Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1859

Chapter 1859 Harvey Jupiter Extra

“You know what? Your mommy and I got to know each other through a beautiful surprise.” Harvey lifted his daughter, his mind replaying memories of the past.

He never expected the second encounter with the girl he had sex with that night would turn out that way.

That day, he followed Arielle’s instructions to pick up a girl who wanted to have an abortion. He did not want to go at first, for he did not want Arielle to reveal her identity because of a nobody. That was why he strongly disagreed with Arielle’s decision. However, she told Harvey that Vinson knew about the matter, which was why Harvey had no choice but to obey her orders.

When he arrived at the location, his phone suddenly rang, but it hung up before he could even answer it. As he scanned the surroundings, he immediately noticed a girl in the distance. With that, he marched over and tapped her on the shoulder. “What’s up?”

Harvey was amused to see the girl shrink back like a frightened animal. Am I that scary?

Chuckling softly, he asked, “You gave me a call just now, didn’t you? Let’s go. Arielle is still waiting for you.”

At first, he thought the girl would follow him obediently. Surprisingly, the girl denied, “No, I didn’t call you. You’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

Seeing the girl was about to run away, he dialed the unknown number earlier, which immediately caused the girl’s phone to ring.

He glared at her, feeling utterly displeased. Arielle’s identity is about to be exposed, and this girl’s still dawdling as if she doesn’t care.

“Why are you denying it?”

“I suddenly remembered I have something to do, so I don’t want to disturb her,” the girl blurted and attempted to flee. Unfortunately, Harvey caught her, but his eyes widened in shock when he saw her face clearly.


Isn’t she the girl I had sex with that night after getting drunk? I’ve been sending people out to look for her, but she was never found. I can’t believe I actually met her here. Wait a minute. She’s here for an abortion.

Harvey pulled her into his arms and muttered into her ear, “The child in your belly is mine, isn’t it?” He was not asking a question but declaring a fact.

He had never imagined the girl he had searched high and low for was actually Arielle’s friend. It seemed as if Lady Luck was on his side. At that moment, he felt thankful that he still came even though he was upset about how Arielle was willing to risk being exposed to pick up her friend. Otherwise, he would not have found the girl.

The second the girl heard his words, her expression changed, and she denied immediately, “What child? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She even wanted to free herself from his arms.

Seeing that, Harvey knew the girl was not ready. He softened his tone, saying, “I know it was my fault that night. Can we please talk about it?”

Truth be told, he never expected the girl to be pregnant with his child after that one night. Regardless, the idea of her carrying his child in her belly did not disgust him. Instead, he even looked forward to it.

Could I have developed feelings for her after staring at her picture in the pendant every day?

Since she did not reply, Harvey narrowed his eyes and said after some thought, “Why don’t we go and see Arielle first?”

In truth, he hoped that Arielle would convince the girl to keep the child. After all, it was his first child—a life he cherished and did not want to give up on.

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