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After seeing this scene, Ethan carefully said, “Mr. Chu Hechu, is there any way I can speak about it?”

Chu He considered Li Miao, and afterwards at Liu Zu with a chilly face prior to he cautiously claimed, “Perhaps there is something we have actually neglected. Isn’t there a young master in the Norman Family members studying at your institution in the south of the city? Let’s start from this element?”

Hearing this, Ning Kun fell under reflection after a moment of silence.

To be truthful, he really did not wish to involve these points on the child, however considering the relevance of the issue, Ning Kun claimed after a moment of silence: “Who is the child and also how old is it? Do you have any details?”

Chu He nodded slightly and also a smile appeared on his face: “The Norman Household doesn’t recognize if it is a huge heart, or if it doesn’t bother with being targeted in any way, it doesn’t hide their youngsters’s info.”

When he claimed this, he secured a data from the desktop computer, after that opened it and also submitted it to the projector.

Taking a look at the young boy in the image with a cold search in his eyes, however handsome, concerning fifteen or sixteen.

Chu He gradually said, “This youngster is called Norman Qingzhi. He is the child of the eldest child of the three wonderful masters of the Norman Family.

Ning Kun was silent for a moment after hearing these words, then turned to consider Ethan and murmured: “Currently you have 2 paths, one is to adhere to Yu Shaobai, and then discover a chance to speak to the Norman Family members.”

Ethan glanced at Ning Kun rather helplessly, after that stated in a deep voice, “Then what is the 2nd method?”

A mystical smile appeared on Ning Kun’s face, and also he pointed to the cold-looking boy on the forecast screen as well as said, “The 2nd means is for you to end up being a teacher for this bear young boy, and after that find an opportunity to get in touch with the Norman Family. Select one, what do you think?”

When Ethan listened to these words, he could not help however shouted in shock, “What?! Let me be an educator for this bear young boy? Are you sure you are joking?!”.

Li Miao and Chu He giggled noisally when they heard this. Also Liu Zu, that was made use of to his indifferent expression, twitched his mouth, which was a laugh!

Li Miao rested aside, grinned and also took a look at Ethan, and then stated, “I believe this can be done. It occurred that an athletics educator from your Chengnan college unintentionally experienced a gunfight as well as died en route house. I require an excellent teacher.”.

Liu Zu lifted his glasses and also took a look at Ethan as well as stated, “I believe it’s tolerable. This approach can be stated to be the very best way to minimize unneeded activities.”.

After Chu He chuckled a great deal, he smiled at Ethan as well as winked at him: “Boy, not to mention I didn’t provide you a hand, the pupils because institution are all the children of the big brothers in the city. Deal with a couple of as well as you can walk laterally!”.

Ethan looked at them as well as trembled his head with pain and anger and also claimed, “No! I would rather follow Yu Shaobai than face a team of bear children!”.

After claiming this, Ethan could not assist reducing his tone, and afterwards continued to speak: “Particularly this team of bear children additionally have a fantastic father in Hedong, perhaps I may offend somebody!”.

Ning Kun gently coughed to decrease the smile on his face, after that gently coughed and took a look at Ethan who was a little anxious on his face.

” First of all, you need to know that this method is thought about the best. Or else, if you hurry to Norman’s house, the repercussion will certainly be to be tossed out. This is still excellent.”.

After grinning, Li Miao looked at Ethan, and after that gently comforted: “Really, there was nothing bad about the past. It’s simply a physical education instructor, and also you don’t require to do anything.

After Ethan considered Li Miao and also Ning Kun, he took a deep breath and claimed solemnly, “How much is the wage? Let’s speak about this very first!”.

Ning Kun swiftly elevated his head to consider the ceiling, resolutely not stating a word, as if he had not listened to anything!

Li Miao took a look at Ethan after a minute, as if he really did not rather understand what he implied by wage.

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