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After the two of them were silent on this concern for a while, Ning Kun drank his head helplessly: “Forget it, let’s pause now. If you have something to say tomorrow, they won’t have the ability to come in if you eat, as well as there will certainly be some food in the area. .”

The information of Ning Kun as well as Ethan’s arrival, as expected, soon reached some people’s ears.

It’s simply that they assumed it was typical, that some abundant people came to conceal, so they didn’t take it seriously.

But this was kept in mind by the black robe male sent out by Yu Shaobai to monitor Ethan and also others, and after that handed the message to Yu Shaobai.

Hearing that Ethan and also Ning Kun had checked out the Chengnan Hotel, Yu Shaobai can not aid but whisper to himself, “It’s interesting.”

At first he thought that Ethan and Ning Kun had some issues, but now it appears that he didn’t presume incorrect. If he really got into difficulty, would he have the ability to reside in such a residence?

Even if they can manage to live, Yu Shaobai doesn’t think that they don’t understand, as long as they stay in that sort of space, they will certainly quickly be discovered.

Although Hedong is generally independent of various other cities, as long as you have money, you can ask two individuals to clean them up.

Considering that the other event can stay in that sort of space with such self-confidence, it seems that they shouldn’t worry about anything behind them.

Thinking of this, Yu Shaobai took a deep breath and grabbed his cellphone and called the man in the black robe. He only claimed one sentence: “Continue tracking, I wish to see if that person will pertain to me once again.”

Early the following morning, Ethan woke up, opened his eyes and also lay on the bed checking out the ceiling over his head.

The previous scenes appeared to be a revolving light before his eyes. Thinking of it carefully, his life has undoubtedly established like a dramatic growth.

Ethan really did not calculate that he would run into these points, nor did he expect to satisfy somebody like Norman Tianyang.

If he was still the self he utilized to be, he could be seeking a work at random now, as well as he would certainly eat as well as die like he thought in the past.

It’s not any longer. He is no more the same Ethan. He has a great deal of heavy obligations for no reason.

Sometimes when dreaming back at twelve o’clock at night, he rose from the bed, opened up the window and also smoked quietly, thinking about the heavy worry on his body.

Ethan really did not understand the length of time this kind of life would certainly last. If he could, he didn’t also want to bear the responsibilities of his present condition.

After a deep sigh, a voice all of a sudden seemed in the area: “Ethan, are you awake? If you wake up, involved my room as well as the door is open.”

The speaker was Ning Kun. He already knew last night that both rooms right here can speak with each other, so Ethan didn’t take it seriously.

After obtaining a fit from his luggage and also transforming it on, Ethan rinsed a little, then strolled to the door of Ning Kun, unlocked and walked in.

” Suddenly call me over, exists anything?”

Ning Kun was resting on the bed looking at the computer, not knowing what he was doing.

When he noticed Ethan’s arrival, he grinned and also said, “Sit for a while, I will arrange it as soon as possible, and after that you will go out with me.”

Ethan nodded slightly when he heard this, then rested aside and also waited quietly for Ning Kun.

After about half an hour passed, Ning Kun put away the computer system as well as extended his waistline and also said, “I’m worn down, I’ve ultimately arranged it. Let me go out with me now.”

Ethan glanced at Ning Kun a little oddly and also stated, “What have you done, so exhausted.”

” You rested soundly last night, but I have to organize a great deal of things. Do you assume I came with you this time just to spy on the attitude of the Norman Household in Hedong?”

After stating this, a wry smile appeared on Ning Kun’s face: “The headquarters has always been dissatisfied with the work ability of the Hedong branch, so this time I come here, I think it is likely that I will be the head of the Hedong branch.”.

After saying this, he glimpsed at Ethan helplessly: “Now you ought to understand why I am so weary. Come on, congratulate me.

After Ethan heard this, he looked at Ning Kun in surprise as well as stated, “Congratulations. Hahaha, do you want me to have a dish?”.

Ning Kun eyed Ethan with a smile and also claimed, “Obviously, we will certainly go out now. By the way, we will fulfill our colleagues in Hedong. I have already asked the main people accountable to come over.”.

Ethan nodded after hearing this, and afterwards walked out of the area behind Ning Kun, simply walking downstairs.

After seeing them coming out, a number of waiters bowed their heads to Ethan and also Ning Kun.

Lots of people along the road discovered this, as well as essentially looked at Ning Kun and Ethan. After all, this kind of treatment would set you back a great deal of money.

Ning Kun strolled to bench and obtained 2 gold coins to renew the cost for his space once more, before taking Ethan out of the hotel.

An unique resort vehicle at the door has been awaiting a long period of time. After all, it has actually invested so much cash as well as they can still do it with such a little therapy, although the automobile is a little bit worn.

After getting on the bus, Ning Kun claimed in a deep voice without even checking out the chauffeur, “Go to No. 128 Cheng’ a Street.”.

The chauffeur responded somewhat, did not say a word during the duration, never ever turned back when, as well as did not even eye Ning Kun as well as Ethan.

After reaching the place, he still quietly waited for Ethan as well as Ning Kun to leave the vehicle, and then drove back to the resort.

Chengnan is indeed comparable to what Ning Kun said the other day, and also just when I initially went into the city would certainly I see those individuals, and it made individuals seem like they were in Beifu or Buckeye.

The people on the streets are clothed halfway decent. If you put aside the search their faces, Ethan would certainly also assume that this area doesn’t appear like Hedong.

Ning Kun checked out individuals on the street and couldn’t aid laughing: “It appears that the Norman Household has handled this area very well over the years. If this continues, there might be a tranquil day in Hedong.”.

Listening to Ning Kun’s words and also don’t recognize why, Ethan all of a sudden revealed a trace of pride in his heart.

Cheng’ a Street is similar to the leisure street they made use of to play in Beifu. There are various restaurants and some leisure puts that collect a great deal of individuals.

Although it was just in the early morning, many individuals gathered here in twos and 3s for enjoyable.

The arrival of Ethan as well as others did not draw in the attention of some caring individuals, and also waited till they walked right into a coffee bar.

The waitress all of a sudden leaned onward as well as smiled at Ning Kun, “Hello Mr., welcome.”.

Ning Kun checked out the various other event as well as grinned and after that responded: “Is your favored flower red or white?”.

When the waitress heard this, a little shock blinked in his eyes, yet he replied, “Neither, I like the flower that does not grow.”.

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