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Both Shen Sihai as well as Shen Feng understood that currently their more youthful sibling is likely to come to be a breakthrough in the Qinghe Club.
This might not be of no benefit to them, at the very least Shen Zhiqiu has been believing regarding how to make reasons to act in a play with his 2 bros.
After that I took this to leave the Shen household as well as most likely to Chujiang to see.

If Yu Shaobai truly did something to him, maybe this could additionally come to be a chance for him not to stay in Hedong.
Thinking about this, Shen Zhiqiu laughed gently and then stated: “It does not matter, if he actually does something to me, we can take this possibility to deal with the things we planned before.” After listening to these words, both dealt with each other. He glanced at and responded, then cleared up the matter.

Beyond, Jiang Hao sat in the house silently contemplating some things. Now there are some things in Hedong that he still really feels not able to identify.
Ning Kun viewed that he hadn’t spoken considering that he came back, being in a chair in a daze like a wood male, so he couldn’t aid yet oddly stated: “What’s the matter, what makes you stationary like a wooden?”

After stating this, he put a favorite and also strolled to Jiang Hao to sit down, considering him with a smile on his face.
” I don’t understand why, I always feel that the Shen family members in Hedong is a bit obscure, I can’t tell which aspect it is, however I really feel this way.”

After saying this, Jiang Hao grabbed Ning Kun’s tea and also smiled somewhat, then Frowned once again.
After consulting with Yu Shaobai, it is not unthinkable that the other celebration wishes to obtain something from him.

However after considering for a moment, Jiang Hao discovered that if Yu Shaobai wanted to get his very own performance so excitedly, then he should be intending something.

Otherwise, if a person like him intends to recruit a person in Hedong, it does not have to be excessive difficulty. An easy call might suffice.
Ning Jiang Hao grinned as well as took care of Kun Chen Sheng claimed: “You do not look at there Qinghe will think about, my side has actually informed the Chu River, as well as they will certainly follow up the recent fads in Qinghe will certainly then be evaluated.”

Said After completing this, Ning Kun said reluctantly after being silent for some time: “When it comes to the Shen family in Hedong, wait on two days to see. If you still can not find an opportunity, I will certainly ask Li Miao to assist you figure out an option.”
Several points are happening currently. Slowly overdone Jiang Hao’s head, as well as currently he needs to deal with Yu Shaobai on the one hand to avoid the disclosure of his identification.

On the other hand, he must also think about ways to speak to the Shen household in Hedong so as to get what he desires.
Thinking about this, Jiang Hao scrubed his brows with a frustration and said helplessly: “Did Li Miao notification throughout this amount of time that there seems to be a pair of eyes gazing around us?”
Ning Kun shook his head a little after hearing this.

Even if Jiang Hao didn’t say something, Ning Kun would certainly check it out meticulously.
As an old fritters amongst the three-section knowledge employees, he was detected when he headed out to do errands. For Ning Kun, it was almost like a huge blade in front of Guan Gong.

After Jiang Hao went to see Yu Shaobai, he understood, his subconscious response was that they were being watched, otherwise Yu Shaobai would be able to grasp Jiang Hao’s residential address the next day when he came back.

That’s fine, even exploring what Jiang Hao is doing is clear. If it weren’t for a set of eyes around him, after that Yu Shaobai was a living god, that can count.
After both were silent for a while, Ning Kun offered a wry smile as well as rose as well as walked to the window to look outdoors.

” I don’t recognize that the one hiding in the dark will certainly be. He has actually been monitoring us previously as well as has not been discovered. He looks like an expert.”
Jiang Hao transformed his head and also glanced at Ning Kun and then grinned: “You think you are Is the globe invincible when you appear of the 13 subjects? Forget it, I now take a look at Hedong’s these points in bursts.”

In comparison, the two most difficult places on Hedong are Chengdong and Chengbei. 2 locations.
In a normally rich location, it has actually ended up being a behavior for them to reduce the northern part of the city, as well as the north part of the city is controlled by Qinghehui.
The forces in the eastern of the city are led by the Shen family members, et cetera are aided. The disagreements between the two sides have a long background.

After silently lighting a cigarette for himself, Jiang Hao glanced at Ning Kun helplessly and also said, “When will my instructor probably do it?”
” Wait, wait till you can get in and out of Shen’s house at will., You, the educator, are practically dispensable. I have asked someone at the college to organize it for you, and it won’t draw in too many people’s attention.”
Jiang Hao really felt eased when he heard this, then rose and strolled right into the bed room. Relaxed.

Hedong under the evening looks a bit different. On the lighthouse in the facility of Hedong City, a lady sits quietly on the terrace as well as takes a look at the evening below.
Her face was covered with a layer of black towel, making it hard to see her true face.
If Jiang Hao were right here, he might be able to recognize him at a look, yet he was not there at the moment.

When it was just light the following day, Jiang Hao got up customarily and washed a little, then put on clean and tidy clothing as well as strolled to the door to end up morning meal.
After saying hello to Ning Kun, he went downstairs to enter Han San’s automobile and ran all the way to the school.

Compared to yesterday, Han San looked a little unnatural today, his eyes were constantly incredibly elusive, as if he was avoiding something.
Jiang Hao just glanced at arbitrary as well as couldn’t aid but grin and also claimed, “Why, is something incorrect? It feels like you are a little absent-minded.”

Hearing this, Han San stopped as well as leaned in the auto. Alongside the road, he reduced his head and also claimed helplessly: “Sorry, I really did not shield you well yesterday. I shouldn’t let you go to see Yu Shaobai alone.”
Jiang Hao laughes when he sees that he is fretted about this matter. Two voices claimed: “It’s fine, I will deal with some points myself, there is no need to allow you can be found in too.”

He looked really loosened up when he said this, but Jiang Hao didn’t know exactly how uneasy Han San felt right now.
Because Li Miao found out that Jiang Hao and also Yu Shaobai satisfied in private, he nearly didn’t kill Han San.
Once Jiang Hao is in threat and also Han San is not there, Li Miao would certainly doubt why he chose him to be Jiang Hao’s bodyguard.

Seeing Han San still looking a little awkward, Jiang Hao lighted a cigarette and stated helplessly: “We can’t regulate many points by ourselves, let alone others. Really I went to see Yu Shaobai yesterday.
After meticulously considering the conversation with Yu Shaobai the other day, Jiang Hao confirmed that he was making a prepare for the Shen family.
As well as he himself is likely to be the trick to this strategy.
After realizing this, Jiang Hao didn’t tell Ning Kun, since he really felt that if he sneaked in alone, he could get even more.

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