I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 860

On the way from Ethan to Lin’s home, Lao Hei as well as Ning Kun were being in the villa lobby and also drinking silently.

Two guys who came out at the same time yet had completely various fates, took a look at each other, knowing that they had actually come to a fork in the road again.

Ning Kun watched Lao Hei after a lengthy silence, elevating the mug in his hand and also carefully drinking his mouth as well as stated, “After in charge is gone, you are the brand-new head of the Beifu, do you have any emotion?”

Beifu, as one of the major areas in the inside of the city, naturally has no tiny right to sit in this position. This likewise suggests that Lao Hei has actually formally gone into the 13th branch of administration.

On the other hand, Ning Kun is still a fish, as well as also his identity can not be subjected at will. He can only hide in the dark, and also he can not even return to his initial 3rd subject!

Since once he returns, he will first accept an inner examination from the thirteen divisions, as well as will certainly send him a task after verifying that he has no problems.

Yet the brilliant recognizes when the investigation will finish, possibly months or perhaps years.

After listening to Ning Kun’s words, Lao Hei checked out the opponent and noticed an aggravation in Ning Kun’s eyes, so he smiled and also claimed, “I don’t have much ideas, I just know that as your support, I seem to birth a heavy problem.”

Beifu is close to Hedong, and the people from the thirteen divisions in cities like Hedong didn’t develop very well.

When Ning Kun took Ethan to Hedong this time, Lao Hei not just needed to offer financial backing, yet likewise had to stay up to date with workers, materials and also devices, so his responsibility was not small.

It was Sally’s original objective to include Hedong, as well as it was impossible for Lao Hei to offer up, which placed a lot of stress on him indistinctly.

Ning Kun considered Lao Hei as well as sneered two times and afterwards shook his head a little, recognizing that he was all right this time, a minimum of there was a trusted close friend behind him, or else Ning Kun would not attempt to agree to this matter if he altered another individual.

In an area like Hedong, a minor error in behavior might make people uncertainty, then do not think of returning once more, whether you can conserve your life is a question!

Thinking about this, he opened his mouth with feeling: “You recognize, when I was around Chen Jingdao, I in fact liked those days. I go to work on a daily basis and I can do things. It won’t be like currently.”

Hearing Ning Kun’s words, Lao Hei nodded in silence. Probably many individuals desire their lives, but only they understand that they all wish for the lives of ordinary people.

Just light can resolve darkness in this world, yet how many individuals are willing to be the light that melts themselves.

Lao Hei snorted and also stood, and also rested close to Ning Kun with a little emotion: “I recognize you have actually experienced a great deal after graduation, but I want to know where you intend to go before you quit. “

Ning Kun fell silent, as well as glanced at Lao He with a little surprise, his face looked as if she didn’t recognize what Lao He suggested.

After both of them checked out each other in silence for a long period of time, Lao Hei appeared to be a little restless, so he shook his head a little and disdainfully stated, “Do you believe you can hide how many people you are doing? Do you require me to figure out?”
Seeing the expression on Lao Hei’s face, Ning Kun discharge a suffocating breath as well as lit a cigarette for himself: “When did you notice it? I assume I’m doing it covertly.”

” It’s been a while, if it weren’t for your innocence, I am most definitely not the only individual that understands this.”

After claiming this, Lao Hei considered Ning Kun and asked yourself: “Why do you make many people within us? Do you wish to climb to the position under the boss in the future?”

Ning Kun instantly wished to laugh when he listened to Lao Hei’s words. He had pictured what he would certainly do when sitting in Sally’s setting.

However when he knew that even a company as tight as Thirteen Divisions would certainly have traitors, Ning Kun instantly felt a bit extra dissatisfied.

On the one hand, he was let down in himself, assuming that he had actually picked the incorrect course and also shouldn’t be a deep-sea fish, hiding in hiding for the remainder of his life. That’s why he stayed with Sally rather than returning to the 3 subjects.

On the other hand, he was let down in the location he had actually been desiring for considering that he was a youngster. For him, the 13 subjects ought to be one of the most trustworthy location on the planet.

What the Buckeye branch did entirely made him shed his count on in Thirteen Departments. Currently, Ning Kun had a kind of protection versus anyone with the exception of a minimal number of individuals.

This is why he took the effort to head to Hedong as a result of Sally’s demands. He didn’t rely on what others did.

The two checked out each other, and both saw a touch of vulnerability on each other’s face.

” I just really hope that I can much better know that I can trust, and also who can’t think it.”

After claiming this, Ning Kun took out a note pad from his body, after that opened the note pad and also commended Lao Hei and said, “The people videotaped here are all insiders whom I can get with a false identification. I have actually already lost the certification to trust me.”

Considering the things in his hands, Old Hei didn’t recognize what to claim for some time!

Before Ning Kun, nobody had actually ever before checked their internal people this way!

And equally as the old black looked at the notebook, Sally who was standing upstairs didn’t understand when she walked down, and after that instantly said, “What are you talking about.”

The unexpected noise promptly drew Lao Hei from his ignorant state back to truth, so he hurriedly intended to lift the Eastern Plateau in his hand.

Ning Kun smelled as well as took it over, as well as then he transformed his hands as well as handed it to Sally and also claimed: “Talk concerning some of our inner troubles, do you desire to see the employer? You will go to Buckeye quickly to discover more.”

Sally checked out Lao Hei’s somewhat nervous expression, after that picked up the notebook as well as read it, just to see some unknown names videotaped on it.

So she was a little confused and also claimed, “What is this?”

Ning Kun smiled as well as considered Sally: “This is a test I made using my previous identity a long time earlier. Every name videotaped in it is an insider that can be reached with money. You can take an excellent look.”

Sally’s face changed when she heard this, she looked at the note pad in her hand and also fell silent. Luckily, there were very few individuals taped, only seven or 8, and also they were all low-level numbers.

This made Sally simply a little mad, as well as there was no reason to transform her shade.

After she ended up reading, Sally closed the book as well as tossed it before Ning Kun as well as stated in a deep voice, “What do you suggest by doing this? Are you fretted that our own individuals will assault you?”

Ning Kun laughed twice as she looked angry at Sally, spread her hands as well as claimed, “Absolutely nothing else, I simply want to see how tough my back is.”

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