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Things were without a doubt as anticipated by Yu Shaobai. Due To The Fact That Norman Feng can not hold up against the numerous stress from the east of the city, he understood what was occurring here, yet in just a couple of hours he had to take someone to the border of the eastern of the city.

Norman Zhiqiu was eating gum in his mouth. He rode a bike under the crotch to see the fireworks set off Chengbei as well as grinned and also said, “I didn’t see it. For the first time, I believed it would be so lovely right here.”

Norman Sihai glanced at his more youthful sibling reluctantly and afterwards claimed, “Are you certain you intend to go in? You should not interfere in these things, or return.”

Although Norman Sihai was really pleased that his negative little bro was lastly thinking of doing something for his senior brother, he really didn’t want his sibling to see these and points.

The Great Cleanup brought not only death, however likewise various inappropriate things. He really did not desire these to sully his sibling.

Currently, Norman Feng took a look at Norman Zhiqiu’s eyes also looked a bit deep, both sides took a look at each other after a lengthy silence.

Norman Feng slowly said, “Zhiqiu, why do not you go back first, I’m extremely pleased that you can stand and assist me, but this example is not ideal for you the very first time you encounter it.”

Norman Zhiqiu took a look at his 2 brothers and also looked a little defenseless: “I have appeared to play a lot of times, what sort of scenes have not been seen before, do you believe I have never been to the north of the city?”

After saying this, Norman Zhiqiu grinned helplessly, keeping in mind that when he saw something in the north of the city for the first time, he did not rest well after returning home for a number of days, and intended to have a nightmare as soon as he closed his eyes.

Yet seeing his two bros standing right here, just how can he pull away as Norman Zhiqiu, among the three masters of the Norman Family members.

After smiling slightly, Norman Zhiqiu lay on the motorbike and also claimed, “Well, my siblings, or allow’s enter as well as chat once again, perhaps another individual will certainly die if we remain here for some time.”

Seeing his brother so persistent, Norman Feng smiled helplessly and also nodded: “Well, considering that you have said so, don’t regret it.”

After stating this, the smile on Norman Feng’s entire face instantaneously ended up being very severe.

” Four seas, you take two hundred individuals to put between the north as well as west of the city, different individuals from both instructions, established a seclusion zone, and do not permit individuals of Qinghehui to remain to spread!”

There are virtually 5,000 participants of the Qinghe Association in the north of the city, as well as it is easy to separate individuals from both directions with simply 2,000.

After hearing this, Norman Sihai responded happily, as well as after that blew a whistle. A great deal of people came out of the bordering area, encumbering Norman Sihai as well as rushing to the north of the city!

Norman Feng took a look at his more youthful brother Norman Zhiqiu, grinned and also said, “As for you, lead a hundred people to patrol behind me. Any person who experiences a fake Qinghe who will dedicate a criminal offense will certainly be implemented right away!”

Hearing this, although Norman Zhiqiu knew that his brother wished to safeguard himself, he still couldn’t assist yet crinkled his lips and said, “Yes, I know, it’s really monotonous!”

Seeing him look a little defenseless, Norman Feng shook his head slightly and also said, “You are currently extremely completely satisfied if you can stand up. This is enough. Next time, I will certainly provide you an opportunity next time.

Hearing this, the expression on Norman Zhiqiu’s face boosted a little, and afterwards grinned at Norman Feng: “That’s OKAY, next time I have to be in the limelight, or I will certainly be robbed by you alone. Up.”

Norman Feng checked out his more youthful bro and also couldn’t help laughing, and afterwards took Norman Feng into the car, and afterwards trotted to the north of the city. He adhered to virtually a hundred vehicles behind him, as well as it seemed that there were at the very least 7 or eight hundred people!

Naturally, such a huge action could not be hidden from the people of Qinghehui. After receiving the message, the black-robed guy swiftly handed the details to Yu Shaobai.

At this time, Yu Shaobai just glimpsed at the intelligence and also laughed: “It’s not negative. I really did not anticipate Norman Feng to be so useless as well as can not withstand any pressure.

The man in the black bathrobe standing next to him couldn’t be made fun of this time. On the one hand, he was a member of the thirteen subjects. They estimated that the misunderstanding would certainly be a big deal this moment.

On the other hand, there is the effective Hedong Norman Household. The opposition between the two sides is not one day or more, as well as it is the end of life and death every which way.

If he is not careful at this time, it is most likely that he will be struck by both sides. In such a scenario, just how can the black-robed man laugh.

Yu Shaobai glanced faintly at the black robe man standing close to him, he obviously understood what he was thinking, nevertheless, it was his very own plan, and also it was not unexpected that Yu Shaobai had actually anticipated what would certainly take place.

However the appearance of the thirteen topics was without a doubt a crash for him, nevertheless, he did not want to be an opponent of the thirteen subjects.

One benefit of being an opponent of the Norman Household is that there are many branches in the Norman Household that no person can aid anytime as well as anywhere.

The circumstance is completely different from that of Shisanke. Their maintenance of their very own participants is certainly not similar to that of the Norman Family. As long as there is a mishap, the rest of them will certainly attack like crazy pets.

Taking a look at the concerned search the black bathrobe male’s face, Yu Shaobai smiled and also stated: “Don’t stress, if it’s not what I anticipated, when individuals from the 13th subjects come, every little thing here mores than. They What can you finish with me after that?”

After saying this, Yu Shaobai grinned and also took a sip from the teacup on the table, yet did not observe the arrival of Yu Qinghe.

” Son, what you did this time went too far, do you understand?”

When he advance, Yu Qinghe enjoyed a flash of temper in his boy’s eyes. Besides, when he commanded the cleaning, he would only target a couple of particular areas.

Rather than pulling in the entire city like his own kid, creating such a huge loss!

Considering the smile on Yu Shaobai’s face, Yu Qinghe talked with great aggravation: “Do you understand what you are doing? You are now virtually alone in challenging the many forces in Hedong!”

When Yu Shaobai heard this, he sneered as well as stated, “Do not fret, my lord, their group of native dogs is various from the bloody wolves we are used to. They dare not do anything.”

Yu Qinghe offered a wry smile and also responded and stated: “Yes, they truly dare not do anything, yet what do you think will happen to us?”

After saying this, Yu Qinghe threw a note on his kid’s face and said angrily: “The 13th topics have sent two activity teams to enter, and also you still do not understand anything.!”.

After hearing this, the black-robed guy took out his computer in anxiety as well as had a look. As anticipated, things were heading in an unexpected direction.

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