My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389 Catching Nigel in His Lie

However, Brenda refused to believe him still. Her son had used so many excuses to refuse the blind dates she had arranged, so she would not believe him no matter what he said. Although he had told her a name, she still disregarded it as a lie.

“Don’t try to fool me. Do you think I’m so easily fooled?” Brenda retorted without mercy.

Meanwhile, Ingrid let out a sigh of relief. It turns out Nigel is such a humorous person! It’s alright. I’ll take it slow and make him like me.

Maybe he’s just not used to dating someone on blind dates! The older ladies mentioned his past blind dates earlier, and his refusal to go on those dates demonstrates that he is neither a playboy nor a scumbag.

“Mrs. Manson, perhaps Nigel and I can become friends first! Don’t pressure him too much.” Ingrid smiled and suggested.

“Oh, Ingrid, you’re such a good child! Sure, you two can start as friends first.” Brenda nodded.

Meanwhile, Nigel secretly felt resigned. It did not matter to him whether Ingrid was beautiful or not because he already had someone in his heart. Moreover, he was a person who prioritized feelings over everything in a romantic relationship. After meeting so many young women, only Queenie could make his heart race wildly.

At that moment, he received a message on his phone. ‘Wassup?’ Queenie asked.

Surveying his current situation, he knew he could not tell her that his mom had arranged a blind date for him. Therefore, he made up a lie. ‘I’m still at the company. How about you?’

‘My dad and I are accompanying a client for dinner.’

‘Seems like Miss Silverstein is about to become President Silverstein.’

Rising to his feet, Nigel excused himself from the table. “Excuse me. I need to make a call.”

At that moment, Ingrid’s aunt eyed her niece to hint at her to follow him outside to have some alone time with him, at which Ingrid got the message and left the room as well.

Later, Nigel came to the railing near the corridor on the second floor to text Queenie while also taking a breather.

Near the railing on the third floor, Queenie was also out taking a breather as the men were smoking inside the private room, making it feel stuffy. She smiled when she saw the message and replied, ‘Aren’t you going to have dinner?’

After sending that message, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a man standing near the railing on the second floor and her eyes widened in surprise. Isn’t that Nigel?

It was then the man turned around and she immediately recognized him. Just as she was about to call out to him, a young woman suddenly appeared and stood beside him. Then, she began happily chatting with him.

At that sight, Queenie felt her heart sinking and stared disbelievingly at them. Why would the man, who just said he was at the company, suddenly appear in this restaurant? More importantly, an attractive woman was standing beside him. Judging from what she could see, they seemed to be happily conversing.

As Queenie watched them, the grip on her phone tightened. ‘I’ll be having dinner soon,’ Nigel replied at that moment.

Looking at the message he sent, she suddenly felt suffocated. Nothing could beat the despair one felt when finding out the person one loved had lied to them. How can this be? Why would he lie to me?

Soon enough, the situation led her to think about Bonnie’s words. Am I wrong to think that Nigel is different?

While she hid behind the pillar, she peered at the conversing couple on the second-floor corridor. Though she could not hear what they were talking about, she could see the adoration in the young woman’s eyes as she looked at Nigel.

She felt her heart break into pieces once again. After hiding for a while, Queenie glimpsed at the second-floor corridor but discovered that the two had disappeared. It seemed like they had returned to have dinner in their private room.

Clutching her chest, she felt her heart hurt so much that she could not breathe. A dispirited Queenie headed to the bathroom while her eyes innately turned red. She wanted to rush over and question him on his affectionate behavior with another woman while being in a relationship with him. Am I just one of the many girls you have?

When she returned to her private room, she did not feel like listening to her father’s conversation with the client anymore. Rather, she hung her head low, and her mind was filled with the scene of Nigel happily conversing with that young woman earlier.

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