Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1852

Chapter 1852 With Child

Right then, Arielle and Vinson arrived. “You’re incredible, Jasmine!” Arielle squatted down and picked up Jasmine. When Arielle stood up once again, Vinson immediately took the girl away from her mother’s embrace.

He just didn’t want Arielle to get too exhausted. “Daddy, did you panic when I left with Uncle Aaron?” Jasmine wrapped her arms around Vinson’s neck and looked at him innocently.

Vinson hummed in response, but he then noticed how dissatisfied Jasmine was with his answer. Hence, he added, “I did! That’s why I came here right away.”

Upon hearing that, Jasmine was thrilled, and she planted a kiss on Vinson’s cheek. After that, she uttered proudly, “That’s your reward.”

Vinson couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard that. What a silly girl!

Celeste, the Queen Mother, was standing awkwardly nearby. She had missed Jasmine, someone she considered her granddaughter, dearly.

“Arielle, I—” Celeste wanted to tell Arielle that she wasn’t the one who asked Jasmine to address her as “Grandmother.” However, Arielle interrupted her by saying, “She’s supposed to address you so.”

After all, Celeste was her father’s wife. Moreover, she was Aaron’s mother. In other words, Celeste was Jasmine’s grandmother. Also, Arielle knew how sad and depressing Celeste’s life was. Even though she was Dad’s wife, he had never shown her warmth and affection.

Celeste was touched when she heard what Arielle said.

“Arielle, I would like to apologize for the things I did to you in the past,” Celeste apologized sincerely while looking at her.

Arielle recalled the time when she was there and how they fought against each other. With a smile, she shook her head and replied, “That’s all in the past now, and I’ve forgotten all about it. You should also let go of the past.”

Since Arielle’s relationship with Aaron had been good over the years, it was safe to say that Celeste was surely feeling bad about the things she did to Arielle in the past. The fact that Celeste apologized to Arielle meant that Celeste knew what she did was wrong.

Hence, Arielle had no reason to hold a grudge against Celeste. After all, everyone had their own way of looking at things.

After staying in Turlen for nearly a month, Arielle’s manager called her and told her that she had accepted a role in a fictional film on her behalf. Hence, her manager wanted her to return so that they could go through the script and have a discussion.

Indeed, Arielle officially entered the entertainment industry one year after giving birth to Jasmine. Over the past two years, she acted in countless movies and television shows. This time around, Arielle had only had a two-month break when her manager found a fictional film for her to take part in. Upon deciding on a date for her return, Arielle and Vinson took Jasmine to the royal cemetery to visit Dylan’s grave.

“I came to see you again, Dad. I’m leaving tomorrow. When I’m done with this fictional film, I’ll bring Vinson and Jasmine here to visit you again,” Arielle uttered.

“Granddad, although you’ve never met me before, Mommy told me you love me as much as my late grandmother did. Granddad, I love both of you very much. I’ll come to visit you again,” Jasmine said.

While holding Jasmine in one arm and the dispirited Arielle in the other, Vinson gazed at the photo on the tombstone and uttered in a deep voice, “Dad, I’ll make sure Sannie will forever be happy. You and Mom shouldn’t worry about them. I’ll take good care of our little family.”

After leaving the cemetery, Arielle and the rest went to say goodbye to Aaron and the others before taking a flight back home. When they arrived, Rayson was there to fetch them.

“Ugh!” Arielle couldn’t help but gag the moment she got into the car.

Vinson heard it, and he immediately looked at her worriedly. That was when he saw Arielle saying with a pale face, “Congratulations! You’re going to be a father again…”

Vinson was stunned for a moment, but in the next second, his handsome face filled with delight. “Sannie!”

While hugging Arielle tightly, he was filled with indescribable joy and excitement.

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