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After stating this, Han San took off his tee shirt, as well as after that took out a note pad from his clothes and also said, “Norman’s Sanjie each has their very own residence court. They have so several things to be busy every day.

Ning Kun looked at Han San’s somewhat ridiculed eyes, and dropped a little into silence, while Ethan checked out Ning Kun and after that at Han San, shrugging his shoulders: “Okay, if there is no chance for some time, then I intend to sleep currently.”

I don’t know if it was Ethan’s impression. After the two wars in Beifu, he really felt that truth power in his body appeared to be inactive.

Normally, there will be no changes, yet when doing some points, these zhenqi will suddenly riot, creating discomfort in his meridians.

This happened two times heading to Hedong, and it happened again at college today.

As the regularity enhanced, Ethan can plainly really feel the discomfort, and the pain came to be much heavier.

Yet after every pain, Ethan can always really feel that his meridians are obtaining more powerful and also more powerful, which makes him conceal this matter from the next 2, because he is worried that Sally may not allow him join these things.

If Ning Kun observes very carefully currently, he will certainly discover that Ethan’s face is somewhat light, and if he delays for a while, Ethan will most likely be not able to hold it.

Ning Kun really did not. He simply responded casually and after that said: “Well, you go, if you are too tired to stand up, supper will certainly be warmed up for you.”

Ethan looked at Ning Kun with a smile as well as responded, then got up as well as walked behind him, randomly chosen a space to get in and also secured the door snugly.

Han San took a look at the door of the space and also claimed after Pinak was silent, “I do not recognize if I must say something.”

Li Miao can arrange Han San as a bodyguard for Ethan, so it reveals that Li Miao has absolute count on Han San!

If it were except trust in Han San, Li Miao would not have selected Han San from numerous people, and also she had an all-natural affection for Ethan herself, and also she would not be unreliable or trivial. The capable individual complied with Ethan.

Hearing what Han San said at this time, Ning Kun smiled as well as responded, and afterwards said, “Allow’s say, I just concerned Hedong, and several points are not very clear, so simply let me chat briefly.”

After a minute of silence, Han San responded as well as stated, “First off, you need to desert all your previous living habits below. Right here, when you head out without a weapon, it will cause others’ interest as well as even difficulty!”

After claiming this, Han San’s face was a little unsightly as well as he said, “We have actually currently attracted the focus of many people when we went upstairs, so I do not desire you to make such a mistake.”

Ning Kun fell silent after listening to these words, and thought about it thoroughly. It appeared that given that he concerned Hedong, every person he met had undoubtedly lugged tools.

Thinking of this, he grinned bitterly and nodded: “Okay, I will certainly focus on this aspect. Sorry, perhaps it was since I didn’t have such consciousness prior to.”

Han San waved his hand and chuckled: “No, no, no, this can only be stated that regular individuals would not think of it, but this is Hadong, due to the fact that it is Hadong, so some points become typical even if it is difficult to understand.”.

Ning Kun nodded, after that looked at the notebook in Han San’s hand and also could not assist yet smile: “Is there anything else I need to remind you? How about completing it all at once?”.

Considering the smile on Ning Kun’s face, Han San also grinned as well as turned over the note pad in his hand.

” I am a native of Hedong. Some safety measures in Hedong as well as some hazardous locations are videotaped in this publication. It was initially sold to newcomers who came in.”.

Ning Kun took the note pad he was holding, as well as simply glanced at Ning Kun approximately as well as recognized that these points were most definitely uncommon details.

It appears that Han San is not simply a bodyguard, in some areas, he is much more like a secretary than an assistant!

After a minute of silence, Ning Kun took a look at Han San and smiled and said, “Is there any interest in concerning my staff to do points? Shielding Ethan is just a small issue. You do not require an ability like you.”.

Han San didn’t understand where he took out a coin as well as had fun with it, a trace of apology blinked in Ethan’s eyes.

” Sorry, I can’t do anything regarding this, you may not know, Li Miao and I both owe the Norman Household back then, so protecting him is more important to me than anything else!”.

After stating this, Han San took a deep breath and stood up from the sofa: “I’m going out. If you have anything, you can call me at any moment. I’m right beside you.”.

Ning Kun responded quietly and also enjoyed Han San leave. Somehow, he all of a sudden ended up being envious of Ethan.

Even if he has nothing now, even if he has nothing left, he still has the contacts gathered by the Norman Family members back then.

There were even 13 topics amongst these calls. Ning Kun didn’t dare to think of whether there were additionally disciples from the Norman Family members in the 13 subjects.

After shook his head somewhat, Ning Kun release such thoughts, secured a laptop computer at will and also transformed it on, as well as responded in contentment when taking a look at the monitor on the aisle.

When Ethan was going to work, Ning Kun had actually currently set up surveillance on numerous edges of the apartment on this flooring. Nobody needs to consider being able to touch it casually.

Yan Ran, if you are a specialist like them, then you don’t require them to touch it, you just need them to get a little breath, Ethan can feel it!

Probably as the farming base strengthens, Ethan has actually ended up being a little extra sensitive. For many practitioners, he might be a great void, as well as black them are the prey of the great void.

At this time, Yu Shaobai, that was going back to the Hedong city district, continued to call.

” You stated, one of those two individuals currently resides in a home, and also the various other mosts likely to school to become an educator, or is it a physical education teacher?”.

The black-robed male bowed on a dark road corner, holding his smart phone professionally and also said: “Yes, the various other event seems to be preparing to live in Hedong completely. It is questionable if they are not rich!”.

Yu Shaobai sat in the vehicle and smiled in silence for a while and then smiled: “If that holds true, you need to look at it. It is a human or a fox. You can catch it at some point.”.

After claiming this, he ended the call, and Yu Shaobai all of a sudden came to be in no rush to consist of Ethan in his Qinghe conference.

Slightly, he really felt that probably these two men could bring some enjoyable to the backwaters of Hedong!

If a person damages the regulations of the institution, they can come to be a lot more laid-back as well!

It’s amusing, everyone in the whole Hedong, I hesitate that just Yu Shaobai will extremely dislike the presence of the institution!

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