Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869 Planning The Wedding

Harvey was genuinely surprised when he heard Jared’s reply. I remember Grandpa urging Jared to find himself a wife last night. Now the little rascal has slept with Ms. Hughes and wants me to plan the wedding? Talk about efficiency!

Naturally, Harvey was more than happy to help his brother out. “Just leave it to me! I’ll have Sonia prepare the betrothal gift in a bit. We’ll head over to the Hughes residence tomorrow to discuss it with her family.”

Feeling satisfied with Harvey’s efficiency at getting things done, Jared nodded in agreement.

“Thanks, Harvey. I’ll leave you to it, then.” He hung up the phone after saying that and hugged Trisha as he went back to sleep.

Harvey shook his head helplessly as he postponed the meeting to the next week. As he would be very busy planning the wedding, he had no choice but to put the vice president in charge of work-related matters in the meantime. After taking care of things at work, Harvey drove straight home.

Sonia was a little worried when she saw Harvey come home all of a sudden, especially since he had only left for work a while ago. It wasn’t until she found out about Jared getting married that she broke into a relieved smile.

Harvey and his grandpa have always been worried that Jared would have issues finding himself a wife. Now that Jared is finally going to get married, it’s only natural that we help with the wedding preparations!

“Harvey? Why are you still home? Shouldn’t you be at work by now?” Harrison asked in confusion when he woke up and saw Harvey and Sonia at home.

After hearing Harvey’s explanation regarding Jared getting married, Harrison broke into a wide grin and said, “Go fetch my two finest bottles of wine! We brought two with us when we went to meet Sonia’s parents back then, so we have two bottles left. We’ll bring them when we visit Trisha’s parents tomorrow.”

“Sure thing. I already noted that down. We’ll have them ready by tomorrow morning,” Harvey replied with a smile when he saw his grandfather getting excited like a child.

While the three of them continued working on the betrothal gift, Jared was so excited about marrying Trisha that he couldn’t go back to sleep. His eyes were filled with regret as he thought about the years he had wasted by refusing to date her.

Determined to make it up to her, Harvey leaned in close and kissed Trisha repeatedly on the lips. However, he felt it wasn’t enough to make up for what he had missed out on throughout the past few years.

He then pulled Trisha’s nightgown down and kissed her all over.

The temperature in the room seemed to increase as he continued to undress her while kissing her.

Trisha opened her eyes when she felt what he was doing.

“Jared…” she moaned, only to have Jared seal her lips with a deep and passionate kiss.

My goodness! I didn’t know Jared had such great stamina! Oh, well… I don’t want to refuse him, so…

As Trisha wrapped her arms around Jared’s neck, he took that as her permission to proceed and increased the intensity of his thrusts.

The temperature in the room continued to rise as her moans of pleasure echoed off its walls.

It was almost noon by the time they were done making love to each other. As Trisha lay weakly in bed, she suddenly recalled the meeting she was supposed to attend earlier that morning. Oh, no! Mr. Jupiter told me to prepare the documents for the meeting today!

“I can’t believe I missed the meeting, Jared! What do I do?” Trisha exclaimed anxiously while tugging at her hair. This was the first mistake she made throughout her two years of working in that company.

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