Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857 Wedding Gifts

“Grandpa, are you really not coming back with me?” Alicia tore her arm from Aaron’s and approached Clement to grab his. With reddened eyes, she choked, “I don’t want to part with you.”

She could not help but worry about the idea of Clement living alone, especially when he was quite old.

“Please come with me. It’s okay if you don’t want to live in the palace or the city; I’ll find a house for you in the suburbs. As long as it’s a place where I can go to anytime when I want to see you,” she said.

Clement studied Alicia, whose eyes were brimming with tears. I’m her only relative left. I guess it’ll be hard for her to adapt now that she’s suddenly getting married into the royal family. After pondering for a while, he agreed and went back with her.

Upon returning, Aaron helped Clement to settle down and hired a housekeeper to take care of the latter. When that was done, Aaron took Alicia to register their marriage. After getting the long-awaited marriage certificate, they ended the registration with a passionate kiss.

Aaron then brought her back to the palace and crowned her queen while Celeste took Nancy’s place as the queen’s mother. Even so, Celeste still stayed in her own palace because the one Nancy stayed in had been sealed long ago.

Next, Aaron brought Alicia to meet Celeste. Along the way, Alicia could not help but feel worried that his mother would not like her. Noting her unease, Aaron informed her that Celeste liked her very much. Only then did Alicia relax a little.

When they arrived at Celeste’s residence, Miranda hurriedly welcomed them in.

The smile on Celeste’s face never faded the moment she saw Aaron helping Alicia in.

“How far along is the baby? Has the baby been bothering you?” Celeste asked with a bright smile, which caused Alicia to be relieved.

“Five months. The baby’s all right. It hasn’t been bothering me much.” There was a motherly glow on Alicia’s face when she talked about her child, and it made Celeste even more pleased with her.

Though Alicia and Aaron were of different backgrounds, Celeste did not mind it as long as the former loved Aaron. After all, Alicia was pregnant with her grandchild.

“Come. I’d like to show you something.” Celeste got out of the main seat, walked over to Alicia, and led the latter to another room.

While walking off, Alicia turned around to look at Aaron for help because she did not know how to interact with Celeste on her own. However, Aaron merely shrugged helplessly and gestured for Alicia to follow his mother.

Of course, all that happened in silence.

Soon, Miranda opened the door to another room. The moment Celeste brought Alicia in, the latter was stunned by what she saw.

One half of the room was filled with clothing for baby boys and girls in various colors. On the other side were several strollers, a baby cot, and a mountain of toys.

Alicia gawked at the things, too touched to utter a single word.

Seeing Alicia frozen by the door, Aaron made his way over, only to be shocked by the mountain of things in the room. He never expected Celeste to have prepared everything for the baby so soon.

“Thank you, Mother!” Aaron hugged Celeste, who was grinning widely. Right then, she removed the rosary bead necklace on her neck and helped Alicia to put it on.

Alicia wanted to refuse it but was stopped by Celeste.

“This was my wedding gift and a blessing from your grandmother. It’s yours now. I’m giving it to you as a blessing for both of you. I hope you and Aaron can live happily for the rest of your lives.”

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