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While these two messages made Li Miao feel interesting, he could not aid yet create certain doubts.

Did Yu Shaobai understand something that made this option?

In the clean-up of the old participants of the Qinghe Culture, their 13 topics also suffered differing degrees of loss, particularly Chuhe.

As the very first branch to work out in Hedong, Chu He placed a lot of eyeliners on the Qinghe Club. In time, these people have additionally come to be the backbone of the Qinghe Club.

I didn’t anticipate Yu Shaobai to act like this as soon as he took office, so Chu He’s loss can be regarded as the most significant.

Next, it must be the Norman Household in Hedong. It is claimed that the event almost caused the Norman Family in Hedong to eliminate straight with the Qinghehui. Ultimately, it was Senior citizen Norman that withstood calm the matter down.

If the two family members go to battle, the entire Hedong will be separated into 2, and there will certainly be countless individuals that join it, and the policies and also order will completely fall down.

After picking out these 2 even more fascinating points as well as handing them to Ning Kun, Li Miao smiled bitterly and stated: “Except for these two things, the others are unimportant points. If you wonder, you can have a look.”

Ning Kun took a look at Li Miao with some appreciation as well as responded, then took out the files and took a look at them meticulously, as well as put the phone next to him by the way.

It took about half an hour prior to Ning Kun’s mobile phone called. He glanced at the number and ended the call.

He looked at Li Miao with a smile, as well as claimed, “Ethan as well as the others ought to be in place. Let’s take a look once again and also see if we can pick some more little fish and shrimps.”

Li Miao checked out Ning Kun with a smile as well as trembled his head and claimed, “Forget it, you can keep striving here. I’m going out now to take care of those people looking at me outside.”

Li Miao has some unique individuals being available in as well as out of the coffee shop market below, as well as she has actually long been utilized to the feeling of being stared at.

If he does not turn up for a very long time, after that those gazing outside are most likely to become questionable. Considering this, Li Miao can’t aid however sigh and also leave of the secret area.

After returning home, Ethan rested on the sofa as well as checked out Han Sanhou, that looked suspiciously. “Why, did something happen? Why do you feel that you feel a little heavy.”

Han San had any type of thoughts concerning joking with Ethan currently. After hearing his words, he grinned bitterly as well as claimed: “Ning Kun appears to have discovered a person following us, so I am a little concerned.”

After Ethan heard this, he sneered and stated, “You can leave these things to him. Are you still worried that he can not manage this little thing?”

Han San shook his head lightly and after that said, “That’s not what I meant, but I’m just a little worried. Besides, I follow us on a daily basis, and also we really did not also observe.”

This is actually what Han San is most concerned regarding. Since he can not find out, after that he can’t shield Ethan much better.

Li Miao selected him at the start because he really hoped that he could ensure Ethan’s security in a chaotic place like Hedong.

But allow’s not talk about guaranteeing Ethan’s safety currently. He really did not even know that he was being followed. This resembled a joke to Han San.

Thinking about this, Han San trembled his head helplessly, perhaps he is actually not appropriate for this example, as well as it appears like he will certainly have a great chat with Li Miao another day.

Just when he thought about this, the door of the apartment or condo was instantly opened. Ethan grinned as well as checked out the door as well as claimed, “Oh, I’m back, exactly how is it, just how is it going?”

Ning Kun eyed Ethan tiredly, he was half tired, but this child ended up relaxing as if on a recreation getaway.

He rolled his eyes and also said, “Neglect your child’s fate, there is just one individual following you. It resembles the man in the black robe who concerned choose you up that day, however Li Miao doesn’t actually understand what his name is.”

While stating this, Ning Kun tossed himself right into the couch, and then moaned any which way: “The specific details has to be contacted the people in the Chengbei and Chengxi branches to understand. It will certainly require time. ”

After hearing this, Ethan responded a little as well as said, “Although I do not assume it is essential to invest so much effort on a little fish and shrimp, yet given that you are doing so hard, after that go on!”

Han San was in a hefty mood at initially, yet he couldn’t assist however laugh after Ethan’s words, and then drank his head as well as said, “Please, the various other celebration is following you. It is extremely most likely that they want to drawback you.

Ethan stood up and made a mug of coffee for himself, then leaned on the table while holding the cup and also stated, “Concern, yet what’s the use? At the very least now the other event does not have any kind of malicious intent in the direction of my bust milk.”

Having claimed this, Ethan purposely or accidentally eyed Ning Kun and proceeded: “As for the following point, somebody will normally organize it, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Ning Kun provided a wry smile and was about to simulated Ethan, but didn’t want his cellular phone to ring.

So he shook his head helplessly, then put on the phone and also said, “Hey, hello, I’m Ning Kun.”

There was a loud noise on the phone, complied with by a crackling gunfire, and afterwards a female voice claimed, “Qinghe will begin to omit aliens in the west of the city!”

After saying this in a hurry, Ning Kun’s cell phone fell silent. He waited in a daze, while Han San, who was sitting on the side, gritted his teeth and his face was pale.

Ethan considered Ning Kun and afterwards at Han Sanhou as well as said in a puzzled means: “What’s the issue, what is your expression, what’s the issue?”

Han San bought a cigarette for himself and took a deep breath and slowly claimed, “The first thing Qinghe will do whenever Yu Shaobai comes back is to cleanse the west and also north of the city, to ensure the pureness of his region. 2 ends, either abandonment or die!”

After hearing this, Ethan additionally understood why the phone in Ning Kun’s hand suddenly fell silent.

Ethan meticulously glanced at Ning Kun and also claimed, “Hey, are you fine?”

Ning Kun took a deep breath as well as relied on look at Ethan. He grinned unwillingly, “It’s all right, this issue needs to not have much to do with us.”

As quickly as the voice dropped, before Ethan had time to answer, Ning Kun’s mobile phone called again, as well as this time it was Li Miao who called.

As soon as Ning Kun answered the phone, Li Miao claimed solemnly, “Come to the cafe, there are some problems that you need to manage urgently.”

Hearing this, Ning Kun concurred in a deep voice and then prepared to rise and also leave, while Ethan frowned and also looked at Ning Kun as well as stated, “Just how can I be considered yours currently? Take me to see. “

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