Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1864

Chapter 1864 Pregnant Again

Harvey thought Kelly would agree to their relationship as Sonia was pregnant with his child, but to his surprise, Kelly stated her disapproval vehemently. She even offered to pay him to leave Sonia.

He immediately asked her how much money was enough to make her acknowledge their relationship.

Since Kelly mentioned money, it was obvious that money was important to her. Harvey was willing to give up everything he owned as long as she allowed him to be with Sonia.

Alas, Kelly wasn’t tempted at all. She claimed she would never allow them to be together even if he offered her ten billion. She also said she would abort Sonia’s baby so he wouldn’t pester her anymore.

Harvey was fine with Sonia not wanting the child, but he refused to accept the fact that her parents were making decisions on her behalf by forcing her to abort the baby. Before he could say anything, Sonia’s weak but determined voice rang out. “Mother, the child is mine. I will keep him!”

Harvey’s determination grew when he heard her firm voice.

Sonia’s father showed up a while later. After learning about Sonia’s pregnancy and the identity of the child’s father, he asked to talk to Harvey. They chatted briefly, and he promptly agreed to their relationship.

Kelly was still against their relationship, but after some time, she slowly caved in. She even brought them back to the Wynter residence so they could stay with her.

It was soon time for Sonia to give birth to her child. Harvey got a huge fright as Sonia had an accident during her childbirth and decided to have protected sex with her after that.

Vinson and Arielle were getting engaged, so he brought Sonia and their son back from Turlen to attend their engagement party. A few months later, they themselves got married.

Sonia was soon pregnant again.

Harvey could barely hide his shock, for he had made sure they had protected sex every time. He wondered what went wrong.

Amidst his confusion, he received news from Vinson that Sonia had poked holes in the condoms. Naturally, she got pregnant.

Despite his fear, he didn’t stop Sonia from getting pregnant as that was what she wanted. When she gave birth, he invited Arielle over to deliver Sonia’s child.

This time, Sonia’s wish finally came true, and she gave birth to a daughter.

Harvey was grateful that he first fell in love with Arielle and followed Vinson to Turlen. He was also thankful that he slept with Sonia after getting drunk.

“And that’s why you two must love and protect Mommy like me, okay? I spent a lot of effort to get Mommy for you,” he said.

Sonia’s gaze landed on Harvey as the warm sunshine shone on their little family of four. She was blessed to be Harvey’s wife. He kept his promise and made sure she didn’t regret marrying him.

“Daddy, Mommy, we will love and protect Mommy forever!” The kids stood up from Harvey’s lap and went to Sonia to kiss her cheeks.

Harrison teared up when he saw the heartwarming scene.

Oh, this is great! I’m glad to see their family happy together. Half of my wish has come true, and the other half depends on the brat who is holding me now.

“Brat, when will you get me a granddaughter-in-law?” Harrison demanded as he used his cane to whack Jared’s leg.

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