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For Yu Shaobai, the nature of Hedong has no policies, but the introduction of a college has established rules in such an area.

If it is allowed to remain to exist, after that Hedong might end up being the like the outside city in the future.

Yu Shaobai doesn’t like that, on the other hand, he likes Hedong now.

The globe where the weak consumes the strong is the real world, and also there is nothing incorrect with acting rough.

Right now, in Norman’s home in Hedong, Norman Qingzhi, that had simply returned home from institution, rested quietly on his little desk, taking a look at the data that had been processed like his daddy.

Norman Feng was resting not far from his son, examining the files in his hand periodically, and having a look at his kid every so often.

In places like Hedong, although kids need to go to institution, they still have to discover to take over things from their parents when they return residence.

Seeing his kid’s expression relatively preoccupied, Norman Feng claimed, “What’s the matter, you constantly appear to be out of state today. Did something take place?”

Norman Qingzhi, who was just fifteen or sixteen years old, eyed his father, and said with a fearful expression: “No, it simply suddenly remembered something regarding institution.”

” Institution? What’s wrong with college, has anything interesting occurred?”

After claiming this, Norman Feng stepped forward and also touched his child’s head with a kindly expression.

” Well, there is a brand-new physical education teacher in the school today. I feel that his course is likewise quite enjoyable, as well as he is a bit different from other teachers.”

Hearing this, Norman Feng frowned. Although he did not most likely to institution, as long as the people in the eastern of the city sent out individuals to stare at some college issues.

The last time I handed in the information that my child’s athletics instructor had a crash, but I did not anticipate to find another athletics teacher so soon.

Thinking about this, Norman Feng claimed in a strange means: “When did your educator go to institution, are you brand-new?”

Norman Qingzhi didn’t understand what his daddy was thinking about. Seeing him take the effort to ask himself concerning the institution, he only really felt a little delighted.

Possibly Norman Feng really did not discover it, since he was active with his own affairs for a long time, and he had overlooked Norman Qingzhi for a long period of time, not to mention appreciating his affairs at college.

It can not be blamed that Norman Feng really did not care about the state of his child, due to the fact that Norman Qingzhi had done well in his research since childhood, if it weren’t for the pressure of only one heir in the family members.

Perhaps Norman Feng will certainly find a method to send his kid out anyway, after all, a location like Hedong is not appropriate for the growth of children.

” The brand-new athletics educator is various from the previous educator. He will take us out for a run. He additionally tells us that we need to be vicious as well as strengthen our mind to ensure that we will not be harassed.”

When Norman Feng heard this, there was a trace of emotion in his eyes.

It is an institution, lots of educators in the college dare not show students exactly how to do it under the pressure of moms and dads. Even if the students are not obedient, they simply endure it and also treat it as if they didn’t see it.

Few people will take severe ideas to tell their kids what they should do to prevent being bullied, and couple of people will certainly remedy their youngsters’s errors.

For them, as long as they can get someday’s income, every little thing is very easy to say.

Thinking of this, Norman Feng said with some feeling: “Your college has an excellent educator, what do you consider him?”

After a minute of reflection, Norman Qingzhi responded somewhat as well as grinned: “People are very good. I want to discuss such an educator better.”

The dad as well as child giggled and also appreciated their time alone. Just as Norman Feng was showing his child how to manage some things, the 2nd child, Norman Sihai, unexpectedly strolled into the space.

Unlike Norman Feng, Norman Sihai’s face is constantly covered with haze, possibly this is also related to what he did.

Norman Sihai required a smile on his face to greet to Norman Qingzhi, then looked at Norman Feng and stated: “Brother, something happened at the Hedong Migration Department. Is it hassle-free for you currently?”

Norman Feng checked out his boy and then at Norman Sihai. He responded reluctantly and stated to Norman Qingzhi: “Qingzhi, daddy will discuss something initially. After you have actually checked out these documents, I will come to take the test later. you.”

After hearing this, Norman Qingzhi nodded, and then viewed his daddy leave his second uncle.

After going into the space, Norman Feng’s expression was not frustrated and said solemnly, “Didn’t I claim that I do not discuss main events in your home? How come I understand it!

Norman Sihai gave a wry smile, after that secured a few photos as well as a folder from his body and handed them to Norman Feng.

” I simply obtained the message that Yu Shaobai, the master of the Qinghe Guild, established two more cards at the Hedong Migration Division, as well as also battled with the Lieqi people. There were casualties on both sides, and the Lieqi individuals endured more losses.”.

Norman Feng checked out the folder in his hand and some of the photos in it. Although they were all post-event pictures, simply looking at the blood-stained ground, Norman Feng could also think about the tough fight in between both sides.

After a minute of silence, Norman Feng said with emotion: “It appears that this Yu Shaobai is additionally a little agitated. Every person has forgotten what occurred twenty years back, as well as they have actually become a little eager to move.”.

Norman Sihai additionally implied the exact same. If Yu Shaobai was allowed to remain to do this, in the future, those who entered Hedong would be able to win over by Qinghehui.

If various other families do not obtain fresh blood, they will slowly become weak. Even a fool can comprehend this idea.

Norman Sihai checked out his elder sibling with a bleak expression on his face and claimed, “Big brother, if you continue to let this Yu Shaobai go, Hedong’s scenario will not be great, let me go?”.

Norman Feng was silent for a moment as well as trembled his head and also stated, “No for the time being, allow’s see the situation initially, perhaps it is additionally feasible that Yu Shaobai just desires that little money and simply ignore it for now.”.

After saying this, Norman Feng considered his sibling and smiled: “By the way, Qingzhi just said that their school has a new physical education teacher. Do you learn about this?”.

” I know, the message I simply obtained is called Norman Yan. It’s a coincidence that I still have the same last name as us. It’s no wonder that Qingzhi kid suches as that physical education instructor.”.

Hearing this, Norman Feng could not aid yet grinned and said, “I know that Gui recognizes, but you still have to check it out. You have to let people find out if Norman Yan is close to any individual in Hedong.”.

” I checked it a long time earlier. Hedong, that simply came below, went straight after recognizing that the institution hired instructors due to the fact that he had actually examined.”.

After stating this, Norman Sihai lit a cigarette for himself and checked out his older bro Norman Feng as well as stated, “You assume I’m actually stupid, I can not do anything like this.”.

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