I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 873

Currently, in a magnificent villa in the Norman Family in Hedong, a middle-aged male with a face of Chinese characters as well as a height of regarding 1.85 meters is overlooking at the documents in his hand.

The file was sent out by Norman Tianyang, and the sender was waiting outdoors quietly currently.

While reading the letter, the man pondered something very carefully, when instantly a young man with a slightly womanly face walked into the room.

He took a look at the man with a chilly snort of disdain and after that stated: “Sibling, in my viewpoint, this matter is just that Norman Tianyang wishes to pull us out as guns, just ignore it.”

The boy who talked was Norman Sihai, one of the 3 masters of the Norman Family in Hedong, and the man sitting at the desk was Norman Sihai’s oldest sibling, Norman Feng!

Paying attention to his sibling’s words, Norman Sihai actually had the exact same suggestion in his heart, believing that Norman Tianyang was just drawing himself out as a weapon.

When the Sect of the Norman Household was still there, their Norman Household in the eastern of the river had a lot of power, and also Norman Tianyang appeared to be deeply moved by him.

Thinking of this, Norman Feng rubbed his eyebrows with a frustration as well as stated helplessly: “Anyhow, he is likewise a member of our 36th household. If you let it go, would not it be a joke for outsiders?”

Norman Sihai remained on the chair with a big grin and snorted and afterwards responded: “It’s great for others to review the joke, yet if Norman Tianyang was just one of the murderers, I would poke fun at myself.”

Embarrassed to claim, these branches of the Norman clan had not identified what took place that year up until so many years. They only recognized that the clan of the Norman clan had actually all of a sudden gone away over night.

Absolutely nothing was left, not also a letter, not also among the 36 households recognized the reason.

Norman Sihai thought that such an unusual point occurred to others, after all, they were not as strong as their very own.

Yet if it occurred to the Norman Family members’s sect, it would certainly feel unusual regardless of just how you consider it.

Due to this, many individuals intended to connect with them for so many years, however after many years, their Hedong Norman Family rejected one at a time.

At this time, looking at Norman Tianyang’s letter for assistance, Norman Feng lighted a cigarette for himself with a little despair, then checked out his more youthful brother Norman Sihai and claimed, “How is your examination currently? I always really feel that Norman Tianyang has some troubles.”

In the past, the Norman clan Household needed to avoid stumbling and stumbling after everybody got on for a long time, so they arranged for each other rather far.

On the one hand, it is to prevent everyone from fighting each other, as well as on the other hand, it is likewise to expand outward with the Norman Family members as the core.

But who would have assumed that after the Norman Family’s sect was damaged officially due to such a setup, they really did not even understand to go with assistance!

Because of this, Norman Tianhao, the Patriarch of the Norman Household in Hedong, almost died of ailment, so the Patriarch of the Norman Household in Hedong had passed it over to Norman Feng a very long time earlier.

Currently, Norman Sihai watched his elder brother drank his head slightly and afterwards stated, “We haven’t found out the investigation yet. I’m afraid they could have seen it, so they will certainly hide those messages.

After hearing this, Norman Feng claimed in the user interface: “No matter what, you should discover the family left by the Norman Family in the past!”

The reason that Norman Feng is so consumed with the blood of the Norman Household is to satisfy his father’s wish and also wish to see the rise of the Norman Household again!

Right now, the 36 families of the Norman Family members were fighting each other, and also everybody had actually suffered a great deal over the years. The more crucial reason was that this issue was like a stone, which was always pressed in Norman Tianhao’s heart.

And Norman Feng did this to satisfy a dream of his papa.

For this matter, Norman Sihai additionally often ran around, investing just a handful of time in your home a year, as well as he has experienced life and death dozens of times!

At the start, Norman Feng really felt a little distressed about his younger brother, so he asked him to do these points, however Norman Sihai declined.

In his words, the brilliant and solid look of the Norman Household in Hedong must have, because that is the obligation that Norman Feng, as the kid of the Norman Family, must birth.

It’s up to him to deal with other things for individuals. Originally, Norman Sihai wouldn’t have actually become like this. Sadly, after the information of the destruction of the Norman Family’s clan appeared, many individuals who had previously depended on them started to run away, for concern of being included. In something!

After all, they are just a team of people who pertain to function, not the kind of people that can sell themselves without blinking anytime as well as anywhere!

After both siblings sat in the space quiet for a while, possibly in a careful frame of mind, Norman Feng still refused Norman Tianyang’s aid.

After responding to an e-mail to Norman Tianyang, he stated steadly: “Head out as well as see the person that supplied the letter to see if he has anything else with him. If not, let the various other individual go back.”

After hearing this, Norman Sihai responded somewhat. When he walked to the door, he didn’t understand what he had kept in mind. He transformed and also reversed to take a look at Norman Feng as well as claimed, “I have actually heard people claim before that there appears to be an individual named Normanyang in Beifu. Do you want me to inspect it?”

Norman Feng laughed twice when he heard this, then trembled his head and said, “No, if it is actually from our Norman Family, the other event will certainly discover a way to contact me. Otherwise, you will be shamed if you go, or forget it.”

After hearing this, Norman Sihai shrugged and also left the office. They didn’t know that it was because of Norman Feng’s words that they straight staggered their identifications with Ethan. They didn’t recognize until they met for a very long time.

Beyond, Norman Tianyang was sitting at the computer desk taking a look at the documents, and also what made him most unpleasant was the report on the battle of the Norman Family Members in Hedong.

On the one hand, the Norman Family in Hedong would not be short of funds, and on the other hand, there would be no shortage of workers, but when he was besieged by the thirteen branches.

Despite their sincerity, the Norman Family Members in Hedong has always been uncaring to him. This makes Norman Tianyang, who has actually constantly been attractive, feel a little bit embarrassed!

Compared with this case, what made Norman Tianyang extra headaches was that right now, an unwanted visitor was on his way.

The individual that came was very frustrating, because the other party was the boss of the 2nd department of the thirteen topics, Feng Tianci!

Feng Tianci himself was a third-level martial artist, Norman Tianyang did not take him seriously, but the power represented behind him made Norman Tianyang have to beware.

No matter how excellent he was overseas previously, when he returns below, all the rules of the video game should comply with other individuals’s playing methods, or the other celebration will certainly get out of the video game!

Feng Tianci rested encountering Norman Tianyang at this time, as well as both had actually looked at each other without speaking for almost half a hr.

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