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Ning Kun saw Ethan take a deep breath and also said in a deep voice, “This moment the past is most likely to be very unsafe. Yu Shaobai’s Qinghe Event is not a joke.”

Ethan shrugged and removed his clothing, and afterwards changed into a somewhat looser clothing appropriate for shots and also claimed, “I’m mosting likely to be a sportsman. Exactly how can I state I am also a physical education teacher, right?”

After a team of individuals rushed to the cafe, Li Miao stood at the door of the cafe to welcome the crowd. When they saw Ning Kun, Ethan and also Han San came over.

The expression on her face unwinded a little, and after that fast drew Ning Kun right into the secret room of the coffee shop.

As quickly as he went into, he talked directly: “At around 6 o’clock this evening, Yu Shaobai unexpectedly launched a purge. Today, the variety of casualties in the west of the city has gotten to greater than 30. The situation in the north of the city has not been transferred. The information are estimated to need to wait another ten minutes.”

Seeing the disorder in the video and also the deceitful rampage of people in Qinghehui’s special outfits on the street, Ethan frowned and claimed, “Although I recognize these 2 places are disorderly, I didn’t expect Yu Shaobai to run rampant. To this extent!”

Ning Kun took a deep breath and considered the video clip as well as slowly stated, “Exactly how are individuals in the Chengxi Branch? Are our individuals currently losing?”

” Not for the moment being, however it appears that the Chengbei branch is most likely to be subjected, otherwise Yu Shaobai would not be so eager to initiate a cleanup. I do not recognize the amount of individuals will be lost this time.

After saying this, a trace of unhappiness flashed throughout Li Miao’s face. These people were all individuals who dealt with her, and she would feel unpleasant with no of them.

Ning Kun had experienced such things in the past. Seeing Li Miao’s lowered expression, he reached out as well as patted her on the shoulder and claimed, “The most crucial point now is not to be depressing, yet to discover a way to save them all.”

Han San pulled out the gun with a cool expression on his face, then turned around as well as strolled to the wall as well as pressed a button. The entire assistant’s wall surface unexpectedly turned into a transparent glass closet.

Inside the cupboard are different cold and hot weapons, in addition to some lethal throwing tools.

It was the very first time Ethan saw such a scene outside of Beifu, so he could not help yet really feel a little dazed for some time: “I’m going, your equipment is too extravagant.”

Li Miao and Ning Kun offered Ethan a cold look, then looked at each other and claimed, “The amount of individuals can be mobilized now?”

Prior To Li Miao had time to respond to, Han San, who was obtaining the weapon to refill, said in a deep voice, “Twenty participants of the activity team are on standby any time. They should get on their method here by now. The knowledge group ought to have concealed by now. Stood up.”

After claiming this, he inserted two pistols into his body as well as smiled: “If there is no crash and we do not pass away, they won’t come out.”

Confronted with such a situation, he could still laugh. For a moment, Ethan instantly understood why Li Miao wanted him by his side.

Seeing Han San examining his tool comfortably, Ethan progression and also patted Han San’s shoulder and stated, “You are a guy, you are not appropriate for being a bodyguard in all, you are more suitable for being a warrior who charges.”

Han San had the exact same assumption of this, so he transformed his head to check out Ethan and grinned as well as responded: “Really, I have actually always been the leader of the activity group before. It’s not that Li Miao urged that I be your bodyguard. It makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Li Miao rolled his eyes when he heard this, and also will speak in reply to Han San. The door to the secret space outside was unexpectedly opened. Greater than 20 people walked in strongly and stood in front of Han San.

They all wore black camouflage costumes, the skull masks on their faces, and also various equipment.

Ning Kun checked out them and also couldn’t aid however whispered to Li Miao: “I don’t bear in mind when the special operations group was developed right here. Just how did you obtain these individuals?”

Li Miao took a look at Ning Kun mysteriously and grinned and also claimed, “These people are all bought from the head office every year at a huge cost. Do you think it’s cheap? 200,000 per person!”

Ethan was also a little surprised currently, when twenty males with an average height of 1.8 meters as well as uniform black camouflage apparel stood in front of him.

As a fourth-level martial musician, Ethan can really feel a feeling of oppression from them!

Ning Kun likewise certainly observed this currently, so he frowned as well as took a look at everybody and also claimed, “You, are you all second-level martial artists?”

Ya Que was silent in the crowd. As a matter of fact, Han San looked like a various person. He turned his head to consider Ning Kun and said with a grin: “Yes, they are all second-level martial artists. If you intend to play, we will have fun with them gradually.”

Ning Kun took a deep breath and then went quiet for a while and said, “If this is the situation, then you do not care regarding anything. Ethan and also I are responsible for quiting Yu Shaobai’s individuals as well as not allowing them proceed.

Li Miao glanced at Ethan with some fear, however he said with uncertainty, “Simply attach you, can you do it?”

After Ethan and Ning Kun took a look at each other, they both smiled and did not address, yet followed Han San in the vehicle and went to the north of the city.

On the other hand, Norman Feng, the 3rd master of the Norman Family, likewise obtained some messages from Chengbei. It is not only the 13th branch that has established a branch in Chengbei, and also the Norman Household is the same!

When finding out that Yu Shaobai was doing a significant cleaning in two areas in the north and also west of the city, Norman Sihai rushed right into Norman Feng’s office with a long blade in his hand.

” Big brother, what do you say regarding this, then Yu Shaobai is so quick to bully us!”

In less than 2 hours from the get go, Norman Sihai had actually lost almost fifty workforce, that made him really feel a lot more angry while distress!

Norman Feng glanced at his bro with a bleak expression and took a deep breath: “Do not act rashly for now, I wish to see and also see what they can do!”

” Do not move? Sibling, are you kidding me? Now we have brothers in the north of the city. If they suffer losses, how can you tell them ?!”.

Paying Attention to Norman Feng’s words, Norman Sihai became anxious at the same time!

Suddenly, Norman Feng considered him intensely and also claimed, “Do you believe I do not know, however I also wish to utilize this possibility to require individuals we intend to see to turn up!”.

If it is as Norman Zhiqiu inferred, then Yu Shaobai’s cleanup is most likely to force out those that are concealing in the dark, including Ethan who they have actually always would like to know.

After thinking of this issue, Norman Sihai raged and also compared the significance. He placed down the lengthy blade in his hand, and also then bowed at Norman Feng’s door to light a cigarette and also smoke himself quietly.

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