Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1863

Chapter 1863 The Child Is Mine

Naturally, Harvey agreed ecstatically. He bought a bouquet and waited for her at the spot they agreed to meet, but she didn’t show up even a long time later. He then sent Sonia a text. A while later, Sonia still hadn’t replied to any of his texts, so he started wondering if something had happened. After pondering briefly, he called Sonia’s phone, but it rang for a long while without getting answered. Realizing something was wrong, he knew it was time to get Arielle’s help.

Vinson was the one who answered Arielle’s phone, so he told Vinson that Sonia was missing. After the call ended, Vinson immediately went over to his house. Harvey had already called the police, so the police officer was asking him questions.

He was fretting ever since he realized Sonia had gone missing. Despite using his connections, he still failed to locate her. Worried sick, he decided to head out to search for Sonia himself. Nevertheless, his phone rang as he was about to step out of the door. It was an unknown number, but he answered it nonetheless.

Sonia’s voice rang out. “Harvey…”

Hearing Sonia’s weak voice, Harvey felt his heart sink to the bottom of his stomach. He quickly asked, “Sonia, where are you?”

After Sonia told him her location, he grabbed his jacket and ran out. Right before he left the house, he remembered Vinson and rushed back to say, “Vin, I found Sonia. She’s hurt, so I need to pick her up immediately.”

They soon arrived at the location where Sonia was. Harvey’s heart clenched in pain when he saw Sonia lying on the ground. He squatted down and carefully picked her up before checking if she was hurt.

“Harvey, we need to send her to the hospital now,” Vinson reminded him.

Snapping back to reality, Harvey brought Sonia to the car and put his jacket over her body. He then hugged her tightly. When they arrived at the hospital, he arranged for her to get checked without further delay.

When the examination ended, he led her to the ward so she could rest. He didn’t forget to tell Vinson to head back as Arielle was still in the apartment.

After Vinson left, Harvey remained in the ward and watched Sonia in bed. Holding Sonia’s hand tightly, he gazed at her without a word. His heart felt as if it had been stabbed by a dagger when he realized he had been that close to losing her.

Harvey initially assumed his feelings for Sonia were just a sense of responsibility. After all, he took her virginity and got her pregnant. After what happened, he finally discovered that he was truly, deeply in love with her. Responsibility aside, he had no idea when he fell in love with her.

He gave her an apologetic look. It was all my fault. I didn’t find you soon enough, so you got hurt.

“Who exactly are you?” A roar suddenly sounded at the door.

Turning at his shoulder, Harvey saw Kelly jabbing an accusing finger in his direction angrily.

He quickly tucked Sonia in and got to his feet to greet Kelly politely, “Mrs. Wynter.”

“Who the h*ll are you? How are you related to Sonia? Are you the father of the child she is pregnant with?” Kelly demanded furiously.

Harvey took a look at her reaction and knew it was impossible to hide the truth from her anymore. She would be against their marriage in the future, so he decided it was time to be honest with her now.

With that thought in mind, he introduced himself, “Mrs. Wynter, my name is Harvey Jupiter. I’m Sonia’s boyfriend and the father of the child she’s pregnant with.”

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