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After an athletics class was over, Ethan looked at his watch from time to time, as well as appeared a little distressed.

Understanding what would happen, and also the anxiety of waiting silently for it to occur, made Ethan look a little boring currently.

The moment he evacuated and went out of institution, what Ethan really did not know was that two sets of eyes were looking at him at this moment.

A pair of eyes are Norman Qingzhi in the classroom. It might be due to the fact that the kids are more sensitive. When Ethan was showing them, Norman Qingzhi saw something was wrong with him.

And also the various other pair of eyes stood quietly in front of Ethan, grinning at him.

” MR. Norman, given that you are out, please get in the car. Our boss is currently a little impatient.”

Ethan smiled while holding the bag in his hand, as well as said, “Do you need me to put the bag below? I can still take it with me.”

The man in black undoubtedly really did not take Ethan’s bag to heart. He simply grinned and unlocked to indicate Ethan to enter the car.

Ethan trembled his head helplessly and also entered the automobile. He strolled in silence for majority an hour, during which time he watched out of the automobile with some interest.
This roadway does not cause the eastern of the city, so it can be dismissed that the various other party is from the Norman Household, nor is it going to the south. Although it has actually just been two days, Ethan can almost remember a few of the highways in the south.

Given That Chengdong as well as Chengnan have been removed, the continuing to be solution is evident. The various other celebration should be from Qinghehui.

Just when he realized this, the man in black quit the auto before the entrance of a tea residence, as well as got out of the automobile to open the door for Ethan.

” MR. Norman, we are below, as well as my employer is waiting for you upstairs.”

Ethan smiled and also responded and left the auto. He took a look at the rather unpleasant street under his feet. He grinned with a tip of feeling: “It ends up that a city has many faces.”

The man in black followed Ethan’s feet with a wry smile, his face looked a little embarrassed.

” This is a little place besides, so there is nothing unusual about it. I really hope MR. Norman can forgive me.”

Ethan chuckled twice and also drank his head, after that transformed as well as stalked the teahouse.

Simply when he strolled to the door, somebody turned up and indicated Ethan to turn over the bag in his hand, and also one more person appeared to wish to check whether Ethan was bring a tool.

Under the sign of the black guy’s eyes, he ultimately retreated.

Ethan glanced at the man in black with thankfulness and nodded as an indicator of many thanks, and afterwards continued upstairs.

Strolling upstairs, Ethan discovered that there was nobody in the whole structure, only a male in white clothes was resting by the home window, alcohol consumption tea silently.

After looking very carefully at it, I found that he or she became Yu Shaobai!

It’s hard to imagine that the other event just came the other day, as well as he found himself the following day. If Ethan had not anticipated it, I’m afraid what he did in Hedong during this moment, Yu Shaobai would also be clear.

Considering this, he grinned bitterly and also drank his head before progression as well as taking a seat in front of Yu Shaobai, connecting to grab the tea that had actually just been poured on the table, as well as drank a sip and also smiled: “President Yu can make time to meet such a small individual like me., I’m actually flattered.”

Seeing that Ethan still behaved so normally before him, Yu Shaobai chuckled and also claimed, “You are not a little person. If the third-level warrior is still a tiny person, then He Dong is very little. A huge guy.”

After listening to the various other celebration’s words, Ethan felt a little happy, a minimum of the various other event really did not recognize the details of himself, otherwise he wouldn’t confidently claim that he was a third-level warrior as quickly as he spoke.

Ethan laughed two times previously looking at Yu Shaobai as well as said, “If you say that, then the guild leader must be no much less than the third-level martial musician, hahaha.”

Yu Shaobai got the tea mug as well as sniffed the scent of tea, shut his eyes and also said, “MR. Norman is a clever male. The suggestions I offered last time is still legitimate. I wonder how MR. Norman is thinking of it?”

Seeing that Yu Shaobai came by this moment, he still wished to hire himself, Ethan felt a little eased, then grinned and also said, “President Yu might have misconstrued a bit. I just want to rest silently for some time.”

After claiming this, Ethan looked at Yu Shaobai as if he was not quick-tempered or restless, and also remained to talk: “After all, I stroll excessive during the night, as well as I want to attempt what it seems like under the sun. ”

When Yu Shaobai heard this, he looked at Ethan amusedly and trembled his head: “Do you assume this remains in the sun? No, Hedong is still an area in the night, as well as it will never ever alter.”

Seeing the disapproval search Ethan’s face, he put down his teacup and also considered Ethan with a smile, and also continued, “If you don’t believe me, you can head out and have a look at things you have not seen in the south of the city.”

Every person knows where Hedong is. Regardless of what Yu Shaobai states, Ethan is extremely clear in his heart, however there are some points that can not be placed on the surface area.

And also Yu Shaobai’s actions resembles puncturing something on the silver lining before you, and then letting you see its real colors.

Currently, Ethan fell silent as he viewed the ragged people downstairs gradually strolling past them.

Unlike the well-dressed individuals in Chengnan, individuals right here resemble a team of poor people.

Observing Ethan’s response, Yu Shaobai frowned, so he sighed and claimed, “Even in a city, there are still lots of places and also people are divided into various levels.”

All men are produced equal, it is nothing more than a lie. Only after experiencing many points can you understand it.

Some individuals have a life heavier than the lives of 10s of thousands of people, and some people might not be as valuable as a pet.

At this moment, Yu Shaobai checked out Ethan’s silence, frowned somewhat, and also claimed in a deep voice, “The problems are still there, but maybe we can change the way we are now.

Although Yu Shaobai didn’t say a word of impassionedness at this time, it was because of his plain tone that made individuals really feel that he was established to do this.

Ethan took a deep check out Yu Shaobai and after that shook his head in silence, “Perhaps what you claimed is right, yet if you look at the people downstairs, do you believe they really want to change?”

Having said that, Ethan got a file from his bag, and then handed it to Yu Shaobai and stated, “If you can do a little less, possibly they can improve.”

The file Ethan handed to Yu Shaobai was the person who asked Ning Kun to work in the Hedong branch and sorted out all the large and small things that Qinghe Club did in simply one year.

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