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What Jiang Hao didn’t know was that it was exactly as a result of his decision that he remained in threat next.
Yu Shaobai is not a good person to manage, as well as it is not that people who hold the same thoughts as Jiang Hao have actually never used such a mind.

Also the Shen family members took a lot of hard work to insert a nail in Yu Shaobai, as well as in order to shield he or she, they can not even be too noticeable.

The source of the Shen family members’s knowledge on Yu Shaobai has actually always been a trick, and this secret has also removed many individuals in his family members.
Han San looked up at the rearview mirror and saw Jiang Hao’s expression level and calm, and his state of mind gradually relaxed.

Seeing him smoking quietly, Han San was silent for a moment and then claimed: “Next time, next time I will certainly never leave you alone at risk!”
Jiang Hao glanced at Han San helplessly, as if this individual A few of them are randy.
Believing that he could visit Yu Shaobai alone in the future, Jiang Hao giggled bitterly and afterwards claimed: “Really, you do not need to be so major.

How can I be taken into consideration a strong man in Hedong? He will not want to eliminate me.
Yes.” After claiming this, Jiang Hao checked the moment, and after that urged Han San to drop him off at the college gate.

Han San beinged in the car and also watched Jiang Hao walk right into the school. He drove to the coffee shop where Li Miao remained in a moment of thought.
Because according to Ning Kun’s order last evening, Han San needed to return to the cafe to satisfy Li Miao after driving Jiang Hao to school.

Although he really did not claim what it was as a result of what took place, according to his very own judgment, it is most likely since they were automatically kept an eye on by humans and also gods.

Indeed, just when Han San got here, Li Miao left and also looked around somewhat, then drew Han San right into the secret room in the cafe.
Presently, Ning Kun’ an stood silently in the secret space watching the surveillance video projected on the wall surface, frowning periodically, as if he hadn’t located anything.

After Li Miao as well as Han San strolled in, Ning Kun stated without looking back: “Did you discover anything wrong heading to send out Jiang Hao to school?”
Han San trembled his head after a minute of thought., I remained in a frame of mind today, as well as because he stopped when traveling for a while, he didn’t see anything uncommon.

Li Miao considered Han San with an appearance of frustration in his eyes: “I asked you to secure Mr. Jiang. It’s for you to use your heart. You do not want you to drive, and afterwards prepare to block the bullet for him.”
Han San touched himself. Some aggrieved heads said, “I may be out of state in these 2 days, however rest assured, I will adjust it soon.”

Ning Kun promptly connected to indicate the video clip to quit, and then reduced. Slowly focus on the video clip, and also finally located a black bathrobe man in the screen.
Considering the man sitting on the corner of the street, Ning Kun transformed his head to encounter Han San and claimed, “Come and also see, was this man who asked Jiang Hao to consult with Yu Shaobai the other day?”

Han San simply progression. After having a look, he said, “Yes, it’s him! It’s just a video, I can still really feel a little bit of temperature on him when I viewed him.” After paying attention, Ning Kun fell silent as well as enjoyed the video finger strap. He touched the table a little with Tempo and also fell under thought.

Now he or she is Yu Shaobai’s individual. It has actually been generally identified, however I don’t know why, Ning Kun constantly feels that things are not as basic as what he sees now, and also they seem to have actually ignored something.
Understanding this, Ning Kun shut his eyes as well as plunged into contemplation, carefully thinking about everybody they had entered into contact with since they involved Hedong.

Quickly he opened his eyes as well as looked at Li Miao and stated, “I have figured out all the huge as well as small things in Hedong in the past year. Regardless of exactly how thick or just how much I have, I need to look at them all.”

Li Miao paid attention to her back. Shang stated with a slightly embarrassed expression: “This is not a large issue, yet both branches of Chengxi and Chengbei may be rather tough.”
Ning Kun eyed Li Miao and said in a deep voice, “The focus of the trouble now hinges on the west and also north of the city. This is where Yu Shaobai’s real power comes from. If we can thoroughly study every one of them, Qinghe will not It will end up being a danger to us.”

Hearing this, Li Miao nodded as well as went out, after that got in touch with the Chengxi as well as Chengbei branches and also inquired to arrange as well as send the details.
While Han San stood in the secret area as well as eyed Ning Kun hesitantly and also said, “Should I do something?”
Ning Kun shook his head after hearing this, “No, you don’t require to do anything, just stay here.

We will see it once again when you get Jiang Hao later on.”
Hearing this, Han San responded, after that strolled aside nervously as well as took a seat.
I don’t understand why, Ning Kun really felt increasingly more anxious seeing these video clips. It appeared that there was something on their heads, and also he really did not see it.

Considering this, Ning Kun’s face ended up being a little gloomy, since he didn’t recognize who was hiding in the darkness.
The unknown is commonly one of the most distressing. Compared to the man with cold mood that Han San claimed, he really did not put the other person in his eyes.

Such a person may be a great helper, but he will absolutely not be an excellent intelligence officer.
Truly good intelligence personnel will never ever have any unique marks on them, neither will they leave a deep impression on individuals.
Like the man in the video, he can acknowledge each other at a glimpse just via the video.

As long as such a person is located as soon as, he will certainly end up being a firefly in the night as well as can no longer hide.
Time slowly passed, and also lastly when Jiang Hao got off work, Ning Kun checked out his watch and also stated: “You must get Jiang Hao currently.

Keep in mind, no matter if the path is a little bit detour, just as if you remain in the city. Take a walk.”
Han San nodded rapidly after hearing this, ordered the automobile key on the table as well as left.
As well as Li Miao likewise left of her workplace currently, and after that put a thick heap of products in her hand on the table with a wry smile; “This is the much more interesting point that occurred in Hedong this year.

I simply arranged it out. Simply a moment.”
After stating this, Li Miao secured a note pad from the file and also stated, “There are a few points that make individuals feel most interesting.” The first one is the rumor that Shen Zhiqiu, the 3rd young master of the Shen family, conserved the life of a woman, yet After half a year, the woman inexplicably went away.

Since then, the 3 young masters will vanish more than 10 or twenty times monthly.
The second is that Yu Shaobai took control of the Qinghe Club. The first thing he did was to kick all the members of the older generation out of the Qinghe Club.

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