Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691 The Target Appears

Unbeknown to him, a smirk played on Nancy’s lips. “Matthew…” Turning around, she leaned against his chest, her tears dampening his clothes. The man then let go of her and gently wiped the tears tricking down her face as he saw nothing but his own reflection in her eyes.

Tiptoeing, Nancy snaked her hands around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Matthew tried to shove her again, but instead of letting go, the woman began to kiss him harder.

It wasn’t long until he returned the gesture, placing a hand on the back of her head. Then, with their clothes scattered all over the floor and just as Matthew had pinned her to the couch to take the final step, his phone rang.

The man returned to his senses as soon as he glanced at the screen, and he rejected the call before shifting himself away from Nancy. “I have to go,” he declared before picking his clothes up and putting them on, only for the woman to cling to him. “Stay with me longer.”

Matthew wanted to do as she asked, but he knew he had to leave.

He couldn’t do such things with her anymore, given how his wife at home had continued to love him, stay by his side, and bear his children without a second thought—all the while knowing his heart belonged to another woman.

He couldn’t hurt her this time.

“No…” Yet, before the man could finish, Nancy stopped in front of him and knelt down, sending him into a wave of shock.

His wife had never done this for him, and yet someone as prideful as the queen mother was doing it.

While relishing in the moment, Matthew couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. How badly did she want him that she was willing to go so far as to keep him?

With that, he stopped the woman and carried her to the couch.

Elsewhere, Melissa glanced at her phone in slight helplessness. He doesn’t pick up once he gets busy at work.

“Mother, are we still going to Grandmother’s place?” Nico asked, not forgetting to tease her mother. “But if you feel bad about leaving Father alone, I can always go see Grandmother on my own.”

Melissa felt her cheeks burn. Given that she and Matthew were getting along better these days, it was true that she missed him. Still, she knew she couldn’t be with him at all times.

“Let’s just get ready.” Melissa’s mother was unwell and lived a fair distance away from them, so they would have to pack a few days’ worth of clothes before heading over to look after her.

As the two were about to leave forty minutes later, Melissa dialed her husband’s number again, hoping to tell him that they were going over to her mother’s place. This time, he picked up.

“Be safe on the road. Buy your mother whatever she needs,” Matthew reminded kindly. Then, his breathing grew erratic as Nancy’s hands wandered over his body, and he hung up abruptly.

Back at the apartment, Arielle and Vinson were at a mall shopping for clothes for Sonia’s soon-to-be newborn. The former woman was unsure when she would return from her upcoming mission, so she had decided to buy some gifts earlier.

“This one’s so pretty! Oh, this one looks so cool!” Arielle exclaimed animatedly while gazing at the children’s clothes. “Vinson, let’s have two kids someday.”

Not too far off, a dainty voice rang out from the dark. “The target has appeared. Get ready.”

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