Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860 Do You Want The Child

Even so, he would respect the girl’s wishes to abort the child, albeit sadly and reluctantly. The girl thought for a moment before nodding at him.

Harvey was relieved to see her nod and complimented himself for coming up with an idea to make her stay. With that in mind, he reached out to hold her hand, but she flung it away. Puzzled, he glanced at her only to find her cheeks flushed. “I can walk on my own,” she said.

It was at that moment he realized his actions made her feel shy. “All right. Be careful then.” With that said, he went to the front to lead the way. At the same time, he could not help but smile whenever he thought of how the girl was pregnant with his child. He did not know if he would feel the same if he had slept with a different girl that night, but he would be very excited if this girl would give birth to his child.

At that thought, he could not help but turn around to look at her. To his surprise, the girl immediately patted her face, which made him ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I felt some weird sensation on my face.” Hearing that, Harvey quickly went over and tilted her face up to study it before she could even react. “There seems to be nothing wrong with your face. We can get Arielle to check it when we’re back.”

With Arielle around, there was no need to go to a hospital.

When Harvey did not hear any reply from the girl, he lowered his gaze and met her eyes, which were fixated on him. It made his heart skip a beat. He badly wanted to kiss her, but he feared it would frighten her.

Unwilling to tear his eyes away from her, they continued gazing at each other until a ringtone sounded, which snapped them back into reality. Harvey hurriedly released her hand, and she fumbled through her bag for her phone.

Her face fell as soon as she saw the caller’s name. Noticing that, Harvey narrowed his eyes, but she quickly hung up and placed the phone in her bag before he could guess who the caller was.

Though he was worried for her, he did not ask about it. Along the way, he stole glances at the passenger seat to find her leaning her head against the car window, looking as though something was bugging her. He parted his lips to say something but remained silent nonetheless because he did not know what to say.

Even though they had once slept together, and she was pregnant with his child, they were not on close terms. Thus, he felt it was inappropriate for him to ask about her private matters. In fact, asking her such questions might only scare her off.

Upon arriving at the apartment, he sent the girl to Arielle’s room and headed out.

When he returned with a glass of water, he suddenly heard Arielle asking the girl, “What’s your plan? Do you want to deliver this child?” Immediately, he stopped in his tracks because he wanted to find out what the girl’s answer was.

“I-I don’t know, either.”

Her answer was a relief to Harvey. The fact that she did not insist on aborting the child proved that she had thought of keeping it.

“Sonia, please think carefully. If you don’t want it, then you should abort it as soon as possible. It’s better for your body that way as you’ll recover faster.”

Harvey’s heart sank when he heard Arielle’s words. He was truly worried that Sonia would go with the abortion.

“I’ve thought of keeping the baby before, but that was just a fleeting thought,” Sonia mumbled. Pausing momentarily, she continued, “But I don’t have the courage to keep the baby. I don’t know if I can bear the consequences after giving birth to the child. Not only is it tough being a single mother, but I’m also not sure if I can provide the child with a comfortable life. Why should I take the risk if I can’t do so? I don’t want the child to suffer with me.”

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