Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855 Consensus

“She’s just a commoner, and she lives with her grandpa.” Aaron glanced at Celeste and uttered in a serious tone, “Regardless of her status, I still like her. Whenever she’s with me, I feel warm and happy. I feel comfortable being around her.”

Celeste noticed Aaron’s body language when he was talking about Alicia. After giving it some thought, Celeste agreed to let him cancel the marriage arrangement.

“Aaron, you ought to call off the engagement yourself so that there won’t be bad blood between you and General Matthew. He has control over the military, so no matter what, you need to be careful,” Celeste said earnestly.

“Okay!” Aaron knew what Celeste said was for his own good. He then nodded and wanted to go and look for Matthew to talk about the matter. Before he left, he turned around and smiled at Celeste. “Mom, you’ll have a grandchild in five months’ time.”

With that, Aaron left cheerfully. The only obstacle to breaking off the marriage arrangement wasn’t Matthew or Nico. In fact, it was actually Celeste.

Hence, he was on cloud nine after getting his mother’s approval. Although her approval wouldn’t change the outcome, it meant the world to him.

“Did you hear that, Miranda? Aaron said I’m going to have a grandchild soon. That means I’m going to be a grandma!” Celeste was thrilled. She didn’t expect to have a grandchild so soon.

Miranda was just as happy for Celeste. “Congratulations, Your Majesty! Congratulations!”

“He said the child will be born in five months’ time. Miranda, quick! Send someone to buy clothes and toys for the baby! We also need cribs and baby walkers!” Before Miranda could utter a word in response, Celeste quickly added, “Never mind. Forget about it. I should be the one buying these things.”

With that, she told Miranda to get the car ready.

Meanwhile, Aaron had gone straight to the Nighy residence. Melissa welcomed him with open arms and led him to Matthew’s study.

“You’re here, Your Majesty,” Matthew greeted.

“General Matthew, I came to tell you something.” Aaron didn’t want to beat around the bush, so he said directly, “I want to call off the engagement I have with Nico. In the future, we shall marry whoever we like.”

Truth be told, Matthew knew something was up when he saw Aaron. However, he didn’t expect Aaron to revoke the marriage engagement. His expression turned gloomy the moment he heard that. “Your Majesty, about the marriage…”

“General Matthew, the engagement has always been my grandma’s idea. Furthermore, Nico and I don’t have feelings for each other. Since that’s the case, breaking off the engagement is beneficial to both of us. You may ask Nico about it because she’ll surely agree to it.”

“Please allow me some time to think about it, Your Majesty.”

Aaron knew how sudden it was, so Matthew would definitely have a hard time accepting it. Hence, he nodded in response and left.

Before he left, Melissa cordially invited him to stay for a meal because she thought he was going to be her son-in-law. However, Aaron said he had matters to attend to and left.

Matthew then called Nico to ask if she liked Aaron and whether she was okay with breaking off the engagement.

Nico was elated when she heard that. “Dad, I’m okay with it. After all, we don’t have feelings for each other. If we were to force it, we wouldn’t have a happy marriage.”

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