Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858 Almost Lost You

Alicia turned to glance at Aaron, who smiled and indicated she accept it. Unable to turn down the thoughtful offer, Alicia could only look at Celeste and say, “Thank you, Mother!”

“When Aaron gets busy at work in the future, you can always come to me to have a chat if you’re bored. There’s so much we can talk about—the baby’s gender, the name, and even what you plan to do after childbirth.”

Alicia nodded obediently.

Not long after, they left Celeste’s residence, and Aaron took Alicia home to get some rest.

Alicia wanted to take a shower before sleeping, so Aaron decided to wait in there for her, worried she would accidentally fall in the washroom. Nonetheless, he was chased out by her. As soon as Alicia was done showering, he quickly helped her to wipe her hair and blow dry it. His gestures filled Alicia’s heart with warmth. If Aaron had not gone looking for her, she would have lost him for the rest of her life.

At that thought, she turned around and hugged Aaron.

Realizing she was being a little emotional, Aaron put down the hairdryer and ruffled her dry hair, asking gently, “What’s wrong?”

“I almost lost you, Aaron,” Alicia mumbled.

Aaron took a step back and pinched her cheeks. “Tsk. Did you only realize that now? You’re right. You would’ve lost me if I didn’t set my heart on searching for you.”

Alicia could only nod in response. Thank goodness he came looking for me.

With that, she got up, stood on her toes, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Thank you, my dear husband, for putting in so much effort to look for me.”

Hearing her call him “husband” triggered a strange feeling in Aaron’s heart. He gazed at her and finally kissed her gently on the lips.

Ever since Alicia left, Aaron had never touched another woman. Now that he was aroused, he whispered into her ear, “Can I?”

Alicia nodded shyly.

At that, he picked her up and placed her on the bed.

“Be gentle, Darling…”

Aaron hummed a response and kissed her.

Truth was, Alicia was tired after all the exciting events that day. Hence, it did not take long for her to drift off to sleep. Aaron peered at her and kissed her gently on the lips before shutting his eyes.

Two months later, Vinson sent Aaron a text that read: I’m going to propose to Arielle. I hope you can come and witness this important event.

Without any hesitation, Aaron accepted the invitation and broke the news to Celeste and Alicia. Celeste said nothing, for she knew how close Aaron was with Arielle. However, Alicia could not help but feel uneasy because Aaron had called out Arielle’s name before.

Realizing Alicia was feeling jealous, Aaron smiled and pulled her into his embrace, saying softly, “Alicia, Arielle’s my sister. She’s my biological sister from another mother.”

It was only then that Alicia realized she had misunderstood Aaron’s relationship with Arielle. Even so, she wanted to tag along with him to witness Arielle’s important moment.

To Alicia’s surprise, Arielle took a liking to the former, despite it being their first encounter. Arielle even let Alicia stay in Chanaea to deliver her baby. In fact, she even promised to help the latter with the delivery.

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