

After Sally said this, the masked guy responded and also opened his hands, and also a curtain space made of sand was finished!

Ning Kun took a look at Sha in awe and also stated, “That is this person, I have only seen this moment for such a long period of time, so few appearances!”

Seeing Ning Kun’s curious appearance, Sally laughed two times and said, “When you can sit in my placement, I will certainly enjoy it once again. Possibly I will award you when I enjoy! “

After Ning Kun looked at the sand very carefully, he shuddered very. He truly didn’t understand why.

As soon as he obtained close to the place where the sand was, the bordering air appeared to become a little dismal as well as chilly, that made Ning Kun really feel a bit chilly automatically.

” Okay, nobody can hear the noise now, simply state it, let me see if there is anything that needs to be included.”

Sha responded slightly and then stated, “From what we have captured from the mouth of the person we are capturing, Norman Tianyang shouldn’t recognize Ethan’s true identity.”

When Sally heard this, she rolled her eyes subconsciously: “You are not talking nonsense. If they recognized Ethan’s real identification, they would certainly have gone straight to apprehend individuals long ago, and would certainly they be walking the city all the time?”

After saying this, she frowned as well as stated solemnly, “I do not have time to lose my tongue with you.”

” Yes, an overall of more than a hundred individuals came this time, and also greater than ten of them have actually already returned to their lives. To put it simply, the total number of individuals remaining in Beifu has to do with one hundred.”

After claiming this, Ning Kun said solemnly: “Along with the 20 individuals we have actually caught, there are still 80 people left, including the head of the female named Sanniang.”

Sally frowned and checked out the details in her hand and claimed, “This Sanniang is the female under Norman Tianyang who is accountable for communicating with Norman Wennian?”

Ning Kun responded, then secured an image as well as grinned: “This is a photo of her, an extremely gorgeous female, but likewise very unscrupulous.”

Sally shut her eyes and also thought for a moment, after that suddenly stood up and also walked to the edge of the workplace.

There was a city map of Beifu holding on the wall there. She indicated the map and stated, “Show me where you caught people.”

Ning Kun promptly explained a couple of areas on the map of Beifu, and also Sally could not aid but really feel a little bloated after taking a look at it.

Ning Kun had actually already made some estimations prior to coming to this outcome.

” The locations where they walked are extremely spread. It appears that if there is a demand to speak to each other, I hesitate there will be special call methods. We have actually not had time to examine this.”

Sally waved her hand as well as claimed, “No need to question, let those individuals disappear. There are too many people in Beifu to endure these little computer mice.”

After saying this, Sally looked at the map as well as looked closely, while Ning Kun very carefully reduced her head to check out the ground behind her.

” Since they are so scattered, the so-called Sanniang has to be among them. You can investigate Norman Wennian’s traveling documents and paths recently. Let me see.”

Ning Kun nodded slightly when he heard this, then held the remote and also pushed it, and also soon a projector came out.

” I have actually done this work before I came below. Norman Wennian’s travel plan during this time is very various from previously, so we can conclude that he headed out to satisfy this Sanniang.”

Of course, numerous things are known, yet if you wish to grab a string from it, it’s more difficult than going to paradise!

After frowning somewhat, Sally waved her hand as well as stated, “In this case, evaluate their toughness, and afterwards separate the people in the monster camp right into two teams, into twenty-five groups, to ensure that you can bring a little.”

In fact, Ning Kun had already ordered this matter to decrease before he came here. After all, the strength of these people that came by was still not excellent, and also they could easily be brought down.

Among them, they likewise lack a certain quantity of workout, nevertheless, they are people who just appeared of the beast camp.

A lot more notably, Ning Kun was worried that these people would certainly have way too much self-confidence, and if they let it go, they could trigger a lot of difficulty.

Sally saw that Ning Kun was backing up her and also her uncle was not growing, so she started a little curiously as well as claimed, “You are not mosting likely to do things, why are you standing here unreasonably?”

” There is something I wish to know, boss, can you tell me?”

Sally took a look at Ning Kun in silence for a moment and then nodded: “Yes, however hurry.”

” I would like to know why you are so nervous to eliminate Fu Fatty, he is an old man who has been following you for as long!”

Seeing the view on Ning Kun’s face, Sally sighed gently in her heart. It appeared that Old Hei really did not tell him his real purpose!

Sally sighed and screamed, “Do you know that Fu Fatty went to Hedong before?”

After being silent for a very long time, Ning Kun responded and also grinned: “I recognize, what’s wrong, does it have anything to do with whether to erase the fat man?”

” It does issue, due to the fact that I can’t think him anymore, and he revealed his feet when he remained in Beifu.”

Now, Sally felt a little humiliated, however it passed swiftly.

Seeing Ning Kun’s reluctance to claim a lot more, Sally sighed and also claimed, “Fatty has done a lot of incorrect things in Hedong throughout this duration. If he hurries to pick him up, he is likely to be entailed.”

Sally was a little reluctant in her heart, she still obeyed Ning Kun’s words. At this time, she seemed to have such amorous feelings.

Ning Kun eyed the map coldly, after that responded quietly: “What can the coward, Fu Fatty do, do not expand in all!

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