My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1399

Chapter 1399 I’m Nigel’s Girlfriend

At that moment, Nigel’s phone rang, after which he took a look and saw that it was his mother calling. Immediately, he thought about asking her to help him explain last night’s incident, so he turned to Queenie and notified her, “It’s my mom. Why don’t I let her explain everything to you?”

Queenie was taken aback for a moment. Though she was angry, she did not intend to let an elder explain the situation, so she hurriedly refused, “There’s no need for Mrs. Manson to explain anything.”

However, it was too late because Nigel had answered the call and put it on speaker. “Yes, Mom.”

“Nigel, you better have a good explanation about your relationship with Julian. Did you refuse to get into a relationship because of him? I saw you keeping your distance from Ingrid and even ignoring her. Are you not interested in women? Tell me, please. Are you going to let the Manson Family end with you?” Brenda screamed her question from the other end.

Queenie was at a loss for words, and Nigel did not fare any better either.

The two kept silent for a few seconds before he seized the chance to pipe up. “Mom, I told you. Stop arranging blind dates for me because I already have someone I like.”

“Is the person you like Julian?” Brenda felt like her world was about to fall apart.

“Mom, I’m straight.” Nigel was speechless at his mom’s reply.

“Did you stay the night at Julian’s place? The paparazzi even took pictures and posted them online. Now, the whole Internet is talking about this matter and your dad is so angry that he almost got a heart attack,” Brenda continued to interrogate her son angrily.

It was then that Queenie finally understood everything as Brenda’s words clearly explained what had transpired last night. As Nigel had stated, it was a blind date where he was indifferent toward Ingrid.

Then, he placed his phone before Queenie and moved his lips to beg silently, Save me. Talk to my mom.

Although Queenie was still angry, she grabbed Nigel’s phone and used her sweet voice to greet Brenda, “Hello, Mrs. Manson. I’m Nigel’s girlfriend, Queenie Silverstein.”

As soon as Brenda heard a woman’s clear voice coming from her phone, she was stunned. “Are you really Nigel’s girlfriend?”

“Yes, we are currently dating.”

Meanwhile, Nigel was looking at Queenie with a gentle gaze while informing his mom, “Mom, I told you I have a girlfriend, but you didn’t believe me last night.”

“Nigel, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and deal with the rumors online. What nonsense are they talking about?”

As Brenda brought the matter up, Nigel was so infuriated by the paparazzi’s audacity to use him for clout that he thought they had to be looking for death! “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll sue that company until they go bankrupt.”

“Don’t forget to bring Miss Silverstein home for a meal.”

“Alright, Mom. I’ll make the arrangement soon.”

After saying that, he hung up and stared intently at Queenie, trying to make out from her pretty little face whether she was still angry or not. Meanwhile, she felt embarrassed as she played with her hair. Have I been overthinking this entire situation?

It was obvious that her imagination had run wild last night and almost destroyed her good impression of Nigel. All the hateful titles like ‘scumbag’, ‘playboy’, and even ‘scoundrel’ had been used on him. Now that things had cleared up, she felt too apologetic to face him.

“Queenie, Julian and I have been misunderstood, and I’m in dire need of you to help clear my name.”

“So, you and Julian…” She turned to stare at him with inquisitive eyes.

Nigel’s handsome face fell as he reached over to the driver’s seat and cupped her face in his palms. Then, he fiercely punished those small lips that housed her sharp tongue. You have to bear the consequences of doubting me.

In the meantime, Bonnie stuck her head out from the cluster of trees she was hiding behind, wondering why Queenie’s car was still parked there. Why hasn’t she chased Nigel away? What are they doing inside the car? With that thought, she adjusted her body to peek from another angle, which just happened to be the car’s window; behind it was an inappropriate scene.

Indeed, Queenie and Nigel were locked in a passionate kiss. Bonnie’s pupils dilated at that very scene as they were slowly tinted by jealousy. What’s this? Did they reconcile?

Back inside the car, Queenie was out of breath from the kiss, after which Nigel released her from his embrace as her face turned crimson until the end of her ears. She pushed him and complained, “Nigel, have you had enough?”

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