Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851 False Alarm

It’d be even better if we can get a boy this time! I can then spoil my precious daughter all I want while my son inherits the company!

The two of them had just gotten into the car after leaving the movie theater when Vinson’s phone started ringing. He quickly answered the phone when he saw that it was Susanne calling.

“Vinson, Jasmine has gone missing!” Susanne shouted anxiously. The look on Vinson’s face changed instantly. “What? Jasmine has gone missing? When did this happen?”

Arielle, too, began to panic when she heard that. How did Jasmine go missing?

“Got it. We’re heading back right now!” Vinson hung up the phone after saying that and drove Arielle home as quickly as possible. Upon arriving home, Arielle went to check the surveillance camera footage in the study while Vinson asked Susanne what Jasmine was doing before she went missing.

Arielle had Vinson install surveillance cameras around the mansion long before Jasmine was born. Hence, through them, she would be able to see where Jasmine was hiding or which direction she had gone in.

Susanne was still explaining the situation to Vinson when Arielle came down the stairs with an exasperated expression on her face.

“Jasmine is fine, Mom. Her uncle came by and took her with him.”

Susanne, who was close to tears from anxiety, calmed down a little when she heard that. “Which uncle? Pat or Aaron? Honestly, why would this child just leave without telling us? I was worried sick!”

“It was Aaron.”

“Why did he take her away without informing us?” Susanne was a little mad at him even though he was Arielle’s brother.

“Jasmine gave him a video call and asked him to take her away.” Arielle had seen a text message from Aaron when she was coming down the stairs just now. Apparently, Aaron had texted her much earlier in the day that he would come pick Jasmine up, but she hadn’t noticed it.

Susanne shot the two a glare when she heard what Jasmine did. “Jasmine got mad because you two wouldn’t stop acting all lovey-dovey! Go bring her back right now!”

As Susanne had been looking after Jasmine since the latter was born, she couldn’t stand being separated from the girl.

“It’s really late, Mom. Sannie and I will head over to Turlen tomorrow. You’ll have to take charge of things at work while we’re gone, okay?” Vinson said. Susanne was about to say no to having to deal with company matters but held her tongue as she knew they were going to bring Jasmine home.

The next day, the two of them took the earliest available flight to Turlen.

Jasmine, who had just woken up, walked up to Sebastian and Alicia with her hair all messy. “Sebastian, do you think my parents know I’m gone? Will they come looking for me?”

“I’m sure they will. You’re their precious little princess, after all.” Sebastian turned toward Alicia as he continued, “Mother, could you bathe her and get her a change of clothes? She must be hungry.”

“Okay. You wait right here,” Alicia replied as she led Jasmine over to the bathroom. When they came out again, Jasmine was wearing a dress that Alicia had prepared for her.

The two kids then walked hand in hand to the dining table and had lunch.

After they were done eating, the adults left the house with Jasmine and Sebastian.

“Uncle Vinson, Aunt Arielle, Grandmother, you guys had better hurry…”

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