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In fact, Ethan’s feeling was not incorrect. Just after he left, the black-robed guy stood silently behind Yu Shaobai and also claimed in a deep voice, “I stated before that he won’t select us.”

Yu Shaobai chuckled and gradually said, “No matter, at least it likewise made me comprehend one thing. This person needs to be routed at the Norman Family members.”

After stating this, Yu Shaobai meditated for a moment without turning his head back and also stated: “Is it clear that the important things you asked you to explore? The origins of their 2 identifications.”

The black-robed man drank his head slightly: “What can be found on the silver lining is definitely difficult to be real. If it is true, there is no demand for them to find to Hedong, as well as I can’t examine the comprehensive details.”

” Trash, I have raised you for as long, can not you also do such a small thing?”

Compared to being incapable to sway Ethan, the incompetence of his subordinates made Yu Shaobai really feel a little mad.

” The generation of the Norman Family has actually slowly quieted down. The 3 masters of the Norman Family members are in fact just a lot of native hens. I have to break the misconception of the Norman Household today!”

At this time, Yu Shaobai was not as calm as well as detached as before. On the contrary, his mood now appeared to be a little bit terrible!

A trace of hostility flashed in his eyes!
” Whether anything uncommon happened to the Norman Family members during this duration? After examining it, I will certainly examine the activity strategy with me. From the really starting, let’s start with this most unpromising Norman Zhiqiu.”

After hearing this, the black-robed male nodded slightly and afterwards stepped back. At this time, Yu Shaobai, it is much better to remain far away, so as not to suffer from unreasonable catastrophe.

When the black-robed man was investigating Norman Zhiqiu’s events throughout this duration, Norman Feng was forcibly drawn as an umpire in the Norman Family mansion, watching his 2 more youthful siblings play with his child.

Thinking about this, Norman Feng sighed helplessly, maybe because the school had a brand-new athletics educator.

Every single time my kid came back from college, he gradually behaved a little in a different way. When asked several times what happened to him, he didn’t speak.

When every person was tired, Norman Sihai sat in a chair and also consumed water, there was still a dismal scent on his body at this time.

And Norman Zhiqiu was like a kid, resting on the court laughing noisally, panting while laughing.

After Norman Sihai consumed the water, he threw the water bottle away as well as tossed it to Norman Zhiqiu. He stretched out his hand to take 2 sips as well as yelled trendy!

After that he looked at his nephew Norman Qingzhi and also smiled: “I didn’t see it, my little nephew, I like to begin playing ball lately. It’s not the same as in the past.”

Norman Qingzhi remained on the ground and also took the water as well as took a look at Sanshu with a smile, and then claimed: “Sanshu, you need to have moved much more. Look at your legs, they are a little thicker, hahaha.”

Norman Feng checked out his child and also drank his head helplessly, his eyes loaded with amative, and after that he stated, “Qingzhi, you should do your research initially. I have something to discuss with your two uncles.”

After hearing this, Norman Qingzhi responded in satisfaction. It is not simple to make time to play with him today.

However just when he was going to do his homework, he didn’t understand why he all of a sudden thought of Ethan.

So he quit and looked back at Norman Feng and said, “Daddy, can I ask our instructor to come as well as rest in your home? He is actually good. When I went to class for us today, I was stressed that we were starving after exercising. Brought breads.”

Norman Feng chuckled and also nodded when he heard this: “Okay, such a good instructor, why don’t you please return and sit down? Why don’t you inform him 2 days, let him pertain to eat at house.” ”

After stating this, Norman Feng turned his head to look at Norman Zhiqiu and also grinned and after that claimed: “It just so takes place that your 3rd uncle is simply over his birthday, so let him come for a meal incidentally.”

When Norman Qingzhi heard this, he lifted happily, and then ran back to his space to begin research.

Norman Feng looked at his kid and drank his head helplessly, then said: “This stinky young boy was probably broken by the athletics teacher. He has become a little playful as well as energetic all day long.”

After hearing this, Norman Zhiqiu sneered and also replied: “This is exactly how children should be, why do you need to commemorate the merits of your childhood? What’s the factor of being so lifeless all day long?”

Norman Sihai laughed loudly when he listened to these words while sitting on the edge. While smiling, he looked at his older brother periodically.

After seeing it, Norman Zhiqiu eyed Norman Sihai disdainfully and also grinned: “Second sibling, you are not much far better. Compared to the oldest brother, it is possibly not like the eldest sibling!”

The 2nd bro, Norman Sihai, suddenly couldn’t laugh. He took a look at Norman Zhiqiu and said in an unpleasant voice: “Hey, don’t forget, who secured you when you were beaten!”

Sitting on the edge, Norman Feng watched Norman Sihai as well as Norman Zhiqiu quarrel, and also laughed somewhat.

For him, it is already a very happy point that the family members bros can still be so harmonious.

Simply thinking about the message he had actually just received, a cloud of haze appeared on Norman Feng’s face.

Norman Zhiqiu himself is a thoughtful individual, and when he saw glitch with his oldest brother, he stopped chuckling.

Rather strangely he considered Norman Feng and also said, “Brother, is something wrong? Exactly how do you feel that something is wrong with you.”

Norman Sihai additionally uncovered this right now, so he checked out Norman Feng strangely enough, awaiting him to talk.

Norman Feng considered his 2 more youthful bros and then he considered for a moment and said: “The nail we will certainly strike in Qinghe returned a message saying that Yu Shaobai plans to attack our Norman Family.”

After hearing this, Norman Sihai sneered as well as stated, “Why do I still think of this? Simply let him come. I intend to see that provides him the nerve to do it with our Norman Family.”

In this field of Hedong, only the Norman Household was the toughest at the time. They had remained in Hedong less than a month prior to they had actually overcome all the forces abruptly!

This is likewise the reason Hedong will talk to the Norman Family whenever something fails.

Norman Feng took a look at Norman Sihai as well as trembled his head: “You can’t claim that. Yu Shaobai is not a fool. Given that he wishes to do something, he should not leave himself with any type of problems.”

After hearing this, Norman Zhiqiu was silent for a while and also claimed, “You are worried that Yu Shaobai will most likely target me during that time?”

Norman Feng took a look at his younger brother as well as nodded slightly as well as did not speak. The expression in his eyes had actually already clarified whatever.

As well as Norman Sihai nodded after thinking twice for a moment: “That’s right, after all, although my more youthful brother is a third-level warrior, he has actually never had anything to do with the housekeeper. Plus, he’s the simplest person to take care of.”

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